I’m looking for one or two hundred committed investors. Are you in?

I wasn’t sure how I could best grab your attention, but I decided that if I stated my intention upfront and you still opened the link, I stood a chance.


Remember this house?  We spent island time here earlier this year in conjunction with our son’s wedding. I considered telling you more about the house when we returned, but I wondered if I was going on just a bit.

And I’ve never been a name dropper! But now I will tell you that Julia Roberts owns this house…and good news, potential investors–It’s up for SALE!

This house is modest by estate standards, but this double-lot 2-acre property with its huge lawn stretching all the way to the Hanalei Bay shoreline fits me perfectly. You? I’m still pitching!


There is a  little history connected to this property as well. It’s known as the Fayé Estate, dating back to 1916 and Kekaha Sugar Plantation manager Hans Peter Fayé.  It was built as a summer beach house.


The house wasn’t always set back so far on the lawn, but a 1957 tidal wave pushed the whole house back to the middle of the property. The little guest cottage was made from some of the debris.


I’ll share just a few more photos and hope to reel you in!

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If you’d like to know  a little bit more about this great investment opportunity, click HERE. Depending on how many of you would like to team up, surely you can make my dream a reality. I have only one request. If you go out on your own and buy this property, do you think I can stay in the guest house?

Please let me know of your interest. I need to let them know at work I might not be coming back.



49 thoughts on “I’m looking for one or two hundred committed investors. Are you in?

    1. I love it, Fiona! We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that one of us wins that lottery! Sadly, I never even get close to the winning numbers, but luck can change at any time. LOL!

    1. I understand completely, Colleen. How about I make the promise that if I ever quite miraculously find myself able to buy such a piece of property, I will make sure you come to visit for a nice long vacation stay! We won’t forecast a date for this gift. LOL!

    1. Doesn’t a $30 million price tag just boggle the mind, Frank? There are many $30 million properties in Los Angeles and the houses are more impressive, but they aren’t on Hanalei Bay! I think I’ll pass on the Los Angeles mansions and see if I can work a deal for this one!

    1. And I don’t think your fantasy dream house would be at the beach–although you did really like those Painted Ladies! 🙂 And speaking of the tidal wave, I must admit it does disturb me just a little bit. Kauai has had more than one that did quite a bit of damage. I’m not sure I could totally avoid thinking about that! Maybe this thinking will assuage some of my disappointment. LOL!

    1. That’s an excellent point, Kate! I know Hanalei Bay is on the wetter side of the island, but I agree with you, 80 degrees in January doesn’t scream winter! 🙂 I hope your lottery tickets bring results! Do remember me!!

    1. Well, if some of that disposable income frees up, Karen, give me a call! We can pool our resources. 🙂 And if Kauai doesn’t work out, are you interested in Pierce Brosnan’s $3 mil Malibu home? Malibu could work really well into my idea of a great home location! Thanks for forwarding the listing!

  1. Even if I sell the sheepdog, my share won’t be worth much. 🙂 Very good teaser title, Debra. Wow! What a great place to stay with your family and fabulous location. Imagine the force of all that water and wind to move a house.

    1. I still laugh when you mention the sheepdog, Penny! I felt a little sad telling my son that the house was up for sale…I know he hopes that someday they might return to it. But we do have some lovely memories. I really can’t imagine how the tsunami could move the house and not totally destroy it, but it’s a fascinating story, isn’t it? I have wondered if Julia ever even visited the house. It must be interesting to have properties of this kind that are nothing more than investments! It was nice of her to share! 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you, Andra. Your book is undoubtedly still on the sweet little white built-in book case. I wonder where it will go? I love the idea that it’s floating out there for someone else to find. Maybe Julia will see it yet! I may as well include you in my fantasy–and I am quite sure Julia finding your book is more realistic than my ability to buy this house!

  2. Wow! That’s some return on Julia’s investment ~> buy for $11 million, sell 4 years later for almost 3x the purchase price. I guess that’s how the rich keep getting richer. :mrgreen:

    Glad you had a chance to live like the rich and famous during your recent trip.

    1. I can’t fathom the price tag on this house, Nancy, especially the four-year increase in value! The house is very nice but far from opulent! I guess land value there has just greatly increased! I am glad we had the chance to enjoy it and especially since it will forever be associated with such a happy family memory!

    1. That’s such a good way to think, Jacqueline! I love a good fantasy and in reality, unless I can take all my family with me, I probably don’t want to live there anyway! Well, maybe just six months out of each year. 🙂

  3. I’m in! What a great property with such an interesting history. It is just gorgeous and I don’t think you’ve gone on and on about your son’s wedding at all. What a beautiful place to have a holiday and if Julia Roberts owns it, it must be very secluded and private xx

  4. Nope, not me. With global warming it will be under water in 30 years. Hmmm. I’ll be 95 then. I can’t swim even though I lived a stone’s through from Miami Beach almost all my life.

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