Darwin and Pinky make a run for the border…we are NOT amused!

Do you think it’s possible that Darwin and Pinky are trying to show their displeasure at being left at home while we spent a week at the beach? They were well taken care of, but maybe they’re more sensitive than I previously understood, because both of them tried to run away this week!

First Darwin tried to make a break for it–and very nearly succeeded! I leave for work early and Darwin doesn’t come out of the greenhouse for his first morning meal until midmorning when the sun is well up.  I typically leave the greenhouse closed until Jay returns from work first thing in the morning, when he then opens the greenhouse and offers breakfast.

I guess Darwin got a little impatient! Jay found the plexiglass doors completely busted out…and no Darwin!

How did that tortoise so quickly figure out that I hadn’t closed the gate? When found, he was already in the front yard and on the lam! But his little plot was foiled! He was returned to the yard, then fed, and allowed to roam as much as he pleases…within the boundaries of a fenced yard, of course.

He certainly looks cool and calm here, doesn’t he? I think he was giving us the cold shoulder. Or is he plotting his next move?

Well, at least disaster was averted this time…until I went to feed Pinky this morning and discovered that SHE had been digging and was very nearly outside of her well-appointed condominium.

Tenacious little thing! Somehow she managed to get through the wire barrier carefully positioned under her home, and had tunneled under grass and dirt. My timing was perfect, because the tunnel was already accessible…I found a carrot outside the cage!

Now let me just say that these are two of the most pampered pets you can imagine. I spend a small fortune on greens for Darwin and Pinky! They eat very well and often! We freeze water bottles and place them in Pinky’s cage for personal air conditioning when the temperatures climb. Frankly, my feelings are hurt!

Well, we spent the day shoring up the offending broken barriers and we had to move Pinky’s condo to a part of the yard where she can’t dig. We’ll try to figure out a way to make a “run” for her so that she has the chance to be a bunny in the wild once in a while.

You may have forgotten we have another tortoise in the family. I don’t share about Rocky too often because a little box tortoise living within the confines of a large terrarium doesn’t create great headlines.

Rocky found us about ten years ago and is a pretty little thing. We felt sorry for him one day in May and created a little outdoor pen on the grass…just for an afternoon of sunning and fresh air. He escaped, too! Three days later a neighbor two properties north of us found Rocky in her backyard vegetable garden.

I think any thoughts of us getting a dog are on hold for awhile!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And if you have pets in your home, I suggest you include them in your plans. Maybe you’ll be able to avoid a revolt!

Breathing lighter…for the most part! Debra

58 thoughts on “Darwin and Pinky make a run for the border…we are NOT amused!

  1. Dawnriser

    Great story Debra! Your pets are gorgeous! I too wonder why they would ever want to leave you. In fact, I’d nearly move in myself!

    1. So true, Perpetua! I think Pinky and Darwin are just like teenagers…they want to stay out all night, but they’re equally certain they want mom and dad to be waiting for them when they return! These two animals are very time consuming…we now have to think about them when we leave home and hope they don’t party and destroy things. Yep, just like teens! 🙂

  2. Aimee

    Oh No. You hadn’t told me about Darwin too! If I remember correctly we did have a dog Winston B. who used to frequently escape the grounds. LOL. They don’t know how good they have it. Ha Ha

  3. Dear Debra, despite all your attention and affection and devotion to Pinky and Darwin they seem to long for that which is beyond the fence, the barrier, the backyard. Is that instinct do you think or simply part of the make-up of all creatures, that the horizon beckons with adventure and the unknown? Whatever, I love the idea of the two of you as detectives peering through binoculars to find the two escapees! However, I admit to being concerned that they might truly get away and be hurt. So I’m glad to learn that you are escape-proofing the yard. Peace.

    1. I have really been wondering about the wandering instinct in all animals, too, Dee. I do wish I could give them more freedom, but you’re so right, they would indeed not survive! I think I’m most intrigued by the fact that animals with such basic instinctual brains still seem able to behave as though they have formalized a plan…or as in this week, a conspiracy! LOL! I am finding myself giving a lot of thought to them, and who knows what I’ll learn from them if I listen more intently! I certainly know that you’ve experienced this yourself. You have given me the urge to pay more attention. I do hope you have a wonderful week to come, Dee! 🙂 Debra

    1. I’m so glad I could share my wayward pets with you! They don’t look conniving, do they 🙂 And here I’ve already raised my family and moved onto grandchildren…I didn’t foresee so much responsibility with pets! ha! D

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my “tortoise and hare” photos! They are providing more entertainment then I would have guessed! I have a temperamental cockatiel, too…I should give her more press so that she doesn’t also start rebelling! 🙂 I hope you have a good week…where did the weekend go?

  4. Pinky is adorable in that photo, no matter what mischief Pinky has been up to. We have our hands full with three cats and a border collie — we are not importing anything more. All of them get plenty of attention and at least one of the cats would prefer to be an only pet.

    1. I really think at this point I realize I wouldn’t be prepared to have cats or dogs! We did when the children were at home and we may again, but honestly, not to make too much of it, but with all the greens these two are eating I don’t think we want to take on veterinary bills and more food! Some days I just laugh when I take my lunch hour at work to go to a produce store near my office where I can usually find some items on the bargain table! 🙂 We do love border collies…our neighbor had one and she was a beauty! 🙂

  5. I saw the subject line of your post late, late into the evening and was chuckling, and made a mental note to read during the day. Your pets are very entertaining. Glad they couldn’t run away!

    1. It’s so fun for me to see that you and others find Pinky and Darwin interesting pets. About a year ago we came very close to taking in a rescue dog…I really wanted to! But we were aware that we might not be in a position to give as much attention as I think the poor dog probably needed. Now I KNOW we made the right decision…these two are quite enough! 🙂

  6. One smart bunch of animals I will say. Hey, they are telling you … “I will show her.” My dog and cat when left alone pull all sorts of things. I know they are saying to each other. “We will show this bioootch who is in charge here.” 🙂

    1. Hahaha! That’s so funny Kellie! I think one reason Darwin and Pinky so amaze me is that I expect “human” behavior out of dogs and cats sometimes–I’m just sure THEY read our emotions and go for it with naughty behaviors, but these smaller animals seem to have the same instinctual drives! Isn’t nature fascinating! I’m so glad you enjoyed them with me! 🙂

        1. Thank you, Kelly! A friend told me the other day I should start a facebook page for Pinky and Darwin…I laughed so hard! If I had more time I might consider it just because they are so unusual. I’m glad I can share a photo and story every now and then! 🙂 Debra

  7. Aha! Pinky and Darwin, on the lam. Perhaps they were watching “The Great Escape” while you were away?

    Your love for living things is so beautiful to read about, Debra. I do look forward to hearing about all your pets. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    1. This has been a busy weekend, Penny, as we hosted a large baby shower yesterday for a friend’s first grandbaby! That was one reason the pet escapees had me a little undone…I didn’t have time for their shenanigans. I think, much like children, they knew that! LOL! This was one of those quick weekends, but I hope your week now begins well! Whew! 🙂

  8. At first, I thought we be treated to seeing pics of Darwin and Pinky at a Taco Bell …
    Having had a wide range of pets throughout my lifetime, I’m convinced that a “low maintenance” pet is a myth perpetrated by pet shop owners to rid themselves of less than popular “inventory.” To properly feed them is expensive. To securely house them a real challenge. Yet, I don’t regret having adopted any of them.

    1. I get the Taco Bell reference, and that’s hilarious, John! I also think you’re correct about the myth of a low maintenance pet! I don’t think I have really thought about that much before, and I tend to not do as much “homework” as I might before I jump in. I enjoy their company and always think we’ll be up to the challenge…thankfully, so far, we are! They do add to our lives, which sometimes I find a little funny given that they aren’t typically thought of as pets with personality! I hope Max and Lucy have been behaving themselves! 🙂

  9. Pets are so funny – and smart. I remember my dog as a kid would always “punish” us with the cold shoulder when we’d return home from trips (during which she was always well-cared for too). Our cats do the same thing now…I usually receive a “present” or two outside of the litter box up our return. Such a pleasure. I think the animals must have feelings and don’t much care for being out of our care. 😉 Glad you found Darwin before he got too far! Clever little guy!

    1. Don’t you wonder how it is these little animals can manipulate us like they do? I am so glad that Darwin didn’t do a full escape…I am incredibly attached to him! 🙂 I have had cats who did just as yours did…but I think cats are very intelligent! I just didn’t expect it from a tortoise and hare! LOL! Debra

  10. Eileen

    You seem to be a very caring owner; your tortoises are lucky to have you.

    However, I was a bit alarmed to see you feeding your sulcata broccoli. The full picture of Darwin suggests that he is experiencing pyramiding due to malnutrition (sulcata shells ought to be smooth rather than bumpy). I suggest you look at this website: http://www.sulcata-station.org/diet.html.

    I wish you the best with your lovely pets!

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