Earthquakes, Hemp and Bob Marley…Only in California?

Bob Marley
Bob Marley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 We’ve had two small earthquakes in the last 24 hours. That’s kind of interesting, but maybe I’ll tell you more about that later. I’m still too jumpy to share earthquake stories!  I could talk about the weather? The heat my tomatoes have been waiting for all summer has finally kicked in like a blast from the oven. But then many of you have either been scorching for two months or desperately wishing the rain might stop.  I could also tell you how stretched for time I feel this week. Tuesday was Annual National Night Out,  a neighborhood “block party” with our neighbors, including brief home visits from the Mayor, Chief of Police as well as members of the city council. I don’t usually participate in midweek gatherings of this sort, but it seemed like I shouldn’t opt for cyber-conversation at the expense of being neighborly. I’ve just had trouble focusing this week. It happens!

So I think I’ll just share an ironic observation!  On my way to work Wednesday I listened to the “morning drive team” discuss how GOP candidate Mitt Romney took a shot at California when he compared the state to financially troubled Greece. Egos are ruffled!  California is a liberal state and despite the smoke and mirrors attempt to downplay the  state’s shaky credit outlook, the comment miffed the Sacramento legislature.

And then earlier this week the Los Angeles City Council proclaimed Tuesday, August 7, Bob Marley Day! Yep! You heard it right! While “Rome Burns” let’s fiddle away–or play some steel drums! Marley, who died 30 years ago of cancer, will forever be identified as the man who brought Jamaican reggae music to a broader audience and Councilman Buscaino enthusiastically stated that Marley’s music “brought people together in times of trouble.” Really?

 I’m not a huge reggae enthusiast, but that’s not my point. I have nothing against Bob Marley. And Los Angeles is supposedly the entertainment capitol of the world, but I simply thought the whole proclamation just emphasized our city’s inability to focus on what is important. Bankruptcy closing in? Let’s have a party, mon!

Let me keep going here! Los Angeles is home to 762 documented medical marijuana dispensaries with scores more operating under the radar, and the city council has also enacted a controversial plan for medical marijuana users to grow their own pot. Kaya, the name of one of Bob Marley’s reggae albums is a Jamaican word for cannibis, hemp, marijuana! One of Marley’s greatest hits, “I Shot the Sheriff,” describes the fate of a marijuana grower hunted by a fanatical lawman. Maybe the Los Angeles City Council has a theme going here. Maybe Bob Marley Day fits right in?

Well, the irony continues. Guess what I was eating while I listened to the midday news report and received official notification of Bob Marley Day? There are clues here, but you still may not guess!

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My salad was liberally peppered with hemp seeds! Have you tried them? No, they don’t contain THC and aren’t a psychoactive drug. But I suppose I fit  right in to the Los Angeles culture complete with stereotypes, don’t I? I know, I know! Last month I was talking about Chia seeds. I eat those, too. But I enjoy variety, and  I’m slowly making my way through as many options from Whole Foods as I find interesting. And I found Hemp seed intriguing!

Hemp seed is an ancient food and oil source considered one of nature’s perfect foods–a Super Food. Hemp protein is available in a variety of food products ranging from hemp butter, seed cakes and protein powders. Hemp protein is more readily digestible than soy protein because it doesn’t contain enzyme inhibitors. And Hemp-derived protein powders are also high in fiber.

Shelled hemp seeds are not only cholesterol free, but contain the optimum ratio of the polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6–and hemp oil contains linolenic acid, beneficial to heart health as well as controlling blood sugars. Adding hemp to salads and vegetables assures me that I have already consumed all the essential fats, proteins and most vitamins and other nutrients necessary for promoting good health. And it tastes good, too. Hemp seeds tastes remarkably similar to pine nuts! I’m wondering about making some kind of hemp-infused pesto. Why not?

So now when I say I’m breathing lighter, are you going to wonder about what’s in my system? Maybe you’ll just join me! And next time you hear someone take a “potshot” at California (yes, pun intended), think of me, will you? We can’t seem to help ourselves! But I’m quoting Bob Marley here, “Just can’t live that negative way…make way for the positive day.” Have fun with your food!

54 thoughts on “Earthquakes, Hemp and Bob Marley…Only in California?

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the earthquakes. That must be so unsettling. I can’t believe your politicians are talking about Bob Marley when there are so many crucial and pressing issues that need their time and attention – and isn’t that exactly what they’re paid to focus their attention on? Clearly they are in so much strife and are so incompetent they think diversion tactics are the best solution. What a disgrace. Anyway, we have our share of pathetic politicians here in Australia too. It seem to be a global epidemic xx

  3. Debra? Debra? Are you there? Is that really you? 😉 … I couldn’t resist because I think this is the first time I’ve caught your rant side. 🙂

    I heard about the small earthquakes, but hey- quakes are quakes and I imagine they are naturally uneasy!

    In terms of the Bob Marley proclamation. My question would be what did it cost the city? And as we know, if city council is involved, it cost something! Factor in time – it definitely cost something!

    Yet, the way you transitioned from your rant to hemp seeds was priceless … and now I now, … yep … that’s you. 🙂

    1. I don’t often want to even enter the world of politics…I’d alienate everyone, Penny! LOL! But I just thought this week we really were great fodder for a Saturday Night Live bit! You may not know this, but our current governor, who was also governor during the 70s, was called Governor Moon Beam at one time. He was kind of out there on a limb with his live-in girlfriend, Linda Ronstadt! I have so many things I find tremendously ironic about California and politics, but I’ll roll them out slowly! Ha! Thanks for the thoughts about the earthquake. No damage! Just very unsettling! We did have damage years ago…I’ve been thinking that if I find the photos I might share about that sometime. Many lessons learned! :-)Thanks for your concern, Penny. I appreciate it!

  4. I’m delighted that MItt Romney ticked off Californians (the ones who plan to vote, anyway) . . . if that man gets elected, he’ll drag women back into the dark ages.

    To quote Marley . . . every little t’ing gone be alright. 😀

    1. You don’t have to be too concerned about Romney in California, Nancy! The GOP never gets the Electoral votes. In fact, it’s always a little strange because by the time we actually vote, it’s really all over! Now the rest of the country…I can’t yet predict how things are going to go! It’s going to get ugly!! There are so many concerns I don’t know what to worry about most or first! I think we will need to sing a lot of Marley between now and November. 🙂

  5. “Bob Marley Day” was probably just another feeble attempt at distracting Californians from the serious problems their government isn’t fixing. It seems to me that governments in general these days think they can distract us from serious issues with these little meaningless “sparkly toys”. As for Romney, he seems to tick off every region he visits – London, Israel, and now California (that’s not even the whole list!) – scares me to think of him as our “world diplomat” if he should become president. ::shudder:: Seems he either has a bad case of “foot-in-mouth disease” or his brain just doesn’t comprehend diplomacy. Anyway, we shop at Whole Foods almost exclusively (except for buying fresh fruits and veggies right off the farms here at our local farm markets – sometimes they’re still warm from the sun!), so I’m with you on the seeds! I’m into flax seeds now, and hemp is on my list of things to try. I guess I’d fit right in where you live! 😉

    1. Ah! Thanks so much for sharing! I certainly share your concerns about Romney on the world stage! Nothing seems to be coming together these days that makes much sense to me. And the reason our leaders and representatives can perform their tricks with “smoke and mirrors,” attempting to distract away from really significant issues, is because it works! I used to be so critical of people and just assume they were complacent and disinterested, lazy really, and then it slowly dawned on me that perhaps people are just so fatigued from continually “scrapping” just to stay afloat! Sure there’s a lot of ignorance, but that certainly isn’t all of it! I am really concerned that the next three months is going to be ugly! So…I distract myself with trying to keep my well-being in balance, despite age and circumstances! 🙂 And Whole Foods is just one of my happy spots! I think we are so fortunate to have so many options. I feel we really do have an embarrassment of riches! It is really nice to know that our views line up nicely! I don’t want to use my blog space for politics, at least not too often, but this week was just downright silly! 🙂

  6. PS~ I forgot to mention your earthquakes – how scary! We had one freakish one last year, and it scared everyone to death. We don’t normally get earthquakes in our area of the northeast, but there’s a big fault no one talks about under New York that they say would change the shape of the entire east coast should it shift. And they’re considering doing some fracking not too far away…..not so sure that’s wise…..

    1. I certainly heard about your earthquake last year! Is that the New Madrid fault you’re speaking of, or another one! Interesting about the fracking. I wonder! The earthquakes weren’t too big, but they were felt, and following them we then get all the statistics reminding us of the possibility they were foreshocks. I just get very jumpy!

  7. If Romney had a sense of humor, he could have just asked, “What have they been smoking out there?” Or eating. When you asked what you had been eating, my first thought was “Brownies,” so. you see, I was on track.

    1. Ha! Funny thought about the brownies, Sharyn! I should bake some brownies with the hemp seeds or the chocolate powder just for the humor value alone…and take them to work! 🙂 I do hope I can find some humor in politics over the next couple of months, but it’s unlikely, isn’t it!

  8. Kathy Tiss

    Hi Debra, I love your positive finish. Thanks so much for always keeping things light!!! Have a great day, Love, Kathy

    1. Thanks, Kathy! You must get your fill of politics, too. We have a big state, and both north and south have their odd players, right? 🙂 I am glad my wellbeing isn’t tied to closely to political races, but it’s hard not to fall into another state–the state of irritation! I have committed myself to not getting bogged down in the negativity, though. So thank you. Love to you guys…thinking of you this weekend in particular! D

  9. Sorry to hear about the shaking. I hope it’s all done for now. I’ve only been through one tremor in my life, but it was very disconcerting.

    Hemp seeds are something I’ve never tried. Never tried the other stuff, either. 🙂

    1. The shaking is over for now at least, Andra! The good thing about an earthquake is that unless it’s much larger, and we have had those before, it’s over before you have time to get too concerned. But I always stay alert for awhile, concerned another jolt is coming! Hemp seeds are excellent sources of protein, and I find them helpful in weight loss. Between the good protein, healthy fats and fiber, sprinkled on salads or veggies you get a little extra food value that seems to suppress the appetite! The other stuff would just give you the munchies! Not good for weight loss! Ha! 🙂

  10. Oh heck, I just replied to a comment you left on my blog, saying hope you have a super week and I read the first word – earthquakes !!
    Ha ! I had to laugh as Mitt Romney got into trouble here, just before the olympic games opened he said London wasn’t ready. Errr, like what does he know? He got slughtered in the press and the politicians, pundits and famous Americans joined in the slamming of him too !!
    The Marley thing might be related to the fact that it is a big celebration for Jamaica at the moment – the annivarsary of their Independance from Britain, so they’ve been in the news here a lot too !
    But had to giggle at your weaving your tale of Hemp seeds and your California living 🙂 Breathe lighter my friend !!

  11. Dear Debra, I simply must get off my duff and brave the heat and drive to the health food store to check out chia seeds and hemp seeds. You are introducing me to new realms of vegetarianism! After 32 years, my commitment needs a little make-up food-wise and now I’ve come to count on you for pointers! Peace.

    1. I’m so glad I can share some of my little food secrets, Dee. The seeds would be good for you in a vegetarian diet, I’m sure. The hemp, in particular, has some good protein and good fats, so added into even the simplest salad or vegetarian dish they’d just give a little energy boost! There are multiple good sources for both chia and hemp on-line if you have any trouble finding them locally! They can be kind of expensive, but a bag lasts a long time! You don’t need that much in a serving! I hope you can find them easily. It’s fun to share my little additions. I definitely play with my food! LOL! 🙂

  12. Earthquakes! Yikes! I’ve never experienced one and, although curious, they aren’t the type of thing one asks for. I can live quite happily without feeling the earth move under my feet. I could also live quite happily without politicians. No matter where you live, Debra, somehow they all end up fiddling around on no-nothing proposals while their constituents burn. And then there’s Mitt, bless his heart. Some should never speak but let their ads do their talking for them.

    1. I’m sure you’ve had scary weather conditions, John. Tornadoes? The only good thing I can say about earthquakes is that we don’t know they’re coming. I’ve experienced just a few that were truly frightening, and the others are mostly unsettling…you wonder if it’s really over or just getting started! And I couldn’t help but share my observations this week. Our local politics are just plain goofy, but you, being from Chicago, certainly have your own stories, don’t you! It’s a good thing our personal well-being isn’t tied too closely to how honorable the political players are! The next couple of months are going to be sadly discouraging if we have any thoughts that things will be different! LOL!

  13. Now, there’s a wonderful theme for a post, Debra! The irony was infectious and I confess to giggling more than once.
    Maybe you could turn those green fingers of yours to something really lucrative.

    1. Thanks for smiling through my little local rant! This was just one of those weeks when I seriously wondered what our local leaders had been smoking…or at least inhaling! 🙂 I do have a neighbor who has definitely put her green thumb to harvest a few lucrative plants…and it’s growing right in the front yard! I just shake my head…and occasionally need to spout off! Thanks for listening, Kate. 🙂

  14. Well done, tons of fun in this post! You are hilarious .. tho i have to say the Bob Marley day thing is hilarious too.. what are they thinking? how is that for a role model, tho no-one has the patience for decent dreds anymore!! too funny.. (you were joking.. right?).. c

    1. I wish I were joking about any of it, Celi! The City of Los Angeles is bordering on bankruptcy, and the “powers that be” found the time and resources to celebrate the life of Bob Marley! It really is such an odd decision, but our local news channels sure did have fun with it! Thank you for allowing me a little rant. It’s hard to name a blog “breathelighter” and then get into politics at all! I’m going to try to keep my opinions to myself over the next three months…I may find that challenging, though! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by at the end of your very busy day, my friend!

  15. Debra!

    I always enjoy your stories and writing- When are you and Judy going to write a book? I agree…it’s a nuisance when the state is in jeopardy and we are talking about Bob Marley! I guess we all know where the priorities are! Also, your hemp seeds sound delish 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jayme. Isn’t blogging fun! I can write about something important or absolutely nothing at all and just have fun! Ha! You might try the hemp seeds sometime. They are a good little energy snack! Miss you! D

  16. Hey…I’m a native So Cal boy; grew up in L A Crenshaw area; spent my summers at the Manhattan pier. Hemp is okay, but I prefer it’s near cousin, cannabis more.

    1. Manhattan Beach is a nice spot! Especially this time of year. My kids live in that area, so although I was previously oriented more towards the OC beaches I have really been attracted to the Los Angeles South Bay. We may be going that way this weekend just to cool off a bit! I previously picked up on your appreciation for the “weedier” side of hemp…why am I not surprised? And I’m not admitting anything! 🙂 D

  17. Hemp pesto sounds fantastic – also plant some of the seeds and let the plants grow – apparently hemp makes sturdy twine – use the teine to tied all your possesions down in case another earthquake comes along. If it doesn’t nip along to one of those dispensaries, sell some hemp and give the proceeds to the state financiers and help reduice its debt. Win Win all round. Listen to Redemption Song whilst you are doing all this! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Sometimes I’m amused at all the hype and silliness here in our state, Karen, and I chuckle thinking we are good Saturday Night Live material. But somehow this past week I just felt embarrassed! LOL! The earthquakes weren’t big enough to be too problematic, but they were on the same fault that damaged our house twenty years ago…so I was a little “extra” jumpy! I think we’re calm enough now! Just hot! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Edie! I think things are a bit calmer for now…no more shaking, rattling, or rolling for now! Fingers crossed! I’m glad you also enjoy chia and hemp seeds! All jokes about the hemp aside, they do give a little extra protein in a very simple way, and one thing I’ve noted is that they are very portable. I can take them to work with me and just top off my morning oatmeal or even put them in my yogurt! 🙂 And you’re right…we have plenty of national political nonsense at times, don’t we? Oh my!

  18. I can understand some of the discontent with Obama, but Romney would destroy the country in no time. Of course he would rant about “communistic” California, which is how any right-winger would describe anything left of him- or herself. I am amazed about how you were able to so nicely thread this post together from earthquake right down to hemp seed. I enjoyed your train of thoughts.

  19. I also live in Los Angeles and the earthquakes here have been freaking me out! The political situation even more so…

    Let’s hope the weather cooperates and the earth stays still for a while…

  20. I too enjoyed your thoughts today Debra and sorry to hear that earthquakes are a’ rattling California. I have to confess that I don’t really understand American politics (being a Brit) but I do understand just how much money gets spent on these things… surely they could do better things with all that cash? Just a thought….

    1. You know Sally, I don’t understand American politics anymore! I didn’t always feel that way, but I think that’s where I’m landing these days. I won’t often be sharing my political views on anything…I can’t have a blog I call “breathelighter” and go into those dark voids very often, can I? LOL!

  21. We didn’t feel any of the shaking over here chez nous and I was surprised to learn we’d had earthquakes so close to home.

    I love the way you ranted about the current political climate and segued into Bob Marley and somehow into Hemp Seeds in your healthy salads.

    1. The earthquakes were unsettling, Rosie, because they were on the Whittier Fault…which runs right under us and has done damage in the past. But for now, things are quiet. And thank you for appreciating the irony of “Bob Marley” day. We live in an unfocused state, don’t we? LOL! D

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