A quickie alert…possible Internet shutdown…here’s how to see if you’re safe!

Federal Bureau of Investigation Seal
Federal Bureau of Investigation Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey

I’m personally not all that knowledgeable about DNS servers or malicious software viruses. But I do listen to a “techie” on the radio and have been alerted all week to a possible problem related to an international cyber ring responsible for infecting millions of computers. Rather than try to pass along information that is almost beyond my understanding, I would like to alert you so you can do your own detective work by accessing a few informative links.

An FBI alert from fall 2011 states:

“Six Estonian nationals have been arrested and charged with running a sophisticated Internet fraud ring that infected millions of computers worldwide with a virus and enabled the thieves to manipulate the multi-billion-dollar Internet advertising industry. Users of infected machines were unaware that their computers had been compromised—or that the malicious software rendered their machines vulnerable to a host of other viruses.”

Apparently after this “bust” safeguards were placed to avoid a major crisis at the time, but as of tomorrow those safeguards are no longer effective. To see if your computer is safe, go to this link which I promise you is safe: dns-ok.us  and if the picture is green, you’re okay, and if not, you may be infected and accessing internet sites will be a problem. From this page you can access this FBI link (which I’ve provided for you).  FBI — International Cyber Ring That Infected Millions of Computers Dismantled

All of my information has come through Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy, a show I regularly access to try to increase my measly understanding of all things technical.  I have been listening all morning to his concern about this problem, and thought I’d pass it along. We’ll find out tomorrow if the FBI’s concerns about shut downs are going to come true.

I suggest you follow the links and just see for yourself. Wishing you well…


27 thoughts on “A quickie alert…possible Internet shutdown…here’s how to see if you’re safe!

    1. I’m glad you’re “in the clear” green zone, Sharyn. I probably wouldn’t have passed on a warning had I not also heard such a simple way to test. I thought that was worth sharing…now it will be interesting tomorrow to hear if the problem is as significant and widespread as they think, or is this just another sensationalized story. I’m going to be curious! D

    1. I hope we are all “green” and safe, Andra. If this warning came through any source other than the FBI I think I wouldn’t have said a thing…you know how these scare tactics go. We’ll find out tomorrow! 🙂 D

  1. Just checked and my computer is green, thank goodness. A WP blog/website I was working on for my book was hacked last month, so had to delete it. Will pass on your info. Thanks for the share!

    1. My goodness, Marie! Hacked? I am sure that we are all more vulnerable to this type of thing than we tend to know! I am hearing more and more stories these days, though. But I’m glad you’re in the “green zone” for this one warning! 🙂 D

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  3. HI I see that your comments are showing up just fine on my posts. THANK the POWERS that somehow control this nonsense so we can blog in peace!!!! I did check my computer also ….not a thing there but little ol’ me, T. Still reading and enjoying your blog. 🙂 AS ALWAYS of course! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Terri! I don’t know what was going on about a month ago, but I did disappear for a bit! 🙂 I found another regular blogger in my Spam this morning, so I guess we just all need to check from time to time and do our best! I hope this malware situation isn’t too far spread. The FBI site had a lot of very threatening language! It’s a complicated cyber-world, isn’t it? And here we are, just wanting to blog! 🙂 D

  4. Thanks for sharing. I do hope this is sorted swiftly so we can get on with our lives – keeping up with basic technology is difficult enough without have a handful of Estonians sabautaging what we can’t live without xx

    1. You’re right, Charlie. We are all quite dependent on our internet connections! We are going on vacation in a couple of weeks and may not have regular internet…I’m quite undone about that! 🙂 I think this particular malware problem is confined to the United States, although I sure don’t understand how that’s possible with the Internet! I may be missing some crucial information, but we will find out in approximately 1 1/2 hours according to what I just heard on the news! Yikes! D

  5. Thanks, Debra. I was aware of the problem and ran the check, though I doubt it necessary. I’ve a Mac. Good of you, though, to make sure everyone is aware of the problem. 🙂

    1. I was out working in the garden this morning, John, after hearing the story several times on radio reports it finally hit me that I didn’t have a clue if my computer was safe. I have a Mac, too, but Leo Laporte indicated they also might not be safe. Anyway, I’m really wondering if this will be like so many things, a false alarm. According to the news again tonight, we on the west coast will be “hit”–if we’re one of the targets–at 9 PM. It will be interesting! Glad you’re good to go! D

    1. It is scary to me, too, Elizabeth, mainly because I realize that I do all my business on the Internet and almost can’t imagine how crippled I’d be at this point if there were a really widespread outage. It makes me think I should have a few more safeguards! I haven’t heard of any problems this morning, so perhaps the alert was enough to stop a big problem, at least this time! 🙂 D

    1. I didn’t hear much today to indicate there was much of an internet problem after all, but the authorities were saying that it still highlighted vulnerability, and think we all can see that our dependence on the internet to do our banking and other important roles means there may be other times we need to be in tune with warnings. I was so frustrated just with Spam! And yes, thank you, Kate. I think all is well with that issue now, although I still occasionally find other bloggers hiding in that folder! I’m keeping an eye on the folder! Debra

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    1. I was listening on Monday to a variety of experts really emphasizing our vulnerability to cyber attacks. I think sometimes I’m blissfully ignorant! I am certainly glad that this latest event turned out to be of little consequence, or so it seems! Debra

    1. I’m behind on my reading because I’ve had computer problems, Penny! Mine are totally unrelated to any of the larger concerns, but they’ve been just time consuming enough that I’ve been stopped in my tracks! So I think you may be saying that you’ve had some internet troubles, too? We all must have so many technical issues to consume our time, it’s a wonder we keep up at all! 🙂 I hope your areas have smoothed out, as I THINK mine have…at least for now! I hope to be able to resume my keeping in touch…I really miss out when I’m off-line! Debra

  7. Dear Debra, today is Wednesday and I went to the site, which said that it was no longer able to tell someone if a computer was safe.

    You know, I find all this technology puzzling–even at the best of times. I simply can’t figure out–can’t imagine I guess–how several Estonians can shut down the computer world.

    I suppose that the people and the politicians in 1914 couldn’t figure out–or imagine–that an assassin would strike at an archduke in Serbia and start a devastating war that lasted four years and that ultimately led to another war for world dominance. Such is life. Peace.

    1. I think that the concerns didn’t pan out to be too widespread after all, Dee, but there was a lot of concern that appeared to be quite legitimate. At this point we’re all probably a bit baffled about how to be proactive. I haven’t been on-line much in the last couple of days because of computer issues of my own…and of my own making! 🙂 I did just post some pictures of Darwin in you want to see his latest trick…I know you are juggling a lot right now!

      Your references to WWI are good ones for me right now. I never paid as much attention to the implications of that War, probably because there were so many conflicts following vying for my attention. After getting fully engrossed in Downton Abbey the last two seasons, though, I suddenly have this hunger to learn more about that era, and the war itself. Once I started reading I realized how much I don’t know! Wow! As always, I’m so glad to see your name in my little comment section! 🙂 Blessings, Debra

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