Inhale the sea air, Exhale the week’s hurry…and Breathe Lighter

After a week of temperatures hitting six to ten degrees above the century mark, we headed to the coast to unwind and cool off in one of the central coast’s charming and beautiful little towns.  Cambria has been a favorite of ours for decades and is just a a few short hours north of home, a mere hop-skip and jump from Morro Bay–where we enjoy our yearly family reunion. 

Some people prefer to unplug for the weekend. I have had so little available time during the week I thought this weekend would also serve as an opportunity to plug-IN. I was looking forward to some time tonight for on-line visiting. However, the Internet is so slow that I’m fairly sure the Universe is giving me the distinct and unmistakeable message that it’s time to sit back and listen to the sound of the ocean and tune out all other distractions. I can do that!

I took many photos today at Moonstone Beach, but since I can’t seem to upload any more, these will do as a tease for future posts. To my friends at home who have sweltered along with me all week, I was going to show you photos of the fog that rolled in around 6 PM. I didn’t even complain that the fog obscured the sunset. It was beautiful and damp–I was actually cold!

Tomorrow we’re headed up the coast just a couple of miles to San Simeon and taking a history tour of Hearst Castle. I will have lots to talk about when I get home.

Tonight I’m breathing lighter enjoying fresh air–a wonderful break from non-stop air-conditioning.  If we could only bottle this air! The sound of the waves is a pretty good lullaby as well. Can I just stay here?

Enjoy your weekend, too, my friends. Remember to exhale…



74 thoughts on “Inhale the sea air, Exhale the week’s hurry…and Breathe Lighter

  1. Yes, halleluiah temperatures including lack of humidity are back to normal. We don’t have air conditioning, so I literally feel like I can breathe again as well as am happy to turn on the oven to cook! Also happy to throw on a sweater this evening! Happy trails and enjoy the sound of the waves as you exhale.

    1. I was actually cold in Cambria, Cristine. It was a remarkable feeling after the week previous. LOL! I saw the temperatures down your way and I always think of the beaches and how unprepared you must be for extremes in temperature. I hated using as much air conditioning as we did, but at least we had it! LOL! Even then I sure didn’t cook much. This week seems much better…I think I brought some of the Central Coast climate back with me, don’t you? 🙂

  2. Oh how I’d love to listen to the sound of those waves and inhale some fresh sea air! Moonstone Beach is so beautiful. Lovely photographs–how I wish I were there! Wishing you a wonderful weekend away! :)) ~ Jeannie

  3. Beth

    Hello Beachcomber Lady! It is even cooler here next to Mt. Lowe! Finally!! We must talk about a good place to stay over night up there!
    Can’t wait to read your insights !

  4. I’m glad you enjoy your trip and the beach. I’ve got my own beach here to relax on on those hot days, but it’s cooling off here now on the east coast.
    Enjoy Debra!

    1. You must enjoy the beautiful seasonal changes, Deb, that are simply very, very subtle here on the west coast. There’s a little hint of fall in the air this week–subtle meaning barely noticeable. But even a little break in the heat is very much appreciated. I definitely enjoyed my weekend. Thank you for stopping by, my friend.

  5. Ah, Cambria! I first visited there on my honeymoon. Kurt and I returned many times and even owned a lot there for a few years. His daughter Katie got married there. She and I scattered a portion of his ashes at a few places that shall remain unnamed near there. It’s about as special as a town can get for me. Thanks for the beautiful memories.

    1. Oh Lori. Thank you so much for sharing your personal, VERY personal connection to Cambria and that portion of the coastline. It is really so beautiful and maintains some of the small town charm that has disappeared from so many other towns. I’m smiling thinking of you and Katie on your mission to bring Kurt back to some of the places special to the two of you. Such a meaningful and personal ritual and I can understand why it was important to you. I’ll be sharing more photos later, as well as looking forward to the next time we can make it up there. And I’ll definitely think of you each time we visit. ox

  6. Beautiful photos! We’re having a nice cooling down here too, though tomorrow it’s supposed to go back into the 80s, but just for a day. Otherwise it’s been in the 50s at night and in the 70s during the day – perfect! Glad you got a chance to get away and listen to the ocean sing you to sleep. 🙂

    1. I often listen to Internet radio and the other day I forgot that I was listening to a station from the east coast. The news came on and mentioned the “low” temp of in the 40s and I momentarily got so confused! LOL! Our lows were 78 last week. Fortunately we’re cooling down a bit now, but the trip to the coast was to restore my balance. I was getting very cranky. LOL! I feel nicely restored, thank you! 🙂 Hope you have a great week, too.

  7. We were at Moonstone Beach just a couple of months ago and we really did unwind. Love to sit and listen to the crashing waves, smell the surf and “chill”. Thanks for sharing your great photos!

    1. Moonstone Beach is a treasure, isn’t it, Bishop? I have been coming to Cambria since I was a child, and although we don’t visit nearly often enough, every time I visit I wonder why I don’t live there. LOL! I have a neighbor just waiting to retire so he and his wife can relocate to this lovely little city. I’m glad I could share the photos with you. It is a great place to unwind, and I’m sure you look forward to your visits as much as I do! 🙂

  8. dandyknife

    Enjoy, Debra! Love the first photo with its subtly mauve atmosphere. Is that an eagle in the second picture, or just a gull pulling one of its usual disguises?

    1. Aw, alas no eagles, my friend. But I’m always the eternal optimist, and a bit like a kid when it comes to my imagination. My first instinct was to notice the wingspan on a majestically soaring bird and I commented, “Look! I think it’s a condor!” LOL! It was a turkey vulture. I have never once seen an eagle in the wild–I don’t even know if there’s any place in California where they nest. I think of them as being more in the northern states. You are sending me off to google the question, however. To answer your question, though–definitely a gull! 🙂

  9. You should always listen to the sound of the ocean instead of getting distracted by internet. Keep enjoying the cooler coast and the freshness of the ocean and the dramatic landscape. Looks so beautiful there.

    1. You’re so right, Otto. I really did benefit from the time completely away. Even my phone didn’t work very well…it was like the good old days when I “away” really mean’t “away” from everything. 🙂 It’s a beautiful part of the California coastline. There are some remarkable spots for photography. If you haven’t visited Cambria and San Simeon and on up into Big Sur, you might want to research that sometime and see if it fits into one of your visits to the States. I think you’d enjoy yourself. 🙂

    1. It is a wonderful part of the California coastline, isn’t it Nancy? We only had a short weekend but it did the trick. I came back feeling refreshed, so I feel very grateful. I hadn’t been to the Castle in 20 years, so that was a treat. 🙂

    1. Cambria and the Pacific coastline north from there is really magic to me, Rob. I can’t wait to get a post up (soon) with wild zebras. Yes! I was thinking of you the whole time I took photos. It’s a unique story…I felt like I finally had an animal that we could both say we’ve seen up close and personal. 🙂

    1. It is so true, Marie. Once I realized that I couldn’t really depend on connectivity I did rather enjoy being unplugged. I couldn’t even text my family without a long delay. It was like the good old days. LOL! Magic…yes!

  10. What a beautiful escape. I’m so glad you had the chance to take some time and get some refreshing sea air. Your part of the country has certainly been hit hard — and you deserve some relief from the stress of it all. Be well!

    1. Thank you, Kevin. It’s just amazing to me how one short weekend at the ocean and in a cooler climate can really give me a boost. I was definitely needing it. Thank you so much for the well wishes. I hope you, too, are doing well.

  11. That old devil Fahrenheit will get you every time… If it was 38 degrees Celcius, you wouldn’t feel so hot 😉 I can remember a flying trip down to the south of Fance when we had 44 Celsius on the ground at Tours. We couldn’t leave the aircraft standing still too long on the ground as the wheels were sinking into the tarmac!

    This is a lovely set of images Debra. I hope you do find some time to relax in the shade and post some more 🙂

    1. It was so wonderful to get to the coast and actually feel cold, Martin. Southern California is always hot in September and October, and I think because of the drought it just feels even more intolerable. I am fortunate, I know, that I can escape from time to time. Cambria is just a beautiful little town and I will look forward to sharing some more photos. And then we also visited a castle. You won’t want to miss that. LOL! It couldn’t possibly compare with the beautiful British and European castles, but it’s all California has to offer. So I get a kick out of it. 🙂 Stay tuned…

  12. It’s been quite warm here for September too, Debra ~ but nowhere near as hot as where you are! The photos look amazing ~ can’t wait to read your posts, when you get the opportunity to tell us more about your weekend. 🙂

    1. I thought of you when we drove through Paso Robles, Frank. I didn’t know how much of the central coast you had enjoyed. I am so glad I could remind you of your visit. I took so many photos I will probably feel compelled to share a good deal more. LOL!

          1. That day was quite the drive. I also remember Cayucos (isn’t there a pier there?) … and we watched a wonderful sunset at Pismo before dinner …. then drove to Santa Maria for our hotel.

    1. You and I share the love of the ocean, CCU. I have the same reaction! Just being near the ocean I can definitely feel my body intense and I just feel better overall. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos…’cause I sure took a lot of them. LOL! I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more. hahaha!

  13. Thank you for the pictures. They are just stunning and I feel relaxed just looking at them. Goodness I love the coast out there! I hope you had a wonderful time and got lots of R&R.

    1. I did really relax, Kristy. I was thirsty for some cool air.It was only a quick weekend, but I revived quickly. hope you have a wonderful week. I’m glad I could share some of the coastal beauty with you. Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the photos. 🙂

  14. Oh – that’s very hot. My sister has been telling me that every day it’s over a hundred. So hot and it seems never-ending. I love your images – what beautiful skies and the sea looks so inviting. I love to go off to sleep to the sound of an ocean xx

  15. I’ve heard all about Hearst! 🙂 Love your teaser photos, Debbie. We’d had nothing but fog and mizzle since my return from Portugal so almost impossible to imagine those temperatures! This funny old world of ours! Take good care 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you told me that you know all about Hearst, Jo. I wouldn’t have been sure how far his name has spread! His “castle” is really something. I’ll enjoy showing you the photos and I think you’ll giggle that someone would build this as their home. Of course, the days when that was even possible are long gone, I think! Enjoy the fog and cool air. I am really envious. 🙂

  16. Well, my friend, I’m tardy in my comment because we were, indeed, exhaling, the entire weekend and more, and here you are, breathing in that cooling fog and atmosphere a fog always brings with it. As the temps were dropping hereabouts, an actual threat of the first frost (which didn’t happen 🙂 ) I couldn’t help but think of you with all that heat and drought. I’m so glad to know that you got away from it for a few days.

    Now, I’m waiting, baited breath, for Hearst Castle!

    1. Frost already? Even the threat of it seems so impossible to me, Penny. If we don’t get any rain, I’ll settle for some cold! We did enjoy getting away, however, and I am very glad you also did some unplugging. It really is good for us! We should make it a habit. 🙂 I am looking forward to sharing about Hearst Castle. I took so many photos it might take me a while to figure out what to share! 🙂

  17. Dear Debra, life is full of juxtapositions it seems to me. I look at your posting with this glorious photographs of the ocean and I can almost hear the waves pounding the shore and feel the spray and the mist. And yet from the news I know that miles away, inland, there is little water for the growing of those almonds that take so much water and for the farmers and their crops and for human consumption. And then more miles and fires blaze out of control in timberland that is brittle from the drought and among houses that are like matchsticks before the onslaught of the flames. I think of you each evening as I watch Brian Williams on the NBC national news and he talks about those fires. I know they are far away from you, but your whole state is affected I would think with the ash and smoke in the air. Take care. Peace.

    1. You are so perceptive, Dee. My next post will reference those juxtapositions, because the very place we stayed is so short on water one must buy it at a restaurant. Central California, with the ocean right there, is in dire straits for water. You’re right, of course, that the fires aren’t anywhere near us, but typically October is “fire season” in Southern California, and I am very much concerned. We just need rain. Thank you so much for being such a thoughtful friend. ox

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