My apologies to every bunny we’ve invited into our home…

We have had bunnies on and off throughout the years. I thought they were rather “easy” pets. Give them food, water, shelter…an occasional hug–easy pets for the children. We experienced the miracle of birth with multiple litters of eraser-like blobs that did develop into the most precious little balls of fur. Our pet rabbits also taught the children about the call of the wild. Pity the poor man of the house who protects his family from the horrid scene of finding the pet lop-eared eviscerated by a wild fox. That was a hard one to explain to two city kids!

It was a natural choice to consider another bunny to charm Sophia and Karina. I think I can also admit that it wasn’t entirely for them. I really do enjoy having pets around the house, and a bunny fits our lifestyle. I thought.

I brought Pinky home before we made outdoor arrangements for her hutch. She is small enough to yet be in a cage–flashbacks of the fox incident means she stays indoors at least during the night–and then during the day whenever we’re home we have a makeshift animal pen constructed from baby play area enclosures.

Do you see what this one little bunny eats? I am amazed…and also really uncomfortable with the knowledge that all previous family bunnies must have been starved! Pinky is demanding! Her little cage sits in a corner of the kitchen from early evening until sometime in the morning, and each and every time the refrigerator opens her Pavlovian reactions cause quite a stir. She demands attention. Come to think of it, maybe I’m the one conditioned to respond!

All I know is that all previous bunnies seemed to be fine with typical alfalfa pellets and some lettuce and occasional carrots. I’ll continue to tell myself that they weren’t hungry and neglected, but based upon Pinky’s voracious appetite, I think I may be wrong.

And Pinky isn’t the only one! Darwin is also quite the produce consumer! And despite being provided broccoli, chard, and a variety of other greens, he is now exploring new dietary vistas.

I found Darwin munching happily on one of my Aloe Vera plants! Darwin is a Sulcata–an African Spurred Tortoise. Aloe Vera is a succulent that is believed to have come originally from Northern Africa. So wasn’t he clever to locate the one plant in our yard that may be part of his genetic memory! Aloe Vera juice is marketed as a dietary supplement and has long been associated with herbal medicine. So apparently even Darwin needs more variety than we were providing.

I had to go shopping! Off to a few of my favorite produce markets…not for us. But for our animals!

I found large bunches of organic dandelion greens for less than a dollar. Pinky was thrilled!

46 thoughts on “My apologies to every bunny we’ve invited into our home…

  1. Pinky is just gorgeous and you are doing a great job of raising her and she is lucky to be fed such great treats and organic treats too! And I love Darwin – what an unusual pet. Your grandchildren must love visiting you! And it sounds like that book has a lot of common sense in it xx

    1. Thanks, Charlie! I can’t claim that everything is organic at this point! These two eat so continually I have to take advantage of what I can get my hands on, but if I have a choice at a reasonable price, I’ll always choose organic. The book is really common sense, but there are a lot of good suggestions in it for ways to maximize on keeping our vitamins and minerals in our diets as much as possible…Maybe I’m trying to fight age with my food. LOL! Good luck with that, huh? Debra

  2. Haha, bunny rules! She’s adorable and looks just perfect. I can just see you sneaking into your own fridge… If it’s any consolation, my sister has a hamster just the same! 😉

    1. That’s so funny, Eleenie. These little critters have ways of making their wishes known, don’t they? I think I’m a little amused at how much I enjoy them…what would I be like if I had a dog? I can only imagine! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Debra

  3. You’re so funny, dear, with your plan in place — and then you bought the book anyway… Keep on feeding your pets those yummy, organic greens, and they’ll grow up to be very smart and beautiful. 🙂

    1. I really did very well to only buy one book, though, don’t you think? You saw the size of that store? I was almost helpless! And yes, those little critters are delightful. Every now and again that empty nest feeling comes over me and we overindulge our pets. I never thought I’d be one of those people…and I sure am 🙂 Debra

    1. There you go, Kate! You made me feel better about my one purchase! If I hadn’t been headed to the American Girl Story to buy birthday gifts I’m sure I would have been much more impulsive! 🙂 Debra

  4. Gopher tortoises in Miami. I tried to keep two as pets but is not appropriate and don’t do well in unnatural environment. Threaten by loss of habit metropolis ever expanding. Outrage how construction just plows over field leaving them to suffocate.

    1. I have never heard of gopher tortoises, Carl. I’ll have to look them up. Desert Tortoises are protected out here, but there are still people who try to “smuggle” them home. I also understand that people are adopting these African Spurred Tortoises when they are tiny, Darwin was the size of a 50 cent piece, and then when they begin to get large and create more issues for the homeowner, they are abandoned. I don’t know how people live with themselves…but that’s a thought that spans a multitude of issues, doesn’t it! Debra

  5. I had pet bunnies when I was young and they are good pets. Somehow, when they are hopping around the yard, in large numbers, eating our plants and doing a lot of damage to the garden, they don’t seem so cute.

    1. I’m sure you’re right about the bunnies in the yard being more of a nuisance! It’s like deer…I love them, of course we all do, but when my friends lose all their roses I can see that maybe their enthusiasm is a little dampened, too! Thanks for stopping by! And I would like to live in the woods 🙂 Debra

  6. Your pets are lucky to have you . . . especially now that you are “in the know.”

    And WHO could resist a 3 story bookstore??? Not me, said the little red hen.

    1. That is some great bookstore, isn’t it Nancy? Fortunately for me it is about an hour from home. I am glad it isn’t any closer…I was on my way to the American Girl Store to buy birthday gifts, and they just happen to be in the same fabulous shopping center…So it’s never an inexpensive trip. With an hour drive I have time to talk to myself about “limits” before I even arrive! 🙂 Debra

  7. You didn’t mention your birds, Deb, but perhaps they are content to be “above it all”! Kudos to you on the single book purchase and the selection title. Here’s to the exhale for the weekend; you deserve it. Hugs, Ellen

    1. You’re right, Ellen. I left the birds out of my predicament! They are a lot less demanding. In fact, I try to give them treats and they stick up their beaks! And thanks for the praise in only buy one book! You know I didn’t need to buy even one! 🙂 Debra

  8. I hope you’re enjoying a “do-nothing” weekend. We are as well. Sometimes you need some of those, you know. Happy reading! That’s what I’m planning as well. 🙂

    1. Isn’t it wonderful to have some time when neither the calendar nor clock is too demanding! That just doesn’t happen very often! I hope you have some good down time. It’s much more difficult to achieve with young children, I know! Debra

  9. Debra, I’d sign up to live my next life as one of your pets. 🙂 You are a very good pet mommy.

    We just returned from the Farmer’s Market, where it is a struggle to find actual farmers. (We have figured out which ones grow their own organic food, and we frequent those booths.) Also, I forgot to tell you. I was in Whole Foods the other day – with MTM, darn it – and I found those mushroom boxes you recommended. I have to go back and buy one or two of them when MTM is not with me. He is creating quite the indoor garden in our new place.

    Thanks for sharing another good book selection for my radar screen. Please let us know what you learned when you’re done.

    1. It’s funny to find myself a bit preoccupied with these two pets! I think it would be a little risky if I move up the ladder and get into dogs and cats. Just imagine how I’d be 🙂 You’ll really enjoy the mushroom boxes, Andra. I love the idea of an indoor garden. I think we just do the best we can with certified organic farming and making good choices. I read so much about the way our food sources have been negatively affected by technology and big farming that I can at times get carried away with my own enthusiasm. There are some good things in this book about micronutrients. I hope I can share some of it! Thank you, Andra 🙂 D

  10. Although about a half-step behind, our ideas of pet nutrition really have changed, as they have for our own diets. As a child, I don’t think our dogs ate anything but “people food.” Today, Max doesn’t get a crumb. I guess each succeeding generation of responsible pet owners will always do what they think best for their pets. I wonder how my care of Max will be viewed in 50 years?

    I hope you’re having a restful weekend, Debra.

    1. I think awareness of what our pets eat today probably fits in with the information we’ve collected over time about our own nutrition. Today I cringe at what I fed my own children in the 70s and 80s actually believing I was making good choices. Sugary yogurts, juices that probably had few nutrients, and of course, many more poor choices. I simply didn’t know any better! But now that I do, how can I feed my little pets junk food! And your thought about how will choices be viewed 50 years from now occurs to me from time to time. I put so much effort into “awareness” and best practices…and I wonder if down the road I’ll learn that much if it is bunk! It’s kind of funny to consider 🙂 Do give Max my very best! 🙂 Debra

  11. Love Pinky 😀 There is nothing like a pet to ad a whole new dimension to life: I wonder if Darwin was impressed? Glad you found some great reading for the weekend, Debra, and I hope you get lots of chances to read!

    1. Thanks, Kate. Darwin and Pinky provide us a great deal of amusement. I find it funny that two little animals can actually have so much personality. It’s wonderful to have a weekend without a great need to look at the clock! That’s rare for any of us, isn’t it? Debra

    2. You’re right, Celi. I ought to spend a little bit of time learning to identify my weeds and grasses! I might be passing on some wonderful edibles and not even know it! It is really lovely to have a bit of extra time. I’m enjoying it immensely 🙂 Thank you! Debra

  12. You will be the one calling stop the car stop the car when you see some tasty plant growing in the ditch!!! fantastic, I Love the tortoise, I would really like one actually but I am not sure they would keep up with minty and TonTon.. c

  13. Is there any chance that Pinky could be pregnant? That could explain the ravenous eating. Or maybe she is anxious? Or maybe she started an exercise program three weeks ago? (I have just reached the hungry stage in my fitness quest — I don’t restrict foods or calories — I just try to be reasonable about what I eat).

    1. Pinky isn’t pregnant, but she could be a little anxious. I think her little indoor cage is probably restricting her activity more than I’d like! The new hutch will be here this week and that will give her good exercise room. I hope that won’t mean she wants even more to eat! Your exercise program must be working well if you’re feeling hungry! Good for you for even having one! I think reasonable is always best, too. I spent many years being very restrictive with calories and I’m now aware that was never a good idea! Debra

  14. Oh, Debra, I giggled my was through Barnes & Noble with you. If I’m honest, I will admit that I’ve waited to use the facilities until getting to B & N, and, well, never really leaving without making a purchase. Book addicts is what I am! This does look like an interesting book and Pinky an Darwin seem to be telling us all something.

    I hope you dad is improving – and that you’ve had some time to read through Naked Calories.

    1. The funny thing about that particular day at Barnes & Noble, Penny, is that I had to get to the American Girl Store for Karina’s birthday present. It takes me more than an hour to get there, so I HAD to go into B & N…and I really didn’t want to go in just to avoid being tempted! Ha! At least there was just one purchase! The book is really quite good. I am sure I’ll be sharing some of the contents before long.

      Thanks so much for asking about my dad. He is doing better, but the truth is that I think we’ve just entered a new phase of doctors and medications and side effects…the things that happen as we age. I can honestly say that we have been so spoiled. My dad has never had any health-related problems and I think that is in part why so many things seemed to hit us all so hard. He is adjusting from having been very active to not really feeling very well, poor guy. I’m still hopeful that he will regain more of his overall strength. I really appreciate your care, Penny. Debra

  15. Wow, Pinky and all of your pets are lucky to be in your home. Beautiful photos. B&N is my most favorite bookstore, and now I am going to check Daniel Amen’s book on the brain and aging as I enjoy his books. Between you and Nancy, I get introduced to new titles. 🙂

    1. It’s fun to share book titles with each other, Marie. Of course I don’t think any of us have as much reading time as we once did. Now we’re reading one another’s blogs! But I have hopes of one day reading a lot more. And yes, I like Daniel Amen a lot…but I didn’t buy the book yet! YET! LOL! If you do and learn some new things, perhaps you’ll share those on your site 🙂 Debra

  16. Pinky is just very well fed. We had visiting rabbits when the kids were young and they came with specific feeding directives.. Nothing like Pinky’s largess and they were healthy. Darwin is smart to find the aloe. You have your hands full as always! By the way, Did you watch Food Inc? 🙂

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