22 thoughts on “I’m back from the road trip–more or less…

  1. When I was young and single, I used to take those trips too. It would have been so much fun to share them in a blog, but alas, back then no Internet and no personal computers. So I’m happy you are sharing and bringing back good memories with your wonderful stories and photos.

    1. I have had similar thoughts about wishing we’d had the technology for blogging long ago, Inger. I think of it with the lack of Internet back then, of course, too. Now when we travel we can look up so much detail and learn along the way. I am discovering beautiful places that are sometimes just adjacent our destination, and I would have missed them entirely if I hadn’t seen something posted by another person, or linked to information somewhere on the Web. I enjoy vicariously traveling with so many bloggers who can show me places I know I will never see! It’s great fun to share. Thank you, Inger.

    1. Actually the little bird is a California Quail, Penny! He does kind of look like a partridge…I don’t know if we have partridges, though. I know the “shape” because I remember the opening credits of the Partridge Family! LOL!

      1. What a lovely little quail he is, Debra. Thank you for telling me. We don’t have them around here, though I wish we did for they are so sweet. There used to be an abundance of pheasants. Not so much anymore.

    1. Thank you so much for remembering my friend, Edie. She is finding some improvement–very slow, of course. And I notice that she is remembering things better and not reaching for words quite as often. It is hard for me sometimes that when I acknowledge the little things I notice, she is grateful, but always is so very aware of what she lost, and what isn’t “back yet”–and may not come back. It really does break my heart, and I have to admit that I really can’t imagine what that feels like! You have helped me a lot, though, in understanding what she can’t really tell me. Thank you so much for asking! oxo

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