This Was The Week That Was…I think there were Sunspots!

Every week–make that every day–holds challenges. Unless you somehow manage to keep your base of operation really, really close to home, it takes a little extra reserve just to get by.  I don’t think my expectations include being trouble-free. But when things get odd, that’s when I take particular notice!

Every evening I go through the garden and have a little pep talk with the vegetables.  It’s also how I make sure everyone is doing well. A few transplants went into pots–there wasn’t room in the garden and I didn’t have the heart to throw them out.  I was finishing some watering when I did a double-take at one of the potted tomato plants. The day before it looked beautiful– full of nice green tomatoes and the healthiest of stems with abundant flowers. But now it was obviously sick!

After a few minutes, and I mean it took a little time, my eye adjusted to the camouflage of multiple horned tomato worms. In one 24 hour period these green meanies had  all but decimated the plant, leaving behind half-eaten green tomatoes and a huge loss of  previously leafy green. Tomato worms aren’t rare, but I’ve never had such an infestation on one plant.

Well, you can’t have an organic garden and expect to survive without losses. It was just disappointing. I’d show you pictures of the worms, but you see, I can’t get the photo off the camera…I don’t know why! But stay with me here…

Another day I showed up for an appointment to be told there had been an unfortunate double booking. Come back in a few minutes. Not thrilled, but I took the extra time to go to the store next door. Leaving the grocery store the wheel on the cart hit a six-inch shift in concrete stopping the cart so abruptly that I careened into it and fell to the ground in a very un-Olympic-like dismount. I would have preferred to slowly make my way to the car and escape, but I did attract attention.

Still thinking about my narrow escape I was almost to the car when I heard a man yelling THE “B” WORD with a few accompanying other words I won’t use here. I was mostly lost in my own thought so it took me a moment to realize the tirade was directed towards me. My still shaky brain wasn’t registering any particular reaction until he came closer to me and seemed threatening. I then realized that he was obviously suffering from some form of mental illness and I just did my best to quickly get to the car to avoid any further contact. I shakily made my way to the original appointment!

When the weather abruptly changed to light rain with extreme humidity (by Southern California standards), I employed the shorthand Jay and I use between us when we have a number of Twilight Zone encounters…Sunspots!  Intense magnetic activity must be responsible for also causing our modem to do some odd dance with spotty connectivity. And then there were the power outages…I think magnetic pressure was causing some kind of metaphysical chaos! And I didn’t previously mention how while handing Pinky the bunny to one of the girls she “spooked” and tore up my hands in Freddy Krueger-like slashes. That gravitational pull caused a normally very docile pet to  go wild on me.

As we neared the end of this week all I could think about was the weekend and hoping to stay very close to home. I finally sat down tonight and thought I’d give myself a little time with getting caught up on some blogs…I’ve had only minimal contact this odd week! I opened my Spam folder and enjoyed a hearty chuckle!

My weary brain perked up when I read  the nicest, most complimentary Spam message I’ve ever received.

Let me tell you what “American Airways” had to say:

“As a result of browsing throughout the online world and coming across techniques which are not productive, I assumed my entire life was done. Being alive minus the strategies to the problems you have sorted out by way of your good short article is crucial. Your own capability and kindness in maneuvering all things was helpful. I am not sure what I would’ve done if I hadn’t encountered such a subject like this. I can also at this point look forward to my future.”

At the end of a tough week, it’s good to feel appreciated isn’t it?  Sunspots I tell you!

I’ll end my week sharing a tune I’ve been humming for a couple of days. I have no conscious memory of ever seeing this television show, but I somehow I know the theme song. That Was The Week That Was, also called TW3, was a satirical political comedy airing on BBC Television in the early 1960s. I would have been about ten years old and I had no access to British television. The show did migrate to the U.S. at some point, and although I don’t remember watching it, perhaps I did!

If  you want a glimpse of some funny banter back and forth making good fun of both American and British early 1960s politics, do take a moment to watch. I suspect this show was an early forerunner for the likes of Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live.

I’m finally beginning my exhale…and turning the page quickly on That Was My Week That Was! I will revive quickly now that I’m home!

Finally breathing lighter…Debra

49 thoughts on “This Was The Week That Was…I think there were Sunspots!

  1. I love the hairdo on the woman singing the song. Priceless! And what a week you’ve had! You must be feeling shattered. How awful to have a crazy man yelling and swearing at you like that. I think the walk around your garden talking to your plants would be very necessary and really therapeutic. Enjoy the weekend Debra xx

    1. I enjoyed the 60s flashback, too, Charlie. I sometimes wish “the look” would make a total comeback, although I think back to all the hairspray fumes I used in inhale in order to keep those ‘dos’ in place! I came home after the encounter with the man in the parking lot and told my husband about your story of Thomas Kelly and the random attack that took his life…it flashed through my mind how vulnerable we can be, and how fortunate I was. My heart hurts for what his family is going through. I think this weekend offers me more quiet than most, and I’m planning to recharge my batteries before hurling myself “out there” again. Thanks for stopping by…I always love hearing from you! D

    1. I think I’m figuring out through other readers that my exposure was probably through ‘Laugh In’ which was definitely an American icon during the late 60s and early 70s so I would definitely remember that show…I had forgotten the connection. And I still don’t exactly know how I knew the theme song, but our brains are funny that way! I enjoyed looking at some of these shows on youtube and think the BBC version is simply brilliant. They need to release them on DVD! Thanks for taking the time to stop by, Tilly! Debra

  2. Stick close to home and keep breathing, Debra — I believe Mercury goes retrograde today, screwing up all forms of communication and transportation (why am I even trying to write this comment?).

    1. Last night while I was posting and spending some time getting caught up I also had the radio on and heard a conversation about how we are in the midst of a solar storm, with solar flares peaking sometime this weekend. That must correlate with Mercury in retrograde. I knew I was sensing something, but I had no idea! I plan to stay home all weekend if at all possible. My husband is even going to pick up our produce box this morning so I don’t have to get out! I think I’ve elicited a little sympathy! 🙂 Thanks, Sharyn. You take care, too!! Debra

    1. I think there’s something to all the solar flares and moon’s gravitational pull…if I had the time I’d love to really study it. I know that my daughter who works in an emergency room (and night shifts) has always indicated behavioral shifts and an increase in walk-in traffic during certain moon phases. I think we forget how elemental we really are! 🙂 Enjoy a good weekend, Kate, and I hope you get rest, too. I think we all need it with our summer weather patterns! 🙂 Debra

  3. I am old enough to remember That Was the Week that Was (TWTWTW) Debra, and the jingle was already in my head as I started reading about your TWTWTW week. I do believe Laugh In was patterned after it.

    Sunspots. Surely the answer to your trevails. I take similar walks each day and I know that sunken feeling you felt at seeing your tomato plant so ravaged, and I had a driver signal me with a profane gesture yesterday, Debra, for what offense, I do not know, but I do empathize with how you must have felt, especially after such a fall. Actually, your entire post speaks to me. I had an encounter with two shopping carts and the rain, which I’ll post about, and, well, yes, dear Debra, that was the week that was.

    Sitting here. Exhaling.

    1. There must have really been something in the atmosphere this week, Penny! It’s really challenging to me when driving and encountering someone’s tirade, especially if I really don’t think I did something to provoke a profane response. I felt fortunate with my fall, too. I have a friend who recently underwent surgery after a fall in a parking lot…there is such a randomness to how a bad fall can bring no ill results and a smaller stumble can break bones! I hope you will indeed post your story!

      I think I’m putting together that Laugh In was the source of my memory! I’m not sure about the actual theme song, but I have a really good memory for music and usually only have to hear something once before I remember it. I’m funny about that…I wish it were true for other things, but my memory is generally very unreliable. I did watch Laugh In regularly, and I think they did do a spot on TW3! Now I’d like to see some of those youtubes to fill in my blanks! Enjoy your exhale…I’m not leaving home today! I refuse! 🙂 oxo Debra

  4. Bummer news on the tomato worms. My wife decided to try growing a climbing English Cumcumber. So was so excited with a appearance of several specimens … and then several days later to realize a (presumably) deer ate all the leaves … but left the cumcumbers!

    Meanwhile, didn’t Rowan and Martin have a “That was the week that was” segment?

    1. Oh the deer! Yes! I’ve had other friends tell me of the damage they can do…that would bring up such conflict. Feeding the deer would also be such a wonder. I think I’m beginning to remember the Rowan and Martin bit! Thank you! I had totally forgotten it and couldn’t remember ever seeing the actual show. Although in doing a little research I would just love to find some videos of the American version of the original. Apparently Steve Allen, Woody Allen, Phyllis Diller, Allan Sherman and other notables from an era of comedy I miss were big contributors. I may see what I can track down! Thanks for the pointer to Rowan and Martin! Debra

    1. I’m in recovery today, Smidge! I don’t feel particularly safe getting “out there” until I make sure I’ve completely calmed down and let go! I hope you have a good weekend, too, and get the rest you probably need after all your Stampede activity! 🙂 Debra

  5. Whoa what a day that was! I have had days like that,too. they do leave you feeling shaky and a bit punch-drunk. On those days especially, it is such a relief to make it home. At times like that when I pull into my driveway I can almost literally hear John Denver singing “Hey it’s good to be back home again. Sometimes, this old farm feels like a long lost friend”….[not that i live on a farm, but you get my drift]. A shame about your tomatoes—-hopefully you won’t have a repeat of THAT kind of behavior, either!

  6. That was the week that was: a classic, hosted by Frost of course, the man who against all the odds interviewed Nixon into being above board about Watergate. Great show, compulsory watching here in the UK! Glad things have calmed down a little for you, Debra. It sounds like it has been quite a tough week!

    1. It was a really mixed-up week, Kate. Down was up, up was down…but today there is equilibrium! I loved seeing David Frost in this early video of TWTWTW…He was so popular in the United States when I was growing up that I almost forgot he was British! I don’t know how it was that I knew this show, but I sure did! Interesting! 🙂

  7. You made me laugh. Not at you but just in general thinking about some of the weeks I have had. WOW! Next week has to be better.I bet that guy’s mental illness was just “rudeness” I don’t understand people who get a thrill out of calling someone names…it is weird to me and a waste of time. Then again maybe he was just “sick” That is one of my fears …falling in public…and now that I have said that I had better look out. I really hope it is better. Has to be!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  8. Gee, Debra. That certainly was a week! I’ve never sprayed my tomato plants either and feel lucky that tomato worms have never dropped in for a visit. Then again, why munch on my few when my neighbors have easily 4 times the number of plants? (I’d put up a sign to that effect but I think my neighbors wouldn’t like it.) I’m glad you made it through to the other side of this hellish week with your sense of humor intact. It’s the best response to sunspots that I know of. 🙂

    1. I have never had tomato hornworms like I saw on this one poor plant! I should probably throw it away, but I want to see what happens next! My tomatoes don’t appear to be as abundant as they were last year, although it is still a little early. I didn’t think I could afford to lose a whole plant, but I always think about the serious organic farmer and what they are up against! I will only be disappointed without any other significant impact. And I really took the weekend off…”off” in almost every way! It’s amazing how that reorients outlook! I do think last week was seriously odd, but fortunately most weeks don’t have clusters of troubling encounters, or I wouldn’t have the stamina to leave home! I hope you have a great week…goodness! It’s already Tuesday!

  9. When it rains, it pours! Glad you weren’t hurt with your fall. I’ve done that before too (granted I was racing with my cart, so had it coming). I hope you’re getting a good exhale this weekend. 🙂

    1. I had a very relaxing weekend, Kristy, and that made all the difference! I think last week was just a series of random occurrences, but when they pile up, it feels very odd! Fortunately, all is right with my world again…Monday was a positive! 🙂 Thank you!

  10. “sunspots” eh? Brilliant advice. One day when I was walking along Hollywood Boulevard a homeless woman stuck her face into mine as I walked past her and spat out “Breast-feeding bitch”. Unfortunately I hadn’t learned to say “sunspots” back at her.

    wow you’re lucky you didn’t hurt yourself in the fall.
    I’ve never heard of worms eating tomato plants like that. How nasty.

    1. I am sure the man who accosted me was mentally ill. It was unnerving, for sure, but overall it is just so sad. It was more of an event because it came right after falling, but I can report that all is well today! New week…and equilibrium on all fronts! 🙂 Thank you!

    1. I did have a very relaxing weekend, Andra. I pretty much unplugged from everything and found a bit of balance. I’m back now, though, and doing so much better! Thank you! Yes, do remember Sunspots! It becomes a great shorthand! 🙂

  11. Oh Debra it just seems some weeks are just out of kilter – everything slightly twsited and not working properly. and we can’t really fight those weeks can we? We just need to swerve and avoid the worst and then pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down and start again! Head held high and positivity back firmly in place !
    Mind you that tomato plant doens’t look like it will survive much – how frustrating. And I’ve never heard of tomato worms, so I’m off to read up about them!

    1. You’ve never heard of tomato worms? Wow! That’s great that you have never had them infest your garden, Claire! I think Tomato Hornworms are the culprits! I’ve had them in the past, but never like this! Fortunately I only found them on the one plant! Very odd. Yes, the whole week was really just one long series of missteps, but fortunately that doesn’t happen very often. At some point it just became almost funny…almost! 🙂 After a weekend of unplugging all is again right with the world…thank you! Hope you had a good getaway! Debra

  12. Oh, dear, you had a rough week, but the way you share the story is so witty, I had to smile. Life can be a comedy and drama at times. May this week be filled with wonder!

  13. Diane

    Debra, what a week! I like the explanation of sunspots! So glad you didn’t hurt yourself falling. I have a suggestion for you about your tomato plants. This is from a tomato class I took at Armstrong’s this spring. Plant marigolds in the same pot with the tomato plants. The scent of the flower disuades the moths from landing on the plant. She said it’s not a guarantee but worth the price of a marigold. So I took her advice and planted marigolds and so far so good. But here’s the funny thing. I had a brussel sprout plant decimated by worms right next to the tomato plants! Why I didn’t plant a marigold with the brussel sprout plant I don’t know!

    See you when I see you! Diane

    1. Good advice on putting the marigolds right in the pot! Thanks, Diane. Yes, you of all people would relate to the fall! That was Thursday night…and if I’d just been at yoga class…ha! Maybe I fell more gracefully because of the yoga? 🙂 And yes, “I’ll see you when I see you!” So funny!

  14. Dear Debra, sometimes staying in bed is the only answer. Well, staying in bed and having a good book to read and a mug of hot oolong tea on the bedside table and a cat curled up under the blanket on one’s toes, and an overhead fan wafting the air gently over one’s face. Ah, bliss.

    1. I couldn’t stay in bed this weekend, but I did a virtual pull the covers up over my head…I really unplugged and just enjoyed as much down time as I possibly could! It really helped. We need to do that as often as possible, I’m convinced! Thank you, Dee. Equilibrium is a nice footing as the week begins! 🙂

  15. That was one wild day you had there, Debra! That guy would have put a real scare into me; he’s probably off his meds.

    I can’t stand those horned tomato worms, we’ve been lucky so far and haven’t gotten any, but I figure it’s just a matter of time until they find our little veggie garden. They’re so threatening looking!

    1. This was the first year in many that we had the horned worms! There were ten on that one plant! I haven’t seen them elsewhere, so I don’t know what happened! I did have one very stressful day last week, but in the grand scheme of things, it passed…and I’m moving a bit slower this week! 🙂

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