The beach in brief…another world entirely!

We’ve been coming to the same beach house for close to twenty years. When we first began, of course, there wasn’t any Internet and we didn’t have cell phones. We were truly unplugged–although we’d probably never used that term. Now, we dip in and out, and you’ll have to believe me that we’ve had such full days it feels good to further unwind with some computer time…the last game of Uno was played, books were read, and children are now in bed. Ahhhhh…..

I thought I’d hop on the Internet while I have it! It comes and goes, but it’s really quite phenomenal we have it at all. A very enterprising beach rental company blankets the area with free WiFi and although it’s a little slow in the evenings when everyone in the area is taking advantage of the connectivity, it’s nice to just check in.

We are having typical Southern California beach weather. The sun doesn’t make a full appearance until sometime in the early afternoon. It’s there, giving a little warmth, but the marine layer is heavy and the fog banks are low on the horizon. It doesn’t dampen any enthusiasm. We know the sun is coming.

This morning we watched young pre-highschool-aged children learning to surf. Sophia has now decided she’d like to surf.

Southern California surfers…in the making! The water seemed cold to me, but they were having a wonderful time. It was fun watching some of them get up on their boards for more than likely the first time.

I’ve never been this close to a Pelican before, but he was squarely perched on the pier and seemed delighted at the attention.

I took a nice long walk along the boardwalk today, camera in hand, just to see what I might find interesting. It didn’t take long!

Off to their left is the most beautiful stretch of Pacific Ocean…were they in a hurry? And they all appear to be looking in the opposite direction. Oh but I have so many unanswered questions, don’t you?

On the same walk I headed over a few blocks to the Marina and Back Bay. It’s another scenic spot on the way to Balboa Island where my family stayed when I was a child. I’ll be sharing more about Balboa later, but before I began my return trip I could hear quite a clamor. I followed the familiar barking noise and saw two seals aboard someone’s boat. It didn’t seem to me that any humans were onboard, but these two fellas were having quite a time of it!

I found a little beach condo with a spectacular view of the ocean…for Darwin! Β It was a good sized beach Tortoise Shack, but I think we’d need to enlarge the entrance. Someone had a nice little beach place, though!

Sunset is 7:57 PM…so we need to keep moving if we are going to fully enjoy it. I like to be back on the beach by 7:15 to watch the sun fully set. If the fog rolls in we might not catch it fully slip into the sea, but we honor the ritual to its full extent.

Goodnight Mr. Sun! We’ll have another full day tomorrow…see you then!

Breathing so much lighter, and a lot of lovely salt air…Debra

44 thoughts on “The beach in brief…another world entirely!

  1. Fantastically well taken photographs. Thank you for sharing. Why is it that bloggers start with type but find that most people like to read pictures? Thats what I found anyway. The beach is always a good subject, but you captured it so well – respect.

  2. What a glorious day in days! Here in the east, sunsets across water a limited to the Gulf of Mexico beaches. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen many California sunsets along the coast. I think one at Pismo Beach was awesome … of course those in Hawaii are extra awesome. Hope your week continues going well.

  3. What a great holiday destination. It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to go there for the last 20 years. It looks like the holiday house is almost on the beach – how fabulous. I love your images Debra. I love the image of the kids in the water learning to surf – what a great opportunity for them and what an incredible holiday xx

  4. What a wonderful post; I love the photos – I feel more relaxed already. It’s hard to pick one favorite, but I have to say the one of your two little angels on the beach is priceless, especially with the sunset reflecting on her little face.

  5. Judy...

    Spectacular photography… Another career? Lovely. So glad you are there in your special place with your very special people. Enjoy!

  6. So glad to know you’re unplugged for the most part, Debra. I’d enjoy a short trip to visit you one sunset evening to share the view with you…another year perhaps. I hope all are well too. ~Ellen

  7. Cindy Montgomery

    Glad you’re having a beautilful time at the beach…the sunset pictures are amazing. May the rest of your week be just as delightful!

  8. Aw, Debra, I feel fabulous after having read this: feel-good, with fabulous photos and beautiful light: who couldn’t love this post? Hope the holiday proceeds as it has begun. Loads of love to you all.

  9. Looks to me like you had a wonderful day at the beach — good for you all! Your photos really did give us a good feel for the area and it’s easy to see why you return there. May the good times continue!

  10. What a marvelous day, chock full of all things good, Debra, and our man Darwin will soon have something else to enhance his landscape.

    Those look like something here called Segways. Jennifer and Jason rode on them along Chicago’s lakefront earlier this summer with a guide, pointing out landmarks and history and such. They said it was lots of fun. I’m guessing these motoring tourists have earplugs talking to them. They look like automatons. tee hee

    A beautiful sunset for a beautiful day.

  11. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What beautiful pictures and beautiful writing!! You have hit it out of the ball park again! I am so thankful that you have this week to be breathing in that lovely air and enjoying the sunset. The whip cream on top is the blessing of sharing it with a new generation!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  12. What a lovely day at the beach. And some stunning pictures. I really love the close-up of the pelican. Quite an expression on its face! But also the tourist on the Segways is fun, and the sunset pictures are gorgeous.

  13. Beautiful pictures of the boardwalk, the beach and the children. I got to have an afternoon at Salmon River (Salmon Creek?) Beach in Sonoma County yesterday. It was lovely and warm, blue sky, no wind and there was a warm, shallow lagoon to swim in. Perfect.

  14. Natalie

    We honeymooned at Seal Beach, and I breathed lighter remembering how much fun we had…thank you so much for the sunset shots! Ahhh…

  15. Now I’m breathing a little lighter! Those pictures are awesome Deborah. My favorite of course is the little ones hugging on the beach. Precious memories. πŸ™‚

  16. It all looks and sounds glorious! So much to see and do! Just love the photos – the pelican, the guys on those bike thingies (the name of which I’ve forgotten) and how silly I think they look, the seals, the sunset, the kids on the sandy beach, the totroise beach house, the boardwarlk – oh its all just so glorious! Loving that you get to share your holiday with us Debra.
    And isn’t the internet amazing, I used to travel without it and now when I go away I see everyone using their smart phones on some remote beach in India – nuts! Somehow I think it’s a bit sad to see them all connected, but in other ways it’s amazing as you get to share your experiences as and when you are there.
    Long may there be holidays in the sun!

  17. Sounds like you are having a lovely time. I don’t know how anyone goes in the water there…it really is cold. But of course I don’t go in our lake much more than to my knees as it stays cold until August.

  18. Dear Debra, it’s wonderful that you’ll breathing so much lighter! The photographs really help me see why this is such a welcome time each year for you and your family. I so enjoyed seeing those two seals and the sunset beyond the waters was breathtaking. Thank you. Peace.

  19. Being a native SOCAL girl and having lived in Manhattan beach area for 20 some years. I know exactly your experience with beach weather and the good and bad which comes with it. However, there is nothing like listening to the ocean waves and the silence regardless if sunny or foggy.

  20. Super photos, Debra. You are all obviously having a wonderful time with boardwalks and sunsets, games of Uno and, above all, granddaughters. πŸ™‚ A perfect family holiday, despite the morning fog.

  21. I live just three miles from Miami Beach and have not been there in years. I need a visit. The sound of the waves and gulls is so rejuvenating. But there is always those jerks with the blasting radios. Don’t they want escape from the urban milieu as well ?

    1. I agree with you on the noise of others at the beach, Carl. We did note the same thing as you mentioned…radios blasting instead of just listening to the happy sounds of the crowd and the sounds of the ocean. Fortunately we had other times that were peaceful…that, and I do a little “out of body” travel soemtimes to get away from annoying people! πŸ™‚

  22. This was a prefect explanation of the surroundings. Being a native of SOCAL and of the O.C. those were lovely shots for all to see. I lived in Manhattan Beach for 20 years and we knew the sun would come …at some point.

    1. My daughter lives near Manhattan Beach, Kellie. I think sometimes the Orange County beaches like to think they upstage the L.A. coastline, and I know how great Redondo, Manhattan, Marina Del Rey, and of course, Santa Monica–we are fortunate to have so much gorgeous coastline, aren’t we? πŸ™‚ Now if I could just figure out a way to construct my time to enjoy it more… Debra

    1. Thank you, Eleenie! I so enjoy photos of other parts of the world, so it’s fun for me, in turn, to share pieces of Southern California that make me happy! πŸ™‚ The Pelicans really grabbed my attention this trip! Debra

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. I took hundreds of photos this time…I think I was really trying to soak up just as much as I could to bring home with me! I’m glad I could share pieces of my vacation with you. πŸ™‚ Debra

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