Why was I almost late for Tae Kwon Do? Blame it on the Saber–Tooth Tiger

I was a preschool teacher for many years. I love reading to children and I’m adept at changing voice and tone to add drama, pausing at just the right moment to create a little added theater, and best of all, I don’t get weary when reading the same books over and over.

But when it comes to dinosaur books, I stumble. I don’t have a strong sense of which syllable takes the emphasis–that is if I can even break down the syllables, and although Sophia enjoys correcting me, these aren’t my favorite books to read.

So today I turned to YouTube to entertain us on the topic. It’s a natural winner. The girls were enthralled with the informative video clips and I could learn right along with them.

A few of you indicated particular interest in the La Brea Tar Pits, so I’ve added the YouTube we watched this afternoon. It’s a little long, but it was really interesting. Although  billed as the story of the gradual extinction of the saber-tooth tiger, included is some excellent footage of the paleontologists associated with the work in the active pits.

Then it occurred to me that YouTube is good for me, also. I asked for help identifying the new little bird hanging around my house, and you wonderful readers filled in the information.

Thanks to you I now know this little guy is a Red-whiskered Bulbul.

Red-whiskered Bulbul

I was able to look up all the information I needed to know, but what if I could see one in action just to compare behaviors. Maybe catch a little sound?

Are you curious about a topic or have questions about how to do something?

There is an exciting community of teachers out there.

Including a young girl instructing her little brother in this YouTube that went viral last year.

I will stop now before I feel the need to show you the one with the seven-day old hedgehog taking a nap.

And why was I almost late for Sophia’s Tae Kwon Do tonight? Have you ever tried to stop watching these things once you get started?

26 thoughts on “Why was I almost late for Tae Kwon Do? Blame it on the Saber–Tooth Tiger

  1. Anonymous

    “Think about it, Gabriel, think about it.” Priceless! You Tube is quite helpful…I learned to knit on You Tube…but it’s also dangerous. Proceed with caution.

    1. Elizabeth Brown

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  2. I would love to see the hedgehog taking a nap. And that big sister giving her little brother some life education is very sweet. Great that you love to read to children – I read to mine all the time and they’ve all turned out to have a wonderful love of books xx

  3. LOL! What a fun post Debra. You remind me so much of my mom most days – you were both preschool teachers after all. 🙂 Then when you mentioned about characters voices and being able to read stories over and over…while I know I could never be a preschool teacher due to my lack of creativity and need for order (preschool is anything but order, which of course is as it should be since they are only 3 and 4), but I can totally read stories that way. I love to read stories to the kids – especially the Bear books. Bear Snores On, Bear Wants More., etc. Oh how I love to read those books over and over. 🙂 And these videos can be truly addictive. Totally understandable that you were almost late. 😉

  4. I believe I’ve seen the Smilodon clip, Debra. I never outgrew my fascination with the prehistoric and watch this stuff whenever it comes on Discovery or PBS. Of course, if you phone and I happen to be watching one, I’ll say it’s Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones. I have an image to protect, you know.
    I was amazed to see in the caption under the photo I sent you that the Bulbul, though native to Thailand, had formed a flock in Pasadena. That’s too much of a coincidence for it not to be your bird. And yes, once I get started on YouTube, I can get lost watching videos, none of which at all connected with the one I entered the website to see. It’s stream of consciousness but in video form — and very addictive.

  5. though I wasn’t a preschool teacher I was a consultant for a book wholesaler and my job was helping teachers and librarians choose the books for their classrooms and libraries so I’d read childrens books to the adults at their conferences 😀 and I loved reading in voices etc and funnily enough I also disliked reading dinosaur books.

    I have never seen a new born hedgehog before. The video of the little girl advising her brother is a close second to the hedgehog in cuteness.

    btw I love your new gravatar Debra. 😀

  6. Debra, those clips look as though they would be fascinating. I wish our flaky broadband connection would let me watch longer items on YouTube, but they just don’t work for us, sadly. But I did manage to watch the short one of the little girl and her brother which was so cute. 😉

    I’m with you on the dinosaur names. I have to get the grandsons to correct my pronunciation.

  7. Cindy Montgomery

    Haha…thanks for sharing. Youtube can be very addicting…after you finish one video there’s always a related video to watch. I’ll have to show my husband the saber tooth video. We were at La Brea Tarpits not too long ago. It was one of his favorite places to go as a child!

    1. I am having a little internal conflict with how much to share the YouTube videos with my granddaughters. They have always enjoyed it when I read to them, but I am sure I could easily be replaced by videos if I make them too appealing! Oh the choices we have these days! 🙂

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