Midweek Humor

I found this posted near campus. Sometimes it just feels good to laugh.

Half-eaten biscuit

Found: Half-Eaten Biscuit

A half-eaten (now stale) biscuit was found last Thursday on the arm of my sofa. The apartment doors were locked, my roommates were asleep, and I lay on the couch asleep so the question that must be answered is: Who the hell placed this biscuit on the arm of the sofa?

Please relay any information concerning the origins, nature, and ownership of this half-eaten (now stale) biscuit to the following number. xxx-0595.

Reward. We’re not offering cash. Just $3.00 dining dollars. And a pencil.

Hope this gave you a midweek chuckle. It did me.

Every survival kit should include a sense of humor.  ~Author Unknown

54 thoughts on “Midweek Humor

  1. Love it – thanks for the morning chuckle! Someone put a sign up in our village asking if anyone had seen a runaway goldfish once. I think it was because someone didn’t have the hear to tell his kid that the fish had bellied up:-)

    1. People are so clever! Runaway goldfish! Think of the humor we miss when we don’t pay attention. I was so glad I saw this particular bulletin. People driving by in their car must have wondered what that silly woman was laughing at. :-)

    1. Isn’t this “lost biscuit” bulletin just the silliest thing! I loved it. There are so many notices posted everywhere it would be easy to walk by without reading. I’m glad I did, and hope others did, too. Wouldn’t the author be amused to think it appears on a blog? Hahaha!

    1. I’m glad you found humor in the “lost biscuit,” Marie. I am fortunate to work with college students who often amaze me either with their intelligence or their humor. And sometimes, as in this instance, in combination. :-)

  2. Thank you for this! At first I thought that the poster was referring to a half-eaten biscuit that went missing. Either way, it helps to know that some people have a sense of humor and are able to share it with the world.

    1. I will remember the premier, Frank. :-) And if the biscuit’s owner steps out of the shadows I’ll be sure to tell you. Hope you can find something else lighthearted today…so sorry for the family concerns.

      1. I doubt you’re having many laughs right now, Frank, so I’m glad I could share this silly “Lost Biscuit” with you. In stressful times it’s a gift if we can find any humor at all!

    1. Silly college students! The “Lost Biscuit” continues to make me chuckle. And I’m glad I could provide a brief chuckle for you, too! I hope Daisy is in less pain, poor little pup! Maybe the weekend will be a turning point!

    1. Isn’t the “Lost Biscuit” just the silliest thing, Perpetua. I chuckle every time I think of it. Someone was just so ridiculous and yet clever. :-) I hope you’re continuing to do well and have a very nice weekend.

    1. Thank you for reblogging, Karen. I’ve had a few new visitors today that I think may have come through you! :-) I got such a kick out of this silly “Lost Biscuit” flyer. The author has no idea how many people have enjoyed their handiwork! LOL!

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