Oh NO! I’ve been marked as Spam!

I am NOT Spam!

I wondered why some of my favorite people had stopped speaking to me! Was it something I said? Was my sense of humor somehow labeled as insensitive and I was being shunned? I can’t let things go, so I went on a search. I looked back to see where I might have jumped the track. Guess what? My comments, pithy, creative and spot-on as they were (well, I try to at least be relevant) didn’t even show in the comment section of many of the blogs I had visited yesterday. Oh the time it took to read and comment! My avatar, representing my smiling face, didn’t even show up?

My first thought was that I was in error. I had done most of my reading from Aimee’s and used the iPad for comments. Along with the auto-correct infractions I regularly expect with iPad communication, was I also just not pressing “GO” when called to do so?

Nope! I made a few inquiries and learned that to many of you I am now Spam! How rude! The very word is distressing…I’m not fond of unidentified meat products.

If you haven’t heard from me lately will you please check your Spam folder and let me out? I’m claustrophobic to begin with! Who knows? You might find other people trapped in there, too. I do, from time to time! I’ve alerted WordPress to my dilemma, and we’ll see what happens. I encourage each of you to visit your Spam folder frequently and make a clean sweep. And do let WordPress know when things appear to be “off” for you in any way.  I am also finding that some of YOU do not appear in my reader, so that’s another issue I’m attempting to rectify. We need to work together…the blogosphere is a huge network and probably growing much faster than some of the technical safety nets!

And to my friends who are not blog addicted minded, it doesn’t hurt for you to check the Spam folders associated with your personal email. I find things in mine all the time that shouldn’t be in there! Sometimes I’ve asked to be included in email notifications associated with favored vendors or associations. When their well-intentioned emails get stuck in Spam, I feel badly for their wasted energy, too!

I’ll be the town crier on this topic for a while.  I listen to a techie on the radio who weekly tells his listeners to remember to back up their computer hard drives. I’ll remind you from time to time to check your Spam folder.

Now go see if I’m in there and please, “Let Me OUT!”

I feel better now breathing lighter after a good rant…Debra

54 thoughts on “Oh NO! I’ve been marked as Spam!

    1. Well, I’m glad I’m not trapped in your Spam folder, Perpetua! It’s hard to get out! How do you tell people you’re in there if you keep going to their Spam folder in the first place! Oh what very serious problems I have. LOL! I hope you’re having a wonderful vacation! I’m sure you will have lots to share with us. I hope you’re taking pictures! 🙂 oxo Debra

    1. Isn’t this just a trip! I had more hits today than I’ve had in ages…apparently Spam wakes everyone up! LOL! I am caught between being amused and irritated…much like a great deal of my life.Thanks for staying closely in touch, Kristy! Debra

    1. I’m glad you stopped by…Spam is everyone’s problem, isn’t it! My little dilemma gave me a chance to meet some nice new-to-me bloggers, though, so that’s a nice outcome! 🙂 Debra

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Laughs ] Honestly speaking, I found your comment in my spam folder; something is not right about that.

    Thanks for adding your unique touch to the subject.

    1. Well, then, you get a nice nod from me for checking your Spam folder. I’m afraid I’ve been very negligent and haven’t been mindful at all. That’s certainly going to change! I’m glad you stopped by, and thank you for releasing me from no man’s land! 🙂 Debra

  2. he, he “unidentified meat products” 🙂 It happened to one of your comments – I think it was last week, but I dug you out and dusted you off! I haven’t had a problem since then. But I’ve found I had to unfollow/refollow lots of my favourite blogs recently as they weren’t showing up in the reader – stranger and stranger.

    1. Oh to think that I’ve been missing for more than a week, and didn’t even notice until yesterday! I’m not very aware, am I Claire! I will be diligent now, though, and perhaps run the risk of being a pest! I’m still waiting for WP to respond to my email, but I can give them more than 24 hours…I’m pesky, but not unreasonable! 🙂 Thanks for getting me out of your Spam folder…it’s the equivalent of junk mail, isn’t it! I think I need to remember to go through my reader and do some unfollow/follow maneuvers! Thanks for reminding me of that!Debra

  3. ChgoJohn

    Fear not, fair Damsel. I shall check daily to see if you’ve been wrongly incarcerated in the spam folder and, if so, I shall pluck you out and restore you to the top of that pedestal, where you belong.

    1. Oh thank you so much, John! I really appreciate your attention! I have had to laugh at how “undone” I felt for awhile…and a year ago I wouldn’t have even considered it a problem. Is this progress or am I moving backwards! Too funny! And about that pedestal? You’re right! I tell myself that I don’t demand attention…and then when I don’t get it, my true colors show! 🙂 Debra

    1. Oh thank you so much, Rebecca! I don’t know precisely how long this has been going on, but I now know I need to pay a bit more attention myself! I can’t believe I didn’t catch it until last night/today! I don’t want to lose touch with you! Debra

  4. LOL I know how frustrated you must feel, but this was a very entertaining post! You’re not the only one going into Spam – several of my blogging buddies who have been commenting for over a year are suddenly ending up in Spam. I check my Spam file every day, but what I’m concerned about is how many legitimate comments may be getting zinged permanently by that Aksimet thingy (whatever that is). It keeps bragging on my blog that it’s “protected” me from thousands of Spam messages – how do I know they’re truly Spam when some of my friends are going in there too? ::sigh:: There’s nothing like computers to keep us from breathing lighter. 😉

    1. You know, I really kind of forgot about Askimet! You have a good point. I think one thing that will help me now is to pay more attention to if my responses appear on the post! I get moving quickly with the reader and don’t check. It’s an extra step, but I think it will be worth it. I am glad you are diligent with checking your Spam. I haven’t been, but I sure will now! Thank you! Debra

      1. Occasionally comments end up in the “Pending” file instead of Spam – I’ve found your comments there as well as comments from others. You may not see them appear, but maybe you’ll see a message that your comment is awaiting approval. Frustrating!

    1. Wow! I have really been exiled recently, haven’t I! Poor me! Ha! I am glad you check! I will do a much better job of that myself now. I may get through this fine, but someone else will win the unfortunate lottery and I don’t want that to happen to anyone who has taken the time to comment and share with me! Thank you for keeping closely in touch, Meg. I really appreciate it. Debra

    1. This turned out to be a crazy day! And you’d be amused, Andra, that I had more hits today than I’d had in two weeks. I think everyone got on board with the “down with Spam” campaign! Thank you so much for being so helpful. I really appreciated it! Debra

  5. How annoying and frustrating is that! And you always take the time to write such wonderful comments. I always check my spam and it’s amazing how often I find genuine comments in there. Good luck sorting it all out. I’m currently having trouble with my disqus commenting system – it’s a nightmare! xx

    1. I’ve caught your remarks that you’re having trouble, too, with the disqus commenting system, Charlie! It takes a lot of time to sort it all out, doesn’t it! I haven’t been faithful at all to check my Spam. Foolishly I trusted the system, but maybe the truth is that I was a bit lazy! That will change! My blogging friends have been so kind and supportive today, and have made me feel appreciated, so that’s been a nice outcome. I hope this won’t become a persistent problem, but if so, I’ll yell out again! I hope you’re able to get your problems taken care of, too. We deserve better, don’t we Charlie. LOL! 🙂 Debra

  6. I check my spam whenever wordpress shows I have any, Debra, and was surprised to find you sitting in among the, well, the garbage. Not to worry. I fished you out, cleaned you up, and plopped you back where you belong. Sorry about that. Keep writing back. I’ll find you.

    1. It’s hard to breathe lighter in the garbage, so thank you for fishing me out, Penny! So funny! I’ve had a nice opportunity to say a quick hello to all today, so that’s been a positive outcome to a pesky problem. I need to be a lot better myself with checking the Spam. I would just feel terrible if someone left a comment and I never even saw it to respond. The funniest thing to me is that a year ago I wouldn’t have cared one bit about this, and instead, I spent a good portion of my day really trying to make sure I didn’t get lost in the shuffle! 🙂 Debra

  7. Well done at turning the hassle and frustration into a good post. As you know, I’ve been there done that. I’m with ChgoJohn in that I check my dashboard spam folder regularly (I like the number to be zero :)) …. and I would hope more bloggers would check it more often. Cheer Debra!

    1. The Spam folder exile has been a big headache, Kate! I do hope it doesn’t happen to you. I have no idea how the issue was triggered, and still hope that WordPress offers us some explanation, or at least can help reverse it! I am very slowed down by it, that’s for sure! Debra

  8. Dear Debra, as Perpetua has said, this hasn’t seemed to be a problem between your use and mine as the comments you’ve posted on my blog have appeared. I so hope this works out for you as your comments are so thoughtful and reflective–I’d hate people to miss them. Peace.

    1. Thank you for the kind remark about my comments. I really enjoy visiting with each person I follow, and it’s a sad thing right now to write and then poof! Nothing! I then know it’s in exile and it’s up to me to find a way to contact the blog owner and let them know my plight. I hope that WordPress can still help me, but I haven’t heard back yet! I’ll try to be patient! 🙂 Debra

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  10. Hi, Debra! Found you after you tweeted me and have sprung you from the spammer. Hopefully the system will now recognise you as a bona fide visitor to my site. There’s another problem, however – I’m not receiving email notification of your fresh posts (have checked my email spam and they’re not in there.) 😦 It’s a mystery – am I showing up your end as one of your followers? Loving the way you write, by the way! 🙂

  11. I know full well this stinks for you. Going through it myself. I love to comment and it makes me nuts thinking my heartfelt replies are lost in cyber spam hell……It has been a week now, and I am still going to spam to those who have not unspammed me yet, or when I comment on a new blog…..GRRRRRRR…..How frustrating! I hope Askimet gets their kinks worked out….cause lord knows I am thankful for the spam I do not get because of them….but this has got to end, this suffering to good, legit bloggers…..good luck and nice to meet you…..
    and BTW, I unspammed you! lol

    1. Insane! I have been talking to Akismet. Have you? They seem a little clueless to me! If you haven’t, I suggest you contact WordPress and tell them your problem. They rather promptly turn it over to Akismet (or Askiment..whatever it is!) and that’s where I am with it now! They act like they’ve never heard of such a thing, so let’s bombard them with our issues! Nice to meet you, too. LOL! Funny circumstances! D

      1. I’m surprised you had that experience. WordPress Support does not handle this issue. It belongs to Akismet, and they are usually quite quick to respond. They will let you know it takes a few days to fix. No worries you are fine.

        1. You know, Elizabeth, my whole Spam issue got a little out of hand with someone helping me who just wasn’t listening. I had multiple issues going on between WP and Akismet…it only took two week! Ha! But I assume it’s worked out now…I got so tired of monitoring it all, I haven’t followed up on anything. It will be what it will be! 🙂 Debra

    1. Thanks for letting me out, Rosie. I’m so annoyed with this whole thing, but I am also a bit helpless at the moment. I didn’t even do any real blog reading over the weekend because it was so frustrating. I think I just needed a break. I hope to hear something from someone at WP before too long! They certainly have my complaints! 🙂 D

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    1. I’m so sorry, Carl. I first noticed the same drop in traffic. I couldn’t quite figure it out. Then when I started paying more attention I followed the patterns! It started two weeks ago today, and as of today, working now with Akismet, I’m making some progress. Just be sure to stay on them when you fill in the forms! After that they’re at least responsive. Now I’m only having trouble with gmail emails. I may not even tackle that one! 🙂 Good luck! Debra

    1. I loved that silly picture, too, Sharyn. I think my Spam problems are over for now, thankfully, but I found another regular blogger in my Spam box today! I keep thinking that it might just be a case of “numbers” with so many bloggers and spammers are probably getting more and more clever!D

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