Morro Bay from the other side of the rock–and it’s pet-friendly, too!

I was intending to publish a Wednesday mid-week post.  That might have worked if I hadn’t been off by one day. I thought yesterday was Tuesday. Oops!

So imagine my surprise to discover it’s the weekend–already!

I may be wishing for some of that Morro Bay fog I shared earlier this week…Southern California–maybe ALL of California is going to be Hot! Hot! Hot! this weekend.

If it gets to be too much, I’ll just pretend we are still on the foggy coast.

I’ve shared quite a bit about Morro Bay, but let me introduce you to a new favorite seaside town.

City of Cayucos

Cayucos is just a hop, skip and a short six-mile jump north of Morro Bay. In fact, this charming 3.5 square mile town is so close it offers a view of the other side–the ocean side of Morro Rock.

Morro Rock from Cayucos

And I love old historic piers.

Cayucos Pier

James Cass, born in Bristol England in 1824, made his way to California, discovering a small coastal town of Old Creek. He moved his family and renamed the town Cayucos, after the Native American word for canoe.

Cass was responsible for building the pier in 1871, which launched a bustling and profitable wharf.

The Cass home is now a charming inn and restaurant. You must take notice of the Victorian aquarium doubling as a fountain, or is it a bird bath?

And Cayucos is completely dog-friendly! Pet-friendly hotels and outdoor restaurants welcome dogs, and the beach is their personal playground!

Dogs on Cayucos BeachThese pups were certainly enjoying their weekend exhale, weren’t they?

Our son and fiancée brought their dog, Obi! And did Obi have fun!

Obi in Surf

Hungarian Vizslas are natural hunters with quite a sense of smell! Obi was certainly on the hunt for something in that sand!

Vizsla’s don’t have an undercoat, however. Poor Obi was quite cold after his dip in the ocean!

No worries–mommy and daddy were prepared!

Obi with Sweater and CoatWell, that was last weekend.

But no matter how much fun we had on our northern adventure, I’m still a “there’s no place like home” kinda gal! I think we’re going to keep the weekend plans down to a minimum level of activity and there’s no need for excitement. Too hot for that!

Perfect excuse for not overdoing it.

I’ll just continue my exhale…and hope you do, too! Join me now…ahhhhh!

51 thoughts on “Morro Bay from the other side of the rock–and it’s pet-friendly, too!

  1. I do enjoy your end of week posts – they really make me smile and take a deep breath to exhale. Aaaah! Have a lovely relaxing weekend Debra, and stay somewhere cool!

  2. Breathing lighter after this. And smiling. That water looks inviting. I love visiting little towns like this, thanks for sharing and bringing us along. Enjoy your not over doing it weekend. 😉

  3. Cayucos is lovely. Kurt and I stayed there a couple of times many years ago when we’d make a last minute decision to go to Cambria for the weekend but couldn’t get a room there. It turned out that being in Cayucos was a treat in itself. These are absolutely slow-down-and-exhale places. Thanks for the moment and the memories.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos of Cayucos and it brought back sweet memories, Lori. We have spent time in Cambria and San Simeon many times, but have never veered off 101 to visit Cayucos before this trip. It is so charming. I know we’ll visit again. I loved watching the dogs at play. That alone will get me back up there! 🙂 Hope you are able to have a relaxing weekend, too, my friend.

  4. I too love the other side of the Rock. My Aunt and Uncle had a home in Cayucos and we spent lots of time visiting and have fires on the beach at night. I really don’t mind that it is always cool in that area. During the next three weeks I will be spending a few days here and there in and around the Morro Bay area! I hope to get some more photos to add to my collection. Enjoy!

    1. This was my first time to be in Cayucos, Bishop. I fell in love with it. Our typical route would be to just stay on 101 and land in Cambria or San Simeon. I look forward to visiting again. I don’t mind the fog or cool either, but because there were about 25 of us ranging in age from 81 to under one year, the drizzle would have been hard at the campground. We had the perfect blend of it all…I can usually expect and rather enjoy fog when it’s near the beach! I’ll look forward to when you spend more time up that way and I hope you’ll share your photos. I would be interested in learning more about the area! 🙂

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your photos, Debra.

    And, thank you for your multiple thoughtful comments. I received a devastating rejection on Wednesday, and it sent me to bed sobbing. I’m down to one agent considering my book, and then I’ve got to figure out what’s next. My father was in and out of the hospital this week, making my already fragile disposition collapse. He is fine. I cannot write about either thing on my blog, because I don’t write about writing, and my parents would kill me if I vented about how frustrating their lack of planning is. So, I thought I would let you know I’m okay, and I very much appreciate your concern.

    1. I am so sorry and very sensitive to how hard it is to go through major life crises and yet respect the boundaries others have set for your sharing. Im so sorry about your dad, and the timing must have felt surreal. I have so much faith that you’ll be guided forward with your publishing, but I don’t discount for one moment how hard this is, too. I do care very deeply, and send my love. ox

  6. Glorious shots, Debra.

    Here’s an idea for the weekend. Set up the sprinkler to water the lawn. Sit in the path of the sprinkler spray. Sipping a cold one. While scratching Darwin’s belly. Or his back. Yeah, probably is back would be better than belly up. :mrgreen:

    1. You made me laugh at the set up of me scratching Darwin’s belly. It made me think of the times I’ve caught the little girls stroking his shell–they would really like to have a dog! LOL! Sitting under the sprinklers sounds very nice! 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend, too, Nancy.

      1. Thanks! We went to a Summer Circus Spectacular yesterday. No plans for today. And on Monday . . . Jury Duty. That’ll get the week off to a great start.

    1. was glad to have the chance to share Obi with you! He’s a very sweet dog. Cayucos is a really charming town. I will be looking forward to visiting again sometime! Thank you for stopping by, CCU. It’s always so good to hear from you! 🙂

    1. We refer to Obi as my grandson! He’s a great dog, and I’d enjoy spending more time with him at our house if it weren’t for the fact that the bunny completely drives him crazy. I didn’t realize until I saw him so cold that he doesn’t have an undercoat and gets cold easily. I hope Daisy is enjoying her summer! You must be having some serious heat, too! 🙂

  7. It’s nice to see that there are still small coastal communities in California. Cayucos sounds like a real gem. One of my favorite things to do with Max is to take him to the beach. We’ve a few dedicated dog beaches here and then there’s the beach in Michigan . He loves the water and it’s good exercise for us both, though the ride home from doggie beach, with a wet dog in a hot car, leaves something to be desired. 🙂

    1. My son took Obi to a Southern California dog beach this weekend, too, John, and then they stopped by afterwards. Obi was really worn out. It was fun to hear that he’d enjoyed the exercise so much, and I’d love to go along again just to watch him have so much freedom! And there are several small coastal towns like Cayucos I believe are the best kept secrets. I’m doing my best to promote tourism, but I can only spend so much time away from home. 🙂

  8. Out the door in three shakes of a lamb’s tail to our garage sale (sigh, swore I’d never do another, and find myself doing one). Anyways, love your photos and your travels, Debra. What an interesting aquarium. Don’t you love the inventiveness of people? You have a good and cook, if possible, weekend.

    1. I hope your garage sale was successful enough to have been worth the effort, Penny. I had to laugh at the comment about previously swearing “never again.” My daughter and mother concocted the idea that we should have one this summer. I kept saying I didn’t think it was worth the trouble, and the next thing I knew it’s planned to be at my mom’s. She lives across the street, so there’s no way I can ignore this. I’m in it now…in August. I hope it isn’t another 105 degree weekend! Oh well…yours is behind you. And the take-away for us both–never say never. How many times have we heard that, or better yet, said it to someone else. LOL!

  9. I hope you send some of that heat this way. I’m desperately missing it this summer. We’ve had a few hot ones, but mostly rain and cooler temps. Each time we get a sunny, summer-like day I get excited that it’s finally summer, but alas, I think this summer has other plans for us. No matter…it’s still summer! Love the photos of your son’s pup. Too cute! He has such a sweet face. I hope you’re staying cool and enjoying another exhale Debra. Thanks for sharing your trip pictures. I do love to see California…keeps reminding me why we need to go back. 🙂

    1. Is it still kind of cool, Kristy? My goodness but we’ve warmed up. We’re breaking old records. The climate is just so all over the place for everyone. You’ll probably get your summer later, about the time school starts! I know we have some really high heat about that time, too, and I always feel so sorry for the kids. Yes you do need to come back to CA for a nice vacation. I highly recommend the Central Coast as a great mid-point. So much to do. I will be continuing in my on-going travelogue as we go back up there again before too long. There were a few places I wanted to visit that I couldn’t quite fit in this last weekend. 🙂

    1. I keep my adventures rather close to home, and we don’t travel to far abroad, Meg. At least not at this point in our lives. But I do feel like we have a wonderful time, and since I’m very easily entertained, even a walk on a pier is something special. 🙂 Thank you!

  10. I’d love to join you.. I have two nice cold drinks filled with ice, a pretty sprig of mint and a bright colored straw.. we’ll just sit in the shade a moment, shall we? Have a nice long chat:D I would have loved a small town stroll like that one.. imagine being so important you could arrive and rename a town? I love that pic of your son’s handsome shivering pup in his coat:D xxx

    1. Barb, California’s Central Coast is really worth visiting, if you have the chance. I know you and friends visited Palm Springs, so just go a little north next time! I’ll join you there for that nice cold drink. 🙂

  11. Super photos and I’m glad you had such a good trip, Debra. I must claim a personal interest in Cayucos as DH’s aunt-by-marriage now lives there in retirement with her second husband. it’s a small world. 🙂

    1. Perpetua, that’s just too interesting that you have a personal connection to Cayucos! What a wonderful coincidence. It’s a really charming place with a small town charm sometimes hard to find in coastal California. Your comment really made me smile!

    1. I loved the old pier, Christine. We have dozens of very nice piers up and down the coast, but so many have been rebuilt because of storm damage over time. I didn’t see any signage indicating that the Cayucos Pier had been damaged at any time. And yes, Obi is a wonderful dog. My son found him a nice Southern California dog beach this weekend and took him out in the surf! I’d love to go with them sometime just to watch them play! 🙂

  12. Oh, I’d love to visit there! That pier is so cool – not the sort of thing we’re exposed to on the prairies. (although some similar structures might have come in handy a couple of weeks ago in Calgary.) Also didn’t know that vizslas don’t have undercoat – interesting.

    1. California’s Central Coast is beautiful and there are many similarly small, quaint towns. Cayucos is my new favorite, although if you read my posts more than half a dozen times you’ll probably notice I think every new ocean experience is a new favorite. LOL! And I’ve been following the Calgary floods with a mixture of amazement and such sadness. The power of nature is always so fascinating until I translate it back to what others have lost as a result. Then it’s a very sad occurrence. And if it weren’t for bloggers, I’m not sure I would have really understood precisely how enormous the event has been! The world has become much more personal since we all started blogging. Thank you for stopping by, Terri!

  13. Dear Debra, thanks so much for sharing with us that photograph of the “Victorian aquarium doubling as a fountain or . . . bird bath.” I so delight in seeing recycling of the past to lend beauty to the present. Peace.

    1. Dee, the Cass house garden was just breathtaking. The proprietors seem to have gone to great lengths to preserve the feeling of another era! I had never seen an aquarium like this one and I fell in love with it. 🙂

    1. You’ve been hearing about the heatwave? That so interests me. Our news sources really do swap stories that sometimes I wouldn’t think should hold interest outside of local markets. But yes, it’s very hot. Very! LOL! I work in an air conditioned office and that keeps me very comfortable. There are many people not quite as fortunate, and for them, it’s another story!

  14. Very nice find! You really know so many things about California. I really hate that fog when I wa there. Whaddaiknow, I just summer time is a good time to go.

    1. So good to see you again Rommel. You have been missed! The weather on the Central Coast is usually foggy, really. I think we were just lucky to have a few days of sunshine. It’s not typical. 🙂

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