It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night…but We Can Work it Out

“To have time implies that quality of elegance and ease which gives poise to our movements and wisdom to our action. Pushed by rush, most of the time, we are compressed, mean and narrow-minded. Why not open the doors and let air, wind and sun penetrate into our lives.”  From the book “Awakening the Spine,” by Vanda Scaravelli.

I’ve been reading this wonderful book. I think the quote supports what I previously mentioned in my last post  when I shared that focusing on nature and the outdoors aids in minimizing the natural build-up of stress.

But sometimes it isn’t easy, or even possible, to get outdoors.

My dad was admitted to the hospital last week , experiencing such severe leg and hip pain there was concern that perhaps he’d broken his hip. Fortunately his condition is much less serious, and a torn muscle is responsible for all that pain.

He required extra attention; however, since we discovered he doesn’t tolerate morphine AT ALL! He  offered an entirely new interpretation of “Day Tripper.”

My brother’s comment sums up that experience quite well. “Dad, it’s  a good thing you stayed away from Woodstock.”

Slowing down and accepting that there was nothing more important than to be available to my parents provided an opportunity to think about how fast we sometimes roll. I always say I’m too rushed; pulled in many directions. A hospital room is no place for impatience. Time slows.

As it turned out; however, we were able to break away from the hospital for a little while and attend a family party. My sister-in-law, Heather, the fun one in the family, is also a HUGE Beatles fan.


She and my brother share a nice collection of Beatles-related books, records, and items collected since childhood. And in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” my nephew’s birthday party doubled as a Beatles celebration.


It was good to spend time together as a family, to laugh and play games, and while reviewing Beatles-related trivia, it was also fun to think back to our younger selves and the first time we saw the Beatles perform on American television.

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At the end of the night we were given sweets purchased at a local British import store. I’m saving mine for my next chocolate craving. That shouldn’t be too far into the future.


Laughter and chocolate…two excellent ways to reduce stress, and don’t forget the power of music. The Beatles certainly give you plenty to choose from. I tried to decide which song is my favorite, but I think it’s the total package;  the entire collection makes them special.

Do you have any favorites?

I’ll share a piece of trivia, perfectly matched for concluding remarks.

What is the last song recorded by the Beatles?

“The End” is the last song recorded by all four Beatles and included on the Abbey Road album.

Enjoy…and share a memory or two.

69 thoughts on “It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night…but We Can Work it Out

  1. Beth

    Loved your humor and family love even with a hectic schedule! The Beatles Party is too too funny! So many of their songs come to mind- lately Instant Karma has been running through!! Hmmm Love you , dear Friend! Hopefully your Dad’s pain is lessening – blessings- Beth

    1. Thank you my dear friend. I appreciate your thoughts regarding Dad. He’s doing well, just learning how to navigate with a very injured leg. He’s a lot tougher than I am..he never complains! Instant Karma doesn’t quickly come to my mind when I think of the Beatles, but it’s such a wonderful title! It will be on my mind now, too! ox

    1. I have had Maltesers just once, and did love them! The only thing that perhaps will help keep me in check is that as an import, they’re expensive. I think that’s why I’m holding back a little! I hope you’re doing well, Mary. I haven’t seen a post in a while, and hope I didn’t just miss one! ox

  2. I hope your dad is feeling much better!

    I loved the Beatles, first, through my oldest brother who was totally taken by them! Heart and soul! Then I just loved them. Now, when I hear a Beatles song, it always makes me think of him. I don’t have a favorite. But I have many that I love!

    1. I’m the same way, Colleen, as far as not having a favorite Beatles song. Whatever I’m listening to at the moment is probably the one! 🙂 I can’t hear a recording without having at least one positive memory present itself. My brother, the big fan, is actually younger than I am. We were both quite young in 1964, but he developed a strong connection and never let it lapse. At one time he had all the albums…and they were stolen! That was a shame!

      Thank you for remembering my dad. I am sure he is going to do well. ox

  3. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that it’s been 50 years since I watched that Ed Sullivan show with the Beatles. I remember the excitement and the controversy…….my friends who knew nothing about music with their cynical remarks and stamping my foot and telling them “stop looking at their hair and LISTEN! This is modern harmony and music is going to change forever!” The Beatles and their music STILL have an impact and that fact is brought home by the evidence of how your party and their lives and music still influence your life right now. It’s wonderful that you were all able to “come together” and relax during a time of stress and anxiety. Good post.

    1. You definitely showed your gift of intuition to have understood that the Beatles were far more than their outward appearance! They were so young, too, weren’t they! In 1964 I am sure I couldn’t even begin to think about what 50 years would look like. But a love of music has been excellent therapy for me through the years! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.

  4. Hope your Dad makes a speedy recovery Debra. This was a lovely post, bringing back memories of the Beatles! (and Maltesers!) 😉 I love the opening quote… the sun would be particularly welcome today. Have a good week. 😀

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding my dad, Cathy. I do appreciate that. The memories associated with the Beatles simply make me smile. I am glad you liked the quote, too. It stood out to me, and I made a little note to refer to it often. 🙂 I hope some spring sunshine comes soon to warm you! ox

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I’m very relieved no broken hip, too. That was the initial concern and a lot of thoughts floated through my mind! I hope that you and Sarah enjoy Valentine’s Day, too. I can’t come up with just one Beatles song either. Every time I think I might, another one aces it out of first place. LOL!

  5. dandyknife

    Oh, my…ONE favourite? Can I do categories?

    For dancing: Back In the USSR / When I Saw Her Standing There
    For the treadmill: Silly Love Songs / Listen to What the Man Said (Wings)
    For soothing: Strawberry Fields / Let It Be
    For hippie nostalgia: Hey Jude
    To promote grieving: Eleanor Rigby / She’s Leaving Home
    For a sunny day: Octopus’s Garden / A Little Help From My Friends

    1. Oh I do love your list! I think you must plan to come to Las Vegas at some point and see the Cirque du Soleil tribute to the Beatles, LOVE. I’d be hard pressed to insist anyone come to Vegas, but if you love Beatles music, you’d really enjoy this. I’ve been once, and if I can manage to justify another time, I will. It’s moving and beautifully done.

      I smile just reading the titles you’ve selected. Each one very individual and unique to the experience. I can see you know your Beatles! I’m so glad you shared. 🙂

      1. dandyknife

        I just checked your link. Did you know the Cirque du Soleil began in Montreal? I accompanied my son and his grade-school class to one of their early performances, and was blown away. The Cirque honouring the Beatles, that would definitely be the Fab Five!

    1. I enjoyed playing Beatles trivia games the other night, Meg, and many of them involved remembering the titles of the songs. My brother and sister-in-law knew them all…I had to really reach back on some of the lesser known, but it was fun to really think about just how many there are! They were prolific, that’s certain! 🙂

    1. That’s two for Norwegian Wood. 🙂 It is a beautiful song. I once told someone I thought my favorite Beatles song was Eleanor Rigby and they thought that was an odd choice. It’s a sad song, but because of it’s slightly minor tones it stood out to me. And I have always loved the way the violins accentuated the movement. I think there must be a Beatles “favorite” for every mood and situation. Thanks, too, for the kind words regarding my dad. Much appreciated.

  6. A moving post, Debra – I relate to being rushed all the time, and the importance of slowing down at times. The good irony of your fathers suffering to help you pause.

    The Beatles reflection was wonderful. When asked the question “Beatles or Stones?” . . . for me the Beatles for certain.

    Peace to you and your father. Bruce

    1. Thank you so much, Bruce. I really appreciate your kind thoughts and words of encouragement. I have enjoyed thinking back to my young self fifty years ago, and I think for many who grew up in that period of time, we look back with a sense of fond nostalgia. The music and some of the memories we share with friends are fun to revisit. The times themselves were gearing up to turbulence with the escalation of war and all sorts of change and political disquiet, but somehow looking at the Ed Sullivan footage of the Beatles provides a very sweet memory. Their music perhaps softens the reality, and I’m all for that! 🙂

  7. I hope your dad feels better soon and gets out of the hospital. I feel blessed to have been able to experience nature here in the canyon for so many years now. Nature has always been the great healer and spiritual guide for me, but one forgets out there in the hustle and bustle of life, work, commutes, stress……..

    1. Thank you very much, Inger. My dad is doing very well, learning to walk a little differently to let that leg heal! I’m very grateful we live close to the hospital and don’t need to travel into Los Angeles or somewhere more inconvenient! I think that living in the canyon and enjoying a quiet and natural world, as opposed to the clamor you navigated when working at UCLA, probably adds years to your life, and for those of us who remain in the bustle, we do need to work a little harder to keep noise and commotion to a minimum. I’m trying. LOL!

  8. A junior in high school,1967, in driver’s ed and behind-the-wheel, during what I believe still holds the record for the most snowfall at one time in Chicago, I got stuck in a large drift of snow when it was my turn behind the wheel. Of course, the boys’ car (even driver’s ed was segregated by sex back then) was right behind us. The boys had to get out of their car and help push the car out of the drift. Of course, the boys were showing off and we girls were a giggling gaggle. Finally, on the
    road again, and me out of the driver’s seat, my friend Eloise said her favorite Beatles’ song was Norwegian Wood and started singing it. Whenever I’m stuck in snow, I start singing Norwegian Wood. So, today, I guess that would be my favorite song, with almost 2 feet of snow piled up and 5 foot drifts everywhere. Aren’t you glad you asked, Debra? You got the equivalent of a blog from me. Sorry.

    There are so many favorites. I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends is one, and yesterday, as the sun shone through, Here Comes the Sun.

    So glad your dad is improving. That is a wonderful quote, that I will put in my commonplace book – and what a fabulous idea for a birthday party. Your sister-in-law sounds like the life of any party.

    1. What a wonderful story, Penny. You really do hold onto wonderful visuals and emotional connections to your stories. I’ve noticed that you can share delightful detail and it makes 50 years disappear into the ether! And I never thought about what it would be like to learn to drive under harsh winter conditions. Life just continues no matter how cold or how much snow–a completely foreign thought to me! LOL! Your winter snowdrift associations with Norwegian Wood are sweet memories. And in turn, I, and many others I know, frequently lapse into a chorus of Here Comes the Sun. The Beatles do provide a wonderful soundtrack for many experiences.

      Dad is doing well. Thank you. And yes, my sister-in-law keeps me in stitches. She is very kind and giving, and marrying into a very practical and not all that adventurous family, has done her best to liven us up! LOL!

  9. I love the quote Debra. I feel much the same way as you – always in a rush. It’s nice when you get to experience those moments where time slows. Hopefully, they will occur outside of a hospital though. I’m glad your dad is getting better. And it’s wonderful that you are all so close and can be together. Thanks for the music inspiration today. 🙂

    1. I do think I’m very fortunate to live so close to my parents, and to have a large family that engages frequently and with ease! He is doing well at this time, so thank you, Kristy. Glad you enjoyed a little Beatles interlude. 🙂

  10. Hope you’ll share those Malteasers with your dad!

    We went back and forth between the Olympics and the Beatles on Sunday Night. I enjoyed watching clips from their younger years with all 4 “alive and well.”

    1. My dad isn’t crazy about chocolate, but I think he’d like the “malt” part the best…I haven’t eaten them yet. I have wanted to, but the package is so appealing I’ve been enjoying it. I think it would be fun to share with him. I was very touched that Sophia was at the party and did find a candy that she wanted my mom to take to Grandfather. I thought that was sweet. 🙂

  11. I’m sorry to hear about your father. I’m glad his hip wasn’t broken. My mother fractured her neck of femur just over a year ago and they didn’t do a good repair of it (she should have had a hip replacement). Anyway, she was in immense pain for a year and could hardly walk and one leg was longer than the other and she just went so downhill and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong so after a year they decided to take out the pins and plate and then sent her home but she was in so much pain an ambulance had to come and take her back to hospital where they found she had actually had another fracture in the leg all that time that had gone undiagnosed and so to repair that she now needed a total hip replacement. She’s now very thin and frail and trying to build herself back up again but it’s been a horrendous journey with so many trips to the doctor or the hospital or the physio etc. I completely understand what you mean by having to drop every thing and just be there for your parents. I hope it all goes well and yes, I do love Maltesers – highly addictive xx

    1. Oh my goodness, Charlie! The description of what your mother has gone through is just horrendous. You had to have been very worried for her throughout this whole time. While we were waiting in the emergency room and definitely concerned that perhaps he’d broken his hip, my mom was telling me stories about friends who have had problems because the repairs weren’t properly attended to. Bless your dear mother! I do hope she can regain her strength and build stamina. I’m sure she will in time, but when you look back and realize that this could have been avoided in the first place with proper diagnosis, it’s really upsetting, I’m sure. Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding my father. I am really pleased with how well the physical therapy is going. He should be home in about a week and I know my mom will be delighted. They have been inseparable for 63 years!

  12. ” . . . . Why not open the doors and let air, wind and sun penetrate into our lives.” I love this!
    Thank you so much for all the Beatles music. Brings back memories.
    “Laughter and chocolate…two excellent ways to reduce stress, and don’t forget the power of music.”
    Was your dad able to share in some of this from his hospital bed? I certainly wish him a speedy recovery. But I think with the family surrounding him he won’t get too bored. I hope he is could have some kind of painkiller.

    1. I have really been enjoying the nostalgia of the Beatles, Uta, and I know I’m not alone. I love music and listen to a wide variety of artists, but I think I probably have a smile on my face when I am listening to the Beatles. My dad is doing very well now, thank you. He is going to be receiving intense physical therapy at the hospital for another week. He is very patient! We brought him treats from the party and gave them to him in the hospital. 🙂

      1. Glad to hear your dad is doing very well, Debra..
        About any favourites as far as the Beatles music is concerned. I must say I hadn’t heard any of their music for a long time and I had no idea I would recognize so many of the songs. I wrote down: Let it be, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Sweat Lord, Stand by me. These songs somehow still seem very familiar to me. Some fifty years ago they were probably in the air constantly. We just breathed them in. But we never owned any Beatles records. We probably just listened to the songs on the radio.

  13. Even though I’m not from that generation I’m still a Beatles fan, and even other artists who are Beatlesque. I wouldn’t say hardcore like that in the slide, nor I would be a good contestant to a Beatles trivia game. “Help” is my most fave. Loved your post title and how it is incorporated into the post topics. You so clever. 😀

    1. I like to hear that you, too, enjoy the Beatles, Rommel. I think the fact that so many generations know the music and even if they say they’re aren’t big fans, could probably recognize the songs and perhaps sing a few, is why after 50 years in America there has been such a wealth of television specials and celebrations. Their huge catalogue of music really does punctuate our memories. I sometimes lapse into a few lines of “Help” when I’m experiencing a minor bit of trouble. It comes to mind at the oddest time! 🙂

  14. It’s good to read that your dad is doing OK after the initial shock, I believe. At least good he hadn’t broken his hip. I wish a good recovery for him. Otherwise, yes, it is indeed hard to slow down and just enjoy the small moments in life. Instead we run around like it’s 8 days a week… My favourite Beatles song? Like you I like the whole package, but if I had to pick one or two it would be songs by George Harrison; While My Guitar Gently Weeps; and Here Come the Sun.

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding my father’s recovery, Otto. He is doing well and will be home before we know it. He is a very patient man and doesn’t complain, but he really hopes to be home soon. Your favorite Beatles song coincide nicely with my favorites, too. It seems everyone has one reason or another for their ‘favorite Beatle’ and mine was always George. And I love Here Comes the Sun. It’s a little trite, perhaps, but we have so much sunshine, and often when I’m with my granddaughters I will sing Here Comes the Sun when maybe we’ve had a cloudy morning and then out it comes. 🙂 There are so many wonderful songs. The Beatles really have given the world a gift in their music. I wonder what Paul and Ringo think about with all the attention they’re receiving at this stage in their lives and very long careers!

    1. I’m so glad you love the Beatles, too! They are collecting new fans all the time, I’m sure. Each new generation will be introduced to their songs and love them, too. They’re timeless, I am sure. 🙂

  15. Dear Debra, life is so mysterious, isn’t it? We never realize when we wake on any given day that it might bring with it the event or the moment or the turning on a dime that brings peace or tragedy or pain or realization or the making of a choice to choose a new road on this journey we call life. Your father’s sojourn in the hospital when he suffered so much pain and his family along with him leads you to thoughts on living with arms open to embrace all that flows into the welcoming repository of your heart. That’s inspiring to me. Peace.

    1. Dee, you have expressed my thoughts so much more beautifully than I could even have attempted to state them out loud! You are so correct about a day bringing unanticipated change. Dad was just getting out of bed when he tore the tendon, and it was so excruciating we had to call 911, because we couldn’t get him to a car. As busy as the day was intended to be, with plans made for a variety of activities, it all came to a stop, and for a few days, we simply organized our day around hospital routines. That’s just the way it is at times and I don’t question it. One of my least favorite remarks is when a well-meaning friend reminds me to “take care of myself.” I am really quite aware of my need to protect my own health, but when a loved one is suffering in any way, I really only want to be there as part of the recovery team! That’s what is most important to me at that time, and I realize a lot of what I do in an ordinary day really isn’t very important or crucial. I might be better able to give comfort to others if I didn’t keep my life so full. Lots to think about…you always say the most lovely things that really do inspire contemplation. Thank you! ox

  16. I had trouble remembering “The End” until it got to the words …. then the penny dropped! Such a refreshing post Debra, reminding us of those long gone days with all that memorabilia collected by your Beatle’s loving sister-in-law. I do hope your father is soon well and strong again and the whole family can relax a little more. You are so wise to realise the value of slowing down and being present … what a gift!

    1. My dad is doing well, and thank you, Christine. He will be in rehab another week or so, but he is doing so much better I think it’s tolerable to him, and although my mom is there quite a bit, I’ve gone back to work and just check in from time to time. The therapists are keeping him busy. And I had the same response to “The End” as you did. The trivia game referenced it or I wouldn’t have been as alert to the title. I realized that this was true of many of the songs. I could sing the words, but didn’t know titles!

      I sometimes think I talk about slowing down more than I actually do it…I do try, however! 🙂 But any time someone I love is in pain or ill, I stop rather quickly and go into protective mode! So this has been a sweet time with my parents. They’ve been married 63 years and are inseparable. I’m cherishing this time. ox

  17. Debra – I do hope your father is okay. You are right, we are too rushed in our lives and sometimes it takes a difficult situation to put things into perspective. It’s something I forget to do….just slow down and breathe a little and spend time with those we love. I spent many years with my mother who was ill and now when I look back, I am so grateful for the times that I had with her, even when she was bedridden, as we still shared so much laughter and meaningful conversation. As for the Beatles, well, I grew up with George as a close friend of our family and spent time with all of the Beatles except for John. They are all as they come across in interviews and onstage and we all know how special their music is. What a wonderful collection of memorabilia your family has and what a fun way to celebrate! All the best to you and a speedy recovery for your father.

    1. You really caught my attention with the mention of having had such a family connection to George Harrison, and then Paul and Ringo. It must be delightful to have those more personal memories, an in particular right now as so much attention is focused on their 50 year American anniversary. It does make me feel good to hear that they are much the same in public as in private life. Paul has a residence somewhere not too far from where I live. People are always saying they saw him in a Pasadena Starbucks or one of the little taco houses that is very well-known. I haven’t had that luck yet, but maybe at some point. 🙂 And thank you Eva, for the kind thoughts relative to my dad’s recuperation. It is really important to me just to be available. I think he will do very well when he comes home, but then, too, I want to be sure all the attention doesn’t fall away just because he’s doing better. Thank you so much for stopping by! :-).

    1. I looked at Sir Paul on one of the television shows the other night and really saw “age” beginning to show a bit. I had to smile, because when I think of the Beatles and get wrapped up in the memories I’m a young girl…I don’t see age in my imagination either! 🙂 There are a whole lot of us aging Boomers who can think back to our pre-teens and remember our younger selves when we hear those Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs! 🙂

  18. Debra, this is a great post – you have the whole world humming Beatles songs 🙂
    I got a Beatles cassette for Christmas along with a tape player. So I had one tape to play, until my birthday in May. It was non stop. I’m sure my parents regretted the lack of variety, but I loved it. Even yet, when I hear one of those songs, I start into the next one automatically.
    Our ‘first dance at the wedding’ song was ‘And I love her’, though I agree that there’s a Beatles song for every occasion. I couldn’t pick an all time favourite.

    1. I am so glad you shared your Beatles memories with me, Fiona. I smiled at the difference in our ages here, just based on the fact that your first introduction was on cassette. They have spanned five decades now and that covers many generations of fans. How wonderful that you have the added memory and significance of the beautiful “And I Love Her” as part of your wedding story! I love that!

  19. So sorry your dad is in hospital, Debra, but glad that it turned out not to be as serious as first feared. I smiled at the thought of him being high – a hippy of the 21st century. 🙂 When I was given morphine after my surgery it just made me sleep and sleep….. The Beatles-themed birthday party sounds the perfect way to de-stress and have fun.

    1. I don’t have my father’s intolerance to pain medication, Perpetua, and I’m glad for that. I react just like you describe when I’ve had morphine. Poor guy. He was really hallucinating, and on the first day he knew they were hallucinations and could describe them to us. Now I know why he doesn’t even like to take Advil! 🙂 He’s doing great, and I’m so thankful. And yes, the party was really fun. I didn’t think to take photos until later, and wish I’d thought of it sooner. My sister-in-law is really creative that way!

  20. Heather

    Hi Debbie,

    This was so nice of you to post and to say I’m the “fun” one just made my heart sing! Thank you very much!! I loved it! 🙂

    Heather xo

    Sent from my iPad


  21. I’m a bit behind, Debra, and am sorry to hear of your Dad’s suffering. A torn or bruised muscle is very often more painful than a broken bone. I’m glad that it was nothing worse and hope that he’s well on his way to a full recovery by now. I share his lack of tolerance for morphine. The last time I needed pain relief, morphine succeeded in putting me up into the clouds but did nothing for the discomfort. I was given an alternative and was much more comfortable. Love the idea of a Beatles party. What fun!

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