Day is Dying in the West…

Newport Beach, California 

Life Guard Tracks

Day is dying in the west,

Sunset on shore

Heav’n is touching earth with rest,

Sunset in windows

Wait and worship while the night

Golden Sand

Sets her evening lamps alight


Through all the sky.

…Mary A. Lathbury, 1877

47 thoughts on “Day is Dying in the West…

    1. I felt so badly, Helva, that in my enthusiasm I forgot to credit Mary Lathbury, 1877, as the author of the great hymn, Day is Dying in the West. I added the credit earlier today. I am so happy to hear that you also are familiar with, and really appreciate this beautiful old hymn. Thank you for letting me know. ox

    1. Thank you, Marie. I really love my sunsets. One of the things that pleases me the most is seeing how many people come down to the shore just to enjoy that particular time of day. It’s quite moving. I’m very glad you enjoyed the photos and the lovely old hymn. ox

    1. I failed to note the author of the hymn, Charlie, which I amended later this afternoon. The old hymn was written by Mary Lathbury in 1877. I felt bad that I didn’t give Mary credit. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, too, my friend.

    1. I spend every evening on the sand (and it’s a bit cold) taking photos of the sunset. I can’t see a good horizon from my home, so this time at the beach really satisfies that craving, at least for a while. I’m glad I could share with you. ox

  1. There’s something about a beautiful sunset. Whether it provides a wonderful conclusion to a perfect day or is a beginning to a lovely evening, this magnificent daily phenomenon is always a feast for the eyes. Thank you for again liking my blog.

    1. We have a little joke that we come to the beach one week a year so we can have a week of sunsets! Our home is in suburban Los Angeles surrounded by a great many trees. We do love our trees, but I rarely see a good sunset! And I do really enjoy your blog. I’m paying very close attention to your book reviews. My oldest granddaughter just finished Kindergarten and I am making lists of the books you recommend so that I always have a good suggestion. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Time With Thea

    This is such a lovely post Debra. i love how you combined the beautiful message with the equally beautiful photography. Thank you for such an inspiring post! ~Thea

  3. My brother lived for several years in Corona del Mar. He and his family rented a home on the cliffs overlooking the bay and Newport Beach, and I visited them often. Such a lovely area! Thank you, again, for bringing back fond memories.

    1. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, Linda, but I am so glad to share the sunsets from the beach with you. I love Corona del Mar. There was a brief time when my parents considered buying there, and I still give them a bad time for choosing not to! LOL! I’m very pleased we can vacation there. I don’t need to be greedy. Ha!

    1. Sunset is my favorite time of day, Tricia. I have difficulty getting a clear sight of the horizon from home, but when I’m at the ocean’s edge, that’s my best opportunity. I’d glad I could share with you. ox

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