A four-year old “patient zero” takes us out!

Do you remember this sweet face?


This precious darling is our family “patient zero.” It’s been years and years since I’ve succumbed to a flu virus, but thanks to a three and four-year old preschool epidemic, a nasty flu bug invaded and has wiped us out–one by one.

Karina brought it home and shared it with her sister…then daddy… then mommy.  When the bug hit mommy we knew this was a different strain of something unpleasant!

Many years of working in emergency nursing have more or less inoculated her against flu bugs. She never gets sick–Anthony affectionately refers to her as his “cockroach.” She seems to be perennially  immune.

But not this time!

And Friday night, a week from when this bug first bit, down went Nan. And now all eyes are on Papa–the only one who claims that Vitamin C protects against anything and everything. He is certain that he’ll beat the odds–here’s hoping!

Thanks to Facebook I’ve learned that my neighbors have had it, other friends and friends of friends and so on and so on…it’s getting around.

Reading the posts and tracking the illness among close friends made me think of a recent article I’d read about an app in development. Its purpose, as stated by developers, is to promote prevention and slow the spread of influenza through social media. The app would allow users who are sick to find and tag the person who got you sick! Yikes!

It is still in development and looking for funding, but I can’t imagine turning in my darling Karina to a “Patient Zero” database.

It’s bad enough that her grandmother pointed a finger at her on a personal blog!

Stay well, my friends. And maybe double up on your Vitamin C. Jay IS the last man standing–for now!

50 thoughts on “A four-year old “patient zero” takes us out!

    1. That is the one, Janine! I think it’s just starting to make an appearance, but it seems to be easily spread. There is nothing funny about preschoolers being sick, but as my daughter has shared the stories I’ve had to laugh at some of the circumstances. Little guys don’t know what’s happening until it’s ‘too late” making it spread friend to friend and then family to family. For us, glad it was early in the season and maybe now we’ll be illness free for a long time to come! ox

  1. My friend CFL didn’t have a cold for years, until he started teaching computer modeling to homeschoolers one day a week. Now he’s on his second in just the past few months. So far, I have been immune. We’ll see….

    1. I remember when I first started teaching I was sick all the time! Then I went for years without even a cold. It’s been awhile now since I’ve been in a classroom so perhaps I’m losing a little of that resistance! I hope you continue to have such great immunity, Lori. I sure do hope that continues to be true. We’re back to feeling well again. Another little season has closed for a long time, I suspect! 🙂

    1. Oh I hope you didn’t mean that you were sick in your household, Colleen. There are some bad bugs going about, that’s for sure. I was very relieved that we didn’t spread it any further. I had been with my parents just the day before it all hit. I would have been so sad if I’d given it to them! Now we can all go into Thanksgiving with our typical hearty appetites. LOL! 🙂

      1. Yes ‘something’ hit here. And like you, I was around family, my 8 month pregnant daughter and her family before it hit me hard! I have been hoping they don’t get it. Like you, I think we will go in to Thanksgiving with appetites and health though! Thankful for small things. 🙂

  2. Your granddaughter is gorgeous and what a pretty top she is wearing – I love the owls. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been hit by something vicious and I do hope you all get better quickly. Good luck! xx

    1. We managed to get through the weekend and feel much better today, Charlie. Thank you. I am glad to have the flu behind us and think we’ll be less inclined to pick up any more “bugs” this season! I think we’re in the clear. Thank you. 🙂

    1. We’re all good to go again, Cathy. Thank you. Flu-bug was a few days of feeling kind of punk, but the blessing is that when you begin to feel better you really appreciate it! 🙂 I hope you have a great week, my friend!

  3. Hope you are all on the road to wellness soon! I can’t imagine that an app like that would be terribly helpful. By the time the culprit was ID’d, they would probably no longer be contagious . . . but would have passed it along to other, still unidentified carriers, etc.

    1. Isn’t that app a poorly conceived idea, Nancy? I can’t imagine how it would do anything but create chaos and a lot of animosity! I read about it in a technical journal and immediately thought that if the government had come up with this idea there would have been rioting! LOL! Bad idea! We are all feeling fine again, and oh so glad this didn’t hit us over Thanksgiving. Our house should be the safest place to gather! 🙂

  4. Aw surely that sweet, beautiful little face didn’t mean to spread the “joy”! 😉 I hope you all get well soon, the flu is one nasty guest to have in the house. Sounds like this year’s strain is pretty potent; I dread its spread in the east, but I know it’s coming. I don’t think that sounds like a helpful app, it sounds more like something some people will use to point an ugly finger at a person they don’t like. Can’t see where it’s helpful at all, but I’m sure it’ll sell!

    1. Isn’t that app just a horror! Can you imagine getting publicly tagged and somehow having it tracked? Ii can’t imagine anything good coming from that! Karina is the last of the little ones to start school so she’s bringing some new ones home! This was apparently something “new” in the line of flu bugs since I never get sick. It was just my turn. Now I’ll be covered for the whole season, I suspect, so that’s the good news! I hope you and yours stay well…I’ve been offline for a few days so I haven’t had a chance to check in on Daisy. I hope she’s doing better by now. Poor little thing. I was really moved by that picture of her shaved and looking so tiny! I hope you stay well…stress is our great undoing sometimes! And four-year olds. LOL!

    1. Thanks, Andra. So far Jay is doing well…I think he dodged the bullet! Can you imagine if the government had suggested such an app? There’d be rioting in the streets. I saw it in a technical journal and I think it was a serious proposition, but it struck me as ludicrous, at best. Hope you’re staying well, too. I always seem to feel a little more vulnerable when I’ve been traveling. ox

    1. Isn’t that app a terrible idea? When I first read about it all I could think of was some of those movies that were popular for a while, where people were rounded up and isolated because they were identified as the Hot Zone. I don’t think they found any funding for it. LOL! We are all fine now…and yes, it was a tough day or two, but it feels good to know that we are healthy for the rest of the year, I’m sure! I hope your family stays healthy, too, my friend! ox

    1. Thanks, Uru. We’re doing so much better now! It was a rough weekend, but everyone seems back to their usual rhythms. Poor little Karina was really sick, too, but she bounced back really quickly and is back to her sweet self, too! 🙂

    1. You’re right, Rob. She isn’t even aware! 🙂 I haven’t been online for more than minutes over the past couple of days, so I’m not current with anyone. But I saw on Celi’s blog this morning that you mentioned whiplash? Did you also have a concussion with the accident? I’m so sorry and know that can definitely bring life to a crawl! I hope rest is even possible! ox

  5. Oh no, not flu on top of everything! i do hope you all feel better soon, Debra. In the UK it’s been recognised that schoolchildren provide the biggest single reservoir of flu infection and they are now being offered a nasal spray of flu vaccine in an effort to prevent epidemics.

    1. I’m doing much better today and enjoying being home, slowly getting back into life! I did have the influenza immunization–but I guess this a different strain. I think we can now enter into the holidays without too much concern. My “lost weekend” is over, and now back into action. 🙂

  6. Lord please touch Debra heal her body by your stripes come and take this flu off her. Show her what to do for quick healing. The natural doc. we see says Alka Selzer for cold and flu! Much love Deb

  7. Oh, Debra, I hope that you are all feeling much better now and that Jay is still “flue-less”. Karina. What a darling beauty she is and should not be tagged as a typhoid Mary. Having been a teacher, the mother of young children, and now a grandmother, you and I know that little ones bring these things home and share them. I always thought that first and second year teachers should be given extra sick days, because they always catch everything those first few years of teaching.

    Gosh, I really see so many problems with an app to tag someone else who may, or may not, have made one sick. Why, just the thought of it makes me sick.

    1. Hi there, Penny! I thought that app idea was just horrible, too. It was promoted under the guise of helping friendship groups and business associates avoid “contact” with a contagious illness. It sounds rather misguided, doesn’t it. Karina’s whole preschool has been a hot zone! All these little tykes have taken out their entire families. I think working with children has given me really good immunity and the same for Aimee with the hospital, so this one packed an extra wallop to move through the whole family! So far Jay has escaped–and now we’re back to our usual rhythms. 🙂

  8. Oh dear Debra! I hope that you’re feeling better and that Papa has escaped the nasty bug. I’m not looking forward to cold/flu season. We just don’t have time for it. 😉 I hope that everyone in the family is fully recovered. It sounds like it’s a nasty little contagious virus. At least it’s out of the way before the holidays.

    1. That’s been my thought, Kristy! I think we’re now good for the rest of the season. So far, Papa is good…I think if he gets beyond tonight he’s in the clear. Karina’s entire preschool came down with it. I sure do hope you your family escapes the usual round of viruses, Kristy. As you head into Thanksgiving you all need to be well. So good to hear from you. 🙂

    1. I did have my flu shot, John. Isn’t that the pits? 🙂 All is well now, so I’m saying I’m good for another five years. I’m sure it’s been at least that long since I’ve been sick. I was just a little overdue! And Papa didn’t get it…we’ll never hear the end of how vitamin C prevents any and all illness. LOL! Yes, get that vaccine anyway…there must be another strain of influenza out there yet!

    1. That’s what I thought, too, Tom. I had my flu shot in early October and hoped for the best! Fortunately, all is well now, and sure do hope you completely avoid this virus. When we go to the trouble of getting the vaccine we ought to be rewarded! 🙂

  9. Have you ever had the flu shot? I’ve thought about it and when I hear stories like this it makes me think I should get it done. I sure hope you all recover quickly! There’s nothing worse in my mind, I remember how lethargic it makes you feel as well. Hugs!xx

  10. I had flu shot too but obviously it’s not a panacea – happy to hear you are now over it – perhaps its relatively short duration is due to the shot – who knows…

  11. It’s no telling who will get caught. Sometimes I have withstand the worst flues and sometimes I have been the first to go down. But I believe in imposing upon myself “I will not get sick” – like Papa. And I totally agree with you, that app sounds like the worst sickness! Your “patient zero” is adorable. Stay healthy, Debra!

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