I’m a statistic–But you should see the other guy?

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English: Cover of a 1904 adaptation of Humpty Dumpty by William Wallace Denslow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If my brain weren’t so badly shaken this morning I could have come up with a more provocative title, driving readers to my post–I think I’m missing a good opportunity to spike my stats!

But I don’t care.

Has anyone been following the recent research warning that cell phone use while walking is responsible for an increase in trips to the emergency room? I heard news alerts, read an article or two, and nodded my head up and down in agreement. Working on a university campus I see young people  everyday so engrossed in their iPhones that they walk right in front of moving vehicles.

Do as I say, not as I do!

Yesterday’s list of noon festivities included an ambulance ride to the nearest emergency room. I would love to give a better story than “distracted old lady trips on the curb while talking on her cell phone, planting her entire face in the gravel.”

But that’s what happened. Distracted walking. And I’m a mess.

I kept my teeth and no bones are broken, so the Jay Leno chin, swollen to twice its size and a lovely shade of purple, the stitches inside the lower lip and the arm that looks so awful no one can believe it isn’t broken, will heal.

The bigger question is probably will I slow down and stop trying to multitask at every available opportunity?

My family is wonderfully attentive and friends have rallied. My sweet office companion, Catherine, met me at the emergency hospital prior to Jay and Aimee’s arrival, and gave me comfort as I sat for more than an hour waiting to see a doctor. It was clear I wasn’t a “real” emergency…although I must admit it was disconcerting to have every person who saw me take one look and then give me a pityingly non-verbal “Oh, I’m sooo sorry. What happened to your face?”

Later today Jay and Zena are going to take me down to see my darling girls when they get home from school. Aimee told Sophia Papa was going to pick them up today, not Nan. Her almost-six-year old reasoning concluded that Nan was probably best to stay behind because “She will be embarrassed.”

I suppose I am, at least a little bit.

And I could say that we are going down because they need to see me, but it’s really that I need to see them.

This accident could very easily have been worse. I could be in the hospital, and I’m not, so I have a very good opportunity to evaluate what’s most important to me, and those two little girls are up at the top of my list.

So do slow down this weekend, my friends. Whatever that means to you. When I feel better I’ll share some more about the “warnings” that I ignored. I really did. I’m caught between a bit of fascination at what we intuitively know and ignore (or am I the only one?) and how we then have an incident creating an opportunity to realign and start over again.

This too shall pass!

95 thoughts on “I’m a statistic–But you should see the other guy?

  1. You poor statistic you!! I’m sending you healing hogs and snout kisses. Mommy is used to ER visits – you know she can’t even walk and chew bubble gum at the same time without tripping over those boats she calls feet – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  2. I don’t carry a smart phone. Now I remember why. Thanks for being such a thoughtful and wonderful bad example for the rest of us 😎

    • You may be on to something, Tom, and I’ll definitely need to revisit and rethink my relationship with my phone. I thought taking advantage of some “walk” time with “talk” time was efficient. LOL! I guess I thought wrong. I will gladly serve as a public cautionary tale! 🙂

  3. So glad to hear that your fall did not knock anything loose. So glad I could be with you yesterday and so sorry I had to be. Get plenty of rest this weekend and let your family and friends take care of you for a while.

    • I am so appreciative of your care, Catherine. You were so reassuring at the time. You’ll see on Monday how those scrapes are healing. The “in between” time isn’t always a very pretty time, ha, but that’s the least of my worries right now. I’m taking full advantage of the care of others, and not overdoing it at all, so thank you. I am resting, and I hope you, too, have a good weekend. You expended a lot of energy on my behalf, too, so you rest up! oxo

  4. Oh Debra…my thoughts are with you. Praise God you weren’t seriously injured, and your scrapes and bruises didn’t prevent you from sharing this with the rest of us. It definitely reminds me that even walking requires us to pay attention. Wishing you well and hope to see you soon!

    • Thank you, Cindy. You missed the excitement! I’m making light of it now, but it wasn’t at the time, and I really felt a little sorry for Catherine. She was so “on the spot” and it was disturbing. I’ll be in the office Monday, although I’ll probably work half-days next week just to compensate for a little added healing rest. That, and I don’t want to frighten the students all day long. LOL. I may need to buy a face mask. 🙂 But seriously, thank you for your thoughts, and yes, I am SOOO thankful it wasn’t much worse. It easily could have been a stay in the hospital moment! ox

  5. Ouch, Debra! Hug those girls tight, and rest. It may not have been a ‘real emergency’ (thank all gods) but it will still take some time to recover from. Take the time, and let your mind rest too.
    Virtual, pain free, hugs from half a world away x

    • I did have a giant “ouch,” Fiona. I was quite shook up until I began to realize my injuries weren’t too severe. I was so fortunate not to have broken anything! Thank you for your kind thoughts, and I did spend time with the girls yesterday. They bring me joy, and that’s a definite healing remedy! I was so happy to receive your hug. Thank you!

  6. I don’t “like” what happened. But I like that you are okay and the message you are sharing with us. Why oh why are we in such a hurry? Heal well and quickly! (if that sounds bossy….my apologies) 😉

    • Thank you, Colleen. You can be bossy all you like! I think my family would like to shake a finger at me, too, but then they look at my poor scabbed and swollen face and they feel I’ve probably learned my lesson! LOL! I sure think I have, too. I thought I was so clever to mix a little noontime exercise with a long distance phone call…I’ve been in trouble before when I thought I was clever. LOL! Thank you for your kind thoughts. I’m feeling better today, and will be back to my ornery self soon! 🙂

  7. Thanks for your Public Service announcement to remind everyone of what can happen. I’m glad it wasn’t any worse–it hasn’t prevented you from posting! Feel better soon and I hope your granddaughters cheer you up soon!

    • It really was a PSA, Christine! Thank you! I think somehow this whole event has served as a giant “wake up” to me regarding my multitasking. I’ve been talking about changes that I need to make and even thought I’d made a few…but not enough. I know I am preoccupied with too many additional thoughts while I’m busy in other areas. So apparently I don’t split my attention too well. LOL! I’m a scraped and bruised mess for a bit, but I’ll heal, and I really already see evidence of healing. I’m thankful for my overall good health which is definitely aiding this healing process. I’ll be fine. Thank you for your sweet and kind thoughts. Much appreciated!

  8. Hi Debra,
    So sorry about your fall. I wish you a quick recovery with lots of sympathy!!! Thanks for the good reminder.
    Enjoy your week end and get some rest and relaxation.
    Love, Kathy

    • Thank you, Kathy. I’m glad this wasn’t last weekend! I probably wouldn’t have been able to join you at the family festivities. I’d have frightened the children. LOL! I’m resting a lot, and using the “I’m temporary disabled” excuse for not doing anything I don’t feel like doing. I hope sometime today I feel like doing a few dishes…they’re piling up. LOL! Love you, Deb

  9. Get de-scabbed soon Debra – sorry to hear about your accident. You don’t want to know how many years I spent telling people how to be safe as they went about doing their work in BT. I’m glad I don’t have that yoke around my neck any more because they listen without hearing. Put your eye-shields on… Guy gets solder in his eye because he didn’t – I still hear the screams despite it being something I couldn’t have done any more about 😦 Please watch where you walk and perhaps consider not answering that mobile until you’ve found somewhere to sit and take in the view. My Good Lady rings me sometimes when I’m driving in the full knowledge that I won’t answer – she knows I’ll call back when I’ve found a safe place to stop. Shame so many other people think it’s ok to chat on the phone whilst driving – it’s actually more dangerous than driving under the affluence of inchohol! Why’s that, you may ask… Because the people who have had a small amount over the limit alchohol wise up their concentration whilst using a mobile phone decreases your concentration on driving. That was not an endorsement of drinkling and driving, I hasten to add – don’t use alchohol, drugs or mobile phones if you want to stay safe on the roads!

    • The stories you share from your work experience remind me of some my husband brings home, Martin. He works for Union Pacific Railroad and in his official capacity of Union Chairman is also a safety officer. The risks people are willing to take with locomotives have often resulted in death. He has brought several stories home that resulted in death or loss of limbs, and often they could have been avoided with following safety rules.
      I am very careful to avoid the phone when I’m driving. But I really didn’t see the “danger” in what I was doing at the time of my fall. I will now, of course, completely change my noon-time exercise while talking game plan. No more! And I will heal quickly, for which I am thankful. I may even have a couple of good scars to remind me of my folly! 😦 Thanks for your kind thoughts and weighing in on the situation. So many accidens are avoidable. I will probably become a zealous nag to others now. hahaha!

  10. A year from now this will be funny…. maybe! About 5 years ago I tripped on nothing. It was flat macadam parking lot on a sunny day without any rain. Fractured my kneecap. It was so embarrassing that I kept making up other stories to entertain people. Hope you recover soon. I hear Jay Leno is looking for his chin…..

    • A fractured kneecap is a big injury, Kate. One of my close friends did the same thing about two years ago, under very similar conditions, and that was a nasty healing period! I can’t imagine…you were still working then, too, if I’m remembering. I’m doing okay today, except for what is now a giant scab covering the lower third of my face. I will frighten animals and children! But I’m fortunate it wasn’t worse, and for that, I’m really unable to complain much. I really know my good luck here. And it is already a little funny to me when I think of the kind young students who ran to my aid, the Campus Safety guys asking me over and over if I knew where I was, and the ambulance arriving. An ambulance? I wasn’t expecting that. I created quite a scene! Hope you have a good weekend, too, Kate. S-L-O-W…

    • Hi Cathy! Thank you so much for your sweet message. I am definitely taking it much slower. I found myself just sitting and doing nothing yesterday…staring off into space. LOL! I don’t think I was dazed, just relaxed. Are you familiar with Arnica Cream? It’s an herbal remedy made from Sunflowers…I’m trying it for the bruises, recommended by several friends. I’m doing my own ‘clinical trial” since I am one giant bruise. I will perhaps post on it at some point, but with all your herbal and garden notes, I wondered if you were familiar. I might learn something through this healing process. I’ll share, if I do. ox

      • Hi there! Yes, I do know that Arnica is good for bruises – herbal remedies are very popular in Germany and an Arnica cream I have for achy joints after gardening is very good! I can’t use it too often though as it irritates my skin, so mind you don’t rub it into any scratches or open wounds. Hope it helps! Get well soon!

  11. Oooh, i am so sorry to read this happened to you! I tripped 2 years ago and broke my teeth, dental work which i am still not finished an paying for.

    I think eveything that we experience is a mesage for us. Wishing you a speedy healing . Hugs Sent from my iPhone

    • Thank you for sharing your own accident, Marie. I have to tell you that when I hit so hard, I couldn’t feel my face for a while and I was desperately trying to feel my teeth! Thankfully, very thankfully, I didn’t break even one, which I consider no minor detail! I think to begin more dental work would have been worse than a broken bone. And I have neither. But I do agree with you that everything we go through sends it’s own message to us, and I’m listening! Bless you my friend. And I laughed at your “sent from iPhone” message. We are a pair! oxo

  12. My goodness Debra, be careful out there! I’m glad it was nothing more serious, and I hope you heal quickly.
    I have a friend who is allergic to various things. Every now and then her chin would swell up and she’d talk about her Jay Leno chin — so I can picture exactly how yours must look. I’ll keep that image in my mind the next time I’m tempted to text while walking.
    ….Sent from my dining room, while safely seated. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts, Lori. I’m healing already. That chin is going to be an issue for a while, I’m afraid. It’s so bruised and swollen, but I can at least feel it this morning! That’s a start. I think my biggest issue is that I was trying to walk too quickly in an area that obviously was too busy and needed more deliberate attention. I have walked with a phone for years. I have so many friends in other time zones and I use the “talk” time to get some exercise. I can see that I won’t be doing that any more, but I thought I was using my time so well. LOL! Now I need a new plan. Today is going to be a very slow Saturday, and I’m looking forward to that. I couldn’t help noticing again the name of your blog, “slow happy living.” I need to borrow that theme for myself. Emphasis on the slow! oxo

    • I am recovering nicely, and quickly realigning some of my duties and responsibilities, Charlie. My mouth is really painful, but I’m even laughing a little at that. I am reduced to mainly eating smoothies and last night had some mashed potatoes. I don’t have much appetite, and so I figure I can jumpstart some cutting back on calories as we move into our more sedentary autumn/winter months. Maybe I’ll lose a couple of pounds. I’m fishing for the benefit to all of this disruption! More seriously, I am still amazed I didn’t break teeth or a bone, so I’m not even about to complain. I’ll just slow down. Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate my blogging friends reaching out. It means a lot.

  13. I liked this because you are okay, Debra, not because you fell. Please take care of yourself. So glad no surgery or major dentistry was required.

    It is so hard to fight the urge to multitask, but where devices are concerned, I think it is a must. I don’t even take phone calls anymore unless I am stationary and away from other people. Even in airports, I will try to find a random corner away from others.

    • Thank you, Andra. This was a very humbling experience. I really didn’t think I was doing anything requiring special care or attention. I walk this path (on the phone) frequently, taking advantage of a lunch hour to call friends who don’t live in my time zone! And I wanted exercise. Ha! I guess I’m going to need a new plan. I don’t use my phone in public places or in the car, and really thought I was somewhat a cut above others in my phone etiquette! LOL! I’ve been greatly humbled. But I’m feeling ok and will just need to heal. It will still take a little time but I was so fortunate I don’t dare complain or make too much of this. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I really do mean that!

  14. You poor thing Iam glad you are getting to see the girls it will be interesting to see what they say about grandma. I would say take it easy but I don’t think you have a choice. Love you friend. Iam only a phone call away if you need me

    • Thank you so much, Sandy. I’m ok…don’t look too great, but I really am fortunate to not have sustained much more dramatic injuries. I got my first ambulance ride. (That was embarrassing from work. LOL!) The girls were very funny with my cuts and bruises. Sophia was very clinical and wanted to know every detail, but wasn’t sure she wanted to get too close, and Karina didn’t care how it happened, just wanted to be very close to me. It was good to see them. Thank you for offers of help. I’m really fine, but I so appreciate it my friend. oxo

  15. Hope youre feeling better.
    Something similar happened to me the other day when I broke a piece of my roof, I didnt hurt myself but the why is so important, and only then you care enough to think and do something about it.
    Its painful but you always have to make the best of the situation.

    • Yes, I’m making the best of it, I think AuAu. I am getting some good rest and have slowed down a lot in the last two days. It’s a forced slow down, but nonetheless! It sounds to me like you narrowly avoided an accident yourself. I am glad you weren’t hurt. It may take me a while to get back to where I was, I’m really sore and hurt quite a bit, but I’ll be good as new before long. Maybe better. LOL!

  16. Well firstly I hope your recovery is swift and you return to normal chin levels as soon as possible… but secondly toss the phone in a hand bag and ignore it … I have had a cell phone now for 17 odd years, and the only reason I got it was to keep the family quiet… but that does not mean I don’t hate the thing and it is necessary for business, but I’m afraid I treat mine like a house phone, I answer when I want to, I don’t text, sms, send mms and all these other necessities of the young today. I am horrified when I see people walking and texting, yet remember walking and reading when at Varsity, so I cannot really shoot that one down, but when I see people driving and texting…. NO people you’re gonna kill someone….

    • I thought I was being very efficient, Rob. I have a good friend who lives in a different time zone, and finding a good time to talk is a challenge. So on a beautiful fall day, what could be better than taking my lunch hour to walk and exercise (get out of the freezing office) and chat away. I think we were on the phone no more than five minutes when I hit the pavement. So, lesson learned, and as my daughter said, “take something else off your plate so you can make phone calls OR walk”–apparently I can’t do both. LOL! I’ll mend. And I don’t use my phone on in the car. But I must admit it can be another appendage when I’m NOT in the car. Lots to think about. Meanwhile, I just look a fright! Thank you for your kind thoughts, Rob.

  17. Oh noooo, I so hope your recovery is quick! I’m always trying to do more things at one time than I should. We all have had that “close call”! Thank you for the reminder to slow down–it most likely can wait. Hugs for a restful weekend.

    • Thank you, Stacey. I’m on the mend…it may be a while before I feel 100%, but I’m ok. I am in “forced” slow down, so there is a lot of introspection time being offered up! I appreciate your kind thoughts. ox

  18. I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt, but perhaps you really need to “Just Slow Down” and Breathe Lighter for a time. When we move mindfully, we are less likely to get tripped up by things “jumping out at us” (like curbs and chairs).

    Here’s to being mindfully aware. Enjoy those darling girls.

    • You accurately remembered two falls, Nancy. I’m deliberately slowing down this week, and I need some new personal practices! Mindfully aware…so necessary! I’ve never seen it quite so clearly, to be honest–the changes I need to make, I mean. 🙂

  19. Oh, Debra, I knew you’d had a fall, but not that you’d gone down so heavily and painfully. I’m so glad that there’s nothing broken or missing. Bruises, however spectacular, will heal fairly quickly, thank goodness. I so often see people wandering along the street totally absorbed in their phone conversations and now I see the danger in that. Given my track record of falls in the past it’s probably a good thing that I only carry a phone (not switched-on) for emergencies only.

    Enjoy your time with your darling granddaughters who are the best medicine you could have,

    • Sometimes I think in my quest for efficiency–like using the phone while I’m trying to get some exercise walking–I lose common sense! I’m healing quickly, and I am more than ready to rest a little while I complete the healing process. Thank you, my friend. So you’ve had falls, too? I’m so sorry. It seems that almost everyone has, and I don’t know what makes me think I can dart about in so many directions and continually tempt fate. Lesson learned–I hope! 🙂 Thank you for your kind thoughts, Perpetua. I’m going to have a slow, careful and contemplative week! 🙂

  20. Debra, buckets of love to you from us all. What a shock; it shakes one’s confidence. I hope everything goes down and the bruising ceases to smart soon. Lots of dog cuddling to you; and I hope the grandchildren are a tonic. Thinking of you xx

    • I’m much improved already, Kate. Thank you. It was quite a shock and I’ve been resting a lot this weekend just to let my poor shaken brain rest along with my bruised body! It’s been funny how much relief that little dog has provided. I found just sitting and watching her play has been very calming. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I know you are most sincere, and I am truly appreciative. ox

  21. Oh, Debra – we are two peas in a pod, aren’t we? These things leave us so stunned, don’t they? I’m glad your injuries weren’t worse, though it sounds like you are pretty “banged up”, my friend. I do hope you had a good time with the girls. Children have such a remarkably innocent way of making us feel better, and I know these two darlings will have done so with you, and don’t be embarrassed. I once fainted at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Orlando. Tom had to keep lifting me over the “cattle” lines, asking men to “please hold my wife for a moment”. I finally came to, and they insisted on giving me smelling salts. They let us get right on the ride after that and i could hear people saying, oh, that’s the woman that fainted. Stop laughing. Your lip and chin will hurt more.

    • I am very banged up, Penny, but nothing too awful…I am quite amazed at how much healing I’ve done already. I think I may have a scar for awhile on my upper lip/under my nose, but I made my daughter laugh when I remarked that now I won’t have perfectly flawless skin! LOL! I am just amazed at some of your stories, Penny. You really could write a little book about some of these misadventures of yours! Mine are almost as frequent, but not nearly as colorful as what you shared about the Pirates of the caribbean ride. Tom is just never sure what’s going to happen when he travels about with you, is he? LOL! Let’s both stay safe this week…we need a rest. hahaha!

  22. So sorry to hear about your fall Debra, and glad you are not more seriously hurt. Do take it easy and enjoy these days of convalescence, sitting about dreaming and having your children and grandchildren concerned about you …. life will be back to normal in a flash! I find arnica very helpful, but Traumeel cream is even better … and it contains arnica. I am almost at the end of the line with my tests, last ones this week, and all normal so far …. I am taking a few new supplements from my herbalist and seem to have more energy than ever, so that is a good outcome for a few minutes of unconsciousness 🙂

    • I am so glad to hear that your tests are coming back with good results, Christine. And it’s excellent to hear that the supplements you’re taking are contributing to a new sense of well being! It must have been a very frightening experience for you. My fall was a bit frightening at the time, but I’m healing…slowly but surely. I have been pulled in many directions lately, and not necessarily stopping to prioritize what’s most important, but instead, continuing to just spread myself even more thin…bad choice! 🙂 So it’s all good in the end, I think. A fresh start this week…and in time the wounds will heal. Thank you for the suggestion of Traumeel…I don’t know of it! I have definitely been using the arnica, but I’d like to broaden my options. Thank you, my friend.

  23. I cannot even believe you did that. You are such a clever woman! and knocking yourself out! Poor you. You are absolutely right. best to slow down and wait until you are sitting before mucking about with that gadget. Often I cannot even find my phone and it so seldom rings anyway I have quite given up carrying it with me. Life in the country is slow anyway, You will heal fast i am sure.. poor darling.. c

    • Thank you, Celi. I have enjoyed a very slow healing weekend–and an introspective one at that! I am grateful that my “wake up call” with the pavement wasn’t worse. I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend. I am determined to enjoy mine…I will just stay away from mirrors! LOL!

  24. Really sorry to read this, Debra. I hope your injuries aren’t too severe nor long lasting. I think it wonderful how your family and friends came to your aid. Now, there’s a silver lining if ever there was one! I took a tumble a few years ago — thank you, Max! — and as I was falling, I remember thinking “I’m too old for this.” 🙂
    Wishing you a speed recovery, Debra.

    • Thank you, John. As I’ve shared about my mishap I’ve heard from so many friends telling me about their own spills! I suppose the word “accident” means just that…out of the blue the pavement rises up to greet you! I’m healing. I still look quite frightful, but nothing is permanent, and the fact that nothing is broken is reason enough to be grateful. And boy have I slowed down this week. I need to carry a resolve to continue in that direction. 🙂 And I know what you mean about your thoughts coming at you as you are falling…I had similar thoughts to yours as I fell, including, “This can’t be good!” 🙂

    • I think I must have given those college boys who helped me quite a fright! But I when I picture all the hubbub around me at the time, including a bevy of emergency workers, even I laugh a little bit…through a clenched and very swollen jaw, mind you, but I haven’t lost my sense of humor! 🙂

  25. I can’t tell you the number of times I see or hear a warning and just before it happens to me. I always think of it as a little wake up call. I’m so glad you aren’t terribly hurt, and I wish you a fast recovery! Sometimes we all need a little stumble to help us reprioritize. It’s too bad they have to be so painful sometimes. Hug those two little ones lots!!!

    • I’m healing quickly, Kristy, and continue to count my blessings that it wasn’t much worse. I am going back to work tomorrow looking a little worse the wear, but I’ll be a cautionary tale to the students! LOL! I hope you have a wonderful, and very SAFE week, too! ox

    • Thank you, my friend. I’m doing ok, which for only being a few days out from the fall, is really good! It was an awful shock, and I definitely had some moments when I wasn’t sure I was not seriously injured. When you can’t feel your face and everyone is grimacing, you don’t know what that means! But a few days later and my injuries are minor. I’m still taking it easy for a few days. Thank you for your kind thoughts!

    • I am definitely doing well today. Bruises are now a fashionable purple! I think I’m feeling so fortunate that nothing is broken I don’t dare complain! Thank you for well wishes. I’ve felt very cared for and supported, which has been so nice to receive. 🙂

  26. Dear Debra, this reminds me of the time my car–with me standing on the pavement–shifted into reverse and backed away from me and then hit a building, shifted into drive, and headed right toward me. I ended up needing 87 stitches on my face and every bystander and even the ambulance attendants said, “Oh, my God! Put the towel back up there!” when they’d ask to look at the damage and I lowered the towel someone had thoughtfully given me! I hope you recover quickly both physically and emotionally. This must have been such a shock to your system and your psyche. Peace.

    • Oh my gosh, Dee! I can’t even imagine the accident you’ve described! Honestly! That’s just horrible. I have just a few small stitches on the inside of my mouth, and mostly abrasions and bruises. I’ll be fine. In your accident I think it sounds like you would have had time to think! Not time to change what was happening, but time to realize what was happening, and that would have been terrifying! In my case, it all happened very quickly. Thank you for mentioning the physical as well as the emotional recovery. It is such a shock to the system that I have found myself very fatigued and a little emotional. But you’re right–it is a shock to the system. I’m doing well. If you have ever blogged about your accident, would you let me know? I wonder what your recovery must have been like. Long, I would think! oxo

      • Dear Debra, the plastic surgeon who sewed my face back together did a wonderful job. The stitches came out in two weeks; I wasn’t supposed to smile during that time because of my cheek being torn upon down to the teeth roots. The shock from the whole thing lasted about ten days. I was so fatigued. Of course, I was teaching then and went in each day. But I mostly sat at my desk to teach during that time. I went to bed early and drank a lot of soothing tea. Oolong. I so hope you are being good to yourself as you recover–physically and emotionally–from this accident. Peace.

  27. How are you feeling today, Debra? I read Nancy’s comments that being mindful prevents falls. I am paying attention because I have a tendency of tripping because I get distracted. Fifteen years ago I tripped while food shopping and broke my elbow. That was a nightmare for me. I am reading a book “Mindfulness – An Eight Week Plan for Finding Peace in A Frantic World” by Dr. Mark Williams. It’s very good, teaches one to slow down.

  28. Ooh, ouch, Debbie! There you were sending me those lovely comments and you in pain and a mess (if you’ll excuse me 🙂 ) So easy to do! I don’t even have a smart phone but the little fingers get tapping when I’m en route somewhere just because it makes sense to use the time. I’m just as prone to do it with a camera in my hands (and I’d of course save the camera before myself- in fact, I did, on a woodland walk with some friends the other day!)
    Recover well, and hug those little girls when you can. 🙂

  29. Oh, I do hope you recover fully… and fast.

    But what is really at the core of this huge need to multi-task nowadays? Come to think of it, was the accident which you had really due to multi-tasking? You might just have been day-dreaming without the phone and had the same outcome. Could this therefore be something to do with the ability to remain in the present and being midful?


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  32. Cripes, that doesn’t sound like fun 😦 I’m glad that the injuries aren’t any worse…. I can’t use my phone as I walk; the keys are too tiny for me to see so I have to stop and move it close to my face. Hope things get better soon.

    • I am well on my way to being good as new…or just a little used. LOL! All in all, I really can’t complain too much. This accident was significant enough for me to realize that I could have been seriously hurt. I am definitely on board for practicing a more mindful approach to moving through my day! Thank you for the well wishes. I hope you have a good weekend. 🙂

  33. I apologize for clicking the like button and have not left you a comment about this. Life must have called me away from my computer….enough of that.
    You poor dear, that must have been so painful to say the least.
    I think it’s terrible the way hospitals put people off that are hurting if they are not life and death.
    I hope you get well soon.
    Hugs xxx

    • No worries at all! The point of my whole “sharing” is that we are all pulled in so many different directions. I don’t have any answers as of yet, but I do know we all need to slow down and be more attentive to how many things pull at us! We can just encourage each other. ox

  34. Oh my goodness, how awful! I’m sorry it took me so long to read this and comment, but as you can see from my latest blog post, we’re running on fumes around here. But your post has reminded me to slow down a bit and keep safety at the forefront. I’m glad your injuries weren’t too severe (except in appearance, apparently), but I can’t believe the hospital made you wait an hour when you needed stitches!! That’s horrible! Hope you’re doing better by now.

    • I definitely read how busy you’ve been. Sometimes a lot happens in one short week, doesn’t it! I wanted everyone to read my post as a cautionary tale! LOL! I think most of us, if not all of us, move in so many directions at one time, we are all subject to potential accidents. So I’m really trying to move more consciously. We’ll see if I can establish some new habits. 🙂 Thank you!

  35. Oh no… I’m so sorry to hear this…and so happy to see in your most recent post that you’re on the mend…please take very good care… kathy ps…and thanks for the “heads up” to us all to remember to be very aware and attentive, not lost in random thoughts or distractions.

  36. Oh Debra, OUCH!! But PHEW it wasn’t worse. Have you been taking arnica for the bruising, it works brilliantly and I really do recommend it for the healing.
    Right memo to selves stop multi tasking, slow down and breathe lighter!

  37. DEBRA!!!! OMG!!! This is absolutely wretched news! You REALLY could have gotten hurt as you say… What would Darwin do without her mommy to take care of him – especially since there is a chill at night as of recent… And… Please make sure your fam is alert to any changes in your speech!

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