The beauty and serenity of Montaña De Oro…just remembering is an excellent weekend exhale!

We are physically at home this weekend, but if I sit very still I can revisit a special place.

The city of Los Osos, overlooking Morro Bay, is also the gateway to beautiful Montaña De Oro.

“Osos,” Spanish name for Bears,” was named when Gaspar de Portolà’s expedition found a large number of grizzlies in the valley.

Nope! No bears this time! But what we did see was stunningly beautiful!

Welcome to Montaña De Oro.  “Mountain of Gold.”

The park’s name comes from the golden California Poppies that bloom in the spring–typically!

California Golden Poppies

Lack of rain definitely affected the growth of early poppies. While this spring they are sparse in number, the bluffs and coastal coves are still beautiful and amply clothed with other native plants, animals, and birds.

California Quail...State Bird
California Quail…State Bird

Coastal Lizard

Montaña De Oro , with over 8,000 acres of spectacular cliffs, secluded beaches, streams, canyons and hills, is one of the largest state parks in California.

And sometimes words are simply superfluous!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to drink in a little salt air and hear the crash of the waves, I’ll be glad to share my special spot with you.  Just be sure to turn up the volume as loud as you can.

Close your eyes…

and exhale.

39 thoughts on “The beauty and serenity of Montaña De Oro…just remembering is an excellent weekend exhale!

  1. How far is this from LA, Debra? It looks simply divine.

    So much of the CA coastline takes my breath. I love to come out there an hike around. I haven’t done nearly enough of it, but I remember every single hike down to the finest detail. That’s hard, because they do all run together after a while. But CA is such a spectacular, singular place. A very special place.

    Thank you for sharing your secret spot. I hope you have a glorious weekend. And please tell Darwin I said to stick to his diet.

    1. This particular state park is only about three hours north of us, Andra. It’s amazing, and honestly, the oddest thing is that we didn’t even know it was there. What a treat for us to find some place new. The coastline is beautiful and I’m never disappointed and just wish I had a little more time to explore the hiking trails myself. I’m not a big hiker, but I like the easy ones with a nice view! 🙂 I will give Darwin your sweet message. He didn’t seem very happy with me today! 😦

    1. I am really looking forward to finding another opportunity to visit the “bears and gold,” Alice. 🙂 It was such a beautifully peaceful place. If you get another cold snap, come back and listen to the ocean waves for a few minutes. It’s good for the soul! ox

  2. My grandparents took a friend and I camping on Montaña de Oro when I was 15 or so. It is such a breathtakingly beautiful place. My friend and I slept outside under the stars while my grandparents slept in the RV. We thought we’d put all the food away, but we left a pack of cookies open and raccoons overran our campsite, including us! We ran screaming into the RV in the middle of the night. *LOL*

    1. What a fun memory, Janine.I particularly enjoy knowing that you spent the time with your grandparents! Until two weeks ago I didn’t even no Montaña de Oro even existed. I can’t believe that myself! We were just in awe when we practically stumbled upon it. I can’t wait to return! I would love to have a chance to camp there, although any thought that I’d have raccoons invading my space would definitely not be a a happy thing. Ha!

  3. i agree with meg, memories and the ability to be back in the experience are treasures we earn from our visits …. what a glorious golden place, i love seeing the other side of this vast pacific ocean!

  4. I felt as if I could hear the waves crashing and the breezes blowing. Stunning photographs! I tried to play the video but it said it was for private so I am not sure if I did something of if their is a problem with the link. Looking forward to your next field trip! ~Thea

  5. Gorgeous shots, Debra.
    Your coast is so different from ours. Just stunning!

    BTW: I clicked on the video and it said “This video is private” so I couldn’t watch . . . or listen.

      1. I’m glad you could access the youtube. I was so excited that I figured out how to take one of my movie clips and upload to youtube, and then my husband alerted me after several hours that I had kept it private! LOL! I have just enough capability to be an obstacle.

        I think our Southern California coasts look a lot like what you enjoy in Florida. I often think that your photos remind me of different beaches I know well. The Morro Bay area is more Central Coast, and from there and going north the oceans are rockier with very rugged coastlines. The water is a lot colder, too! I live 45 minutes away from the nearest peek at the ocean, but my path takes me that direction at least twice a week. If I could live right at the beach, I’d be there! 🙂

  6. How magnificent does this look… lovely share… love the photos depicting a very beautiful place… far from home is it? seeing that you are not there now… such beauty…

  7. Oh I did enjoy this post, Debra – blue sky and blue sea and the endless lovely sound and motion of the waves. A super video. Your slideshow was lovely too and made me realise how the strong Californian sunshine gives such a wonderful light for photography. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place with us.

    1. You opened a little crack of awareness for me, Perpetua. I hadn’t really thought about how the sunshine provides an ease in photography. Of course, that is true! I am so pleased to discover this beautiful state park and I will hopefully be able to visit again. I am so glad you enjoyed the sound of the surf. If I lived closer to the ocean I might never go to work again. LOL!

  8. This was a delightful post, Debra. I closed my eyes but opened them again to watch the waves while listening to the relaxing sounds (I turned my speakers at full, full volume). The blue ocean is beautiful; we don’t have a blue ocean in New York and in our side of Oregon.

  9. I’m so glad your shared your special spot, Debra. Isn’t it exciting to discover these places? I think it makes life all the sweeter when we find new places close to home. Those images of the flowers and rocks are stunning and the sound of the surf so calming – and there is a quail again. Such a sweet looking bird.

    Enjoy your Sunday, Debra. I’m off o a Garden Conservancy Open Days, in the rain!

    1. Oh, it rained!! I was hoping your special day wouldn’t be impeded by weather conditions. Hopefully it didn’t spoil the outing!

      I think I’ll be sharing Morro Bay for some time to come. I really do think someone should tap me for a job as a travel ambassador! 🙂

    1. I think calling the Central Coast area “magical” is perfect, Eva. We travel north fairly often because of family living in the Bay Area, but somehow this particular spot, Morro Bay, was particularly special to me. It’s nice to share my photos with someone who knows the area…photos can only do so much! 🙂

  10. A great post of a wondrous place, Debra. California is certainly blessed with such a beautiful coastline. Only 3 hours away, how fantastic that you can take advantage of this particular spot! Thanks for sharing the video, as well. There’s something so calming and restorative about the surf. There really is no place like a shoreline for me.

  11. “One exhale at a time!”
    I try to consciously exhale when I feel I’m getting out of breath which often happens after I’ve been walking for only a few minutes. I guess it has to do with stress. Apparently when I’m walking just a little bit too fast my body feels stressed. When I feel rushed and I think I have to do too many things within a short time the same thing happens. When I feel relaxed just enjoying the beautiful surroundings my breathing is just perfect. The same when I’m in good company and laughing a lot.
    That you, dear Debra, promote BREATHELIGHTER is really great. I’m all for it. And I love all the photos you publish. It tells me you do live in a very beautiful area. Thanks for having a look at the photos from the area in Australia that I am familiar with. I also think it’s wonderful to be able to travel along the coast.. I am very glad that we can still travel around a bit. Both my husband and I are pretty advanced in age. So every little outing, that we can still do, counts. and is more appreciated than ever before!

  12. Thanks for sharing that beautiful beach. I’m so impressed you worked out how to post a video. Its lovely to be able to hear the waves and the bird calls. The sea is calling to me. I agree with Frank that it allowed me to relax and breathe lighter! I’d love to jump in the car and go there right now.

    We were in Anza Borrego over the Easter weekend and the wild flowers are also very sparse over there.

    1. Posting a video isn’t as hard as I would have thought. When I want to learn how to do these things I google the question. Someone much smarter than I am is always ready to show me how on a youtube they’ve made. LOL! I’ll always be glad to share what I learned! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad to meet you, mithriluna. I almost never immediate jump over and follow another blogger when I’m first introduced, but I love the way you introduced yourself on your blog. 🙂 I do love our poppies, but unfortunately, they are a little sparse right now. Maybe that’s making me enjoy them even more this year when I can find them!

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