Squirrelly behavior can be a major distraction

I like to imagine that if my weekly activities kept me closer to home I would be better organized. My closets would all be orderly—all the time. I wouldn’t have a week’s worth of mail sitting on the desk waiting to be opened and disposed of properly, and I would definitely step up my cooking skills.

But the truth is, I have reason to believe that may be a bit of fantasy. I did have a day to organize closets. I could have handled the mail. I was planning to try a new bread recipe. But I looked out my kitchen window and got caught in the drama of an acorn hunt!

To the best of my google knowledge our little guys are fox squirrels and they love our oak tree. What caught my eye this particular day was watching one squirrel scratching, digging, hunting down the acorns buried months ago. He was actually making kind of a mess out of one particular patch of ground, but he fought on. He knew he had a buried treasure.

I am fascinated with the instinct to bury acorns in the late fall and early winter. Instinct over need. Our tree provides food year round. Acorns fall by the bucket load. We don’t have snow to cover their food source. And we have a year-round bird feeder for the squirrels to rob.

Yet they still pull from their natural squirrel instincts, burying acorns all over the yard and then–and it’s an amazing thing to see—go back to where they put them and dig them up months later! Squirrels can be a little greedy, just witness the bird feeder, but they are also efficient little critters! I don’t think they waste much!

Yum! I found my acorn!

But I can’t blame all of my distraction on the activities of the backyard squirrels. I had other moments, too. How about watching hummingbirds take a bath in the waterfall?

And then there are these two little critters, who do happen to eat up a lot of my time!

But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Most weekends we all have some things requiring our attention. I know I do!

But  wouldn’t it be good for your overall well-being if you followed my example?

What will you do to get distracted?

 Start your weekend early…Debra

54 thoughts on “Squirrelly behavior can be a major distraction

  1. Except for rescuing my cat (again) from the neighbor’s attic, I took a day off to rest, sleep and read. Tomorrow it’s back to my tax returns. I can get distracted easily unless I am doing something absorbing like painting.

    • Oh dear! That little escapee cat…how interesting that the neighbor’s attic is the “go to” place. I’d rest up before tax returns, too! We just finished that task. Our goal to complete even earlier didn’t quite come through, because, like everything else these days, we did get distracted! There are just too many interesting things to do that are much more compelling than paperwork and organizing. Alas! Debra

  2. This was a delight to read! Loved the photos of the squirrels, hummingbirds and the cute little girls. 🙂 My s/o and I enjoy feeding the squirrels at the park and we find it fascinating they don’t eat more than they should. When satisfied, they bury the peanuts we feed them for the winter. We could all learn from the squirrels.

    • We could learn from the squirrels, Marie! You’re right! So you’ve seen them take the peanuts and bury them! Isn’t it fun to watch? I might try giving our backyard little friends some peanuts. I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks for sharing that little story–it gives me ideas! Debra

  3. My weekly activities keep me very close to home, and it doesn’t help. Chaos reigns, with bursts of tidying activity every so often. I’m easily distracted, and that’s no bad thing 🙂

    • I’m sure at core it is good to have a few distractions. I don’t need to be so focused on the daily responsibilities either! I am sure I don’t use my time as I could, and adding in blogging this year hasn’t helped in that regard! Ha! At core I enjoy having a good time more than being organized…I think that’s probably a choice I have made! We can all share a little chaos together, Fiona! Debra

  4. oh gosh i loved this….love the squirrels (they are so cute…and i don’t get squirrels in Phx; and love the hummingbird in the rushing water…and the gals are adorable). i would say that the way you spent the day is ever so much more precious and meaningful than chores and organizing!! have a fabulous weekend.

    • Thanks, Kate. I do feel “full” and not needing much else, so if a little disorganization is the price, I will just have to accept that! And I guess I do…or I would change it up 🙂 You have a good weekend, too. I trust you will! Debra

  5. I work from home, but my computer is by a glass door with a bird feeder outside and I can tell you I’m always getting distracted by nature! I find that working from home gives me no more incentive to keep up with all the household things than working at a distance did. 😦 However, I’m much more relaxed, and gazing at nature at play does stir my creativity! 🙂

    Your girls are adorable!

    • Oh, oh! A computer by a glass door…that wold be distracting for sure, but yes, stirring creativity! I’ve had other friends tell me that it’s sometimes even more difficult to address personal chores and duties from home now that they have a home office. I think at heart we all just want to be more creative and less chore bound…and that’s probably very good for our overall well-being! I hope you have a great weekend…and Daisy, too! Debra

  6. a beautiful post, fabulous photos. I particularly enjoyed the hummingbird so pretty and tiny. as to distractions, well life is one big distration at times 🙂 But as you say it’s good to kick back and stop thinking I must do thi, that or the other 🙂 The weekend starts here!

    • Your slogan would be great on a t-shirt, Claire! “Life is one big distraction”–I kind of like that! Perhaps I’m not fully embracing all that the little outdoor adventures have to offer, and I need to let go of thinking I MUST get other things done. Apparently at core I’m not really all that willing to change anyway. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. I felt very fortunate to catch the one with the hummingbird. It’s a rare occurrence when I actually have the camera ready! Debra

    • Yikes, Frank! I just read your post about carnivorous squirrels! Oh my goodness…I’m afraid if it came down to this with my critters I’d be repelled! I’ve never heard of such a thing! I’m glad you shared that bit of news…I’ll be throwing that piece of trivia out to others next time we have a backyard gathering and the squirrels drop acorns on guests’s heads…they do that. Deliberately, I’m convinced! Glad you enjoyed the photos, too. I felt fortunate to catch the hummingbirds in their bath! Debra

  7. Gosh, Debra, I am so very easily distracted and have piles and piles of work to be done. It does – eventually. These days, walking into the kitchen from the den and glancing out a window is enough to distract me. I’m forever lost on my way to and from each day and rather like it.

    I love the pictures of the hummingbird drinking. How fabulous that you caught this little hummer so still. Yours are a little different in color than ours and such a delightful creature of flight, aren’t they? When you think of how fast they flutter in search of nourishment than think of squirrels always busy either digging food in or digging food out, it is so awesome, isn’t it?

    I once watched a squirrel on our deck fumbling around the chaise lounge. I finally took action when I realized he had untied the neck cushion as I saw him drag it across the deck.

    • I think we bloggers must all be quite capable of getting distracted, Penny. How else would we be able to keep up with the reading and posting? Ha! I get self-conscious about it from time to time, but i’m glad I’m not alone. That helps 🙂 Your personal “squirrel encounter” must have been quite a surprise. I can imagine them to be that clever, and apparently quite strong! They are delightful and they are pests! We do find ourselves alternatively pro and con! And I never get tired of hearing how different our flora and fauna are by description! When it comes to birds I think if I ever had a chance to see the colors in the Amazon or other tropical country I’d probably be just amazed. I think they’re beautiful and we don’t even have much range in color! We’ll see what trouble I can get into today…it’s Saturday, and I really do need to do a few things at least! Debra

    • Thank you, Rita. I think working in an office all week contributes to my ease with moving outdoors when I am home! Sometimes I just have to put blinders on and use a little self-discipline 🙂 I’m glad you came by…Debra

  8. Debra, unfortunately this weekend, nothing can distract me from moving. But, we don’t have many days to go before we’re all done, and I will enjoy the distraction of flying out of the country for almost two weeks on a trip to the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok. I wish we were flying through LA.

    I love squirrels. I have a Christmas ornament that is a yarn squirrel from the first baby gift I ever received.

    • Oh I do hope the moving is going well, Andra! Such a lot of work, but I’m sure you’ll be so happy to be in your new place! We’ll be eager to hear all about it. Bangkok! Wow! That is going to be quite a trip–and I wish you were flying through Los Angeles! One of these times I know you will 🙂 You are one of the only people I’ve met who admits to loving squirrels! They are indeed a mixture of pest and fascination! I’ll be thinking of you today with that move…and eager to hear more about it! Debra

    • I just don’t think you have any trouble at all identifying good ways to spend your time, Nancy! You seem to embody the spirit of fun! I like that…and need to let go of the clean closet dream 🙂 Debra

    • Celi, I actually thought of you and your bee photos when I was trying to capture the picture of the little hummingbird. I think because he was bigger than the bees, I was successful! He also stayed in one spot a little longer…I have tried with the bees, and haven’t yet caught a good photo. I’m not giving up. LOL! I love sharing my little granddaughters…they are growing up just too fast! Debra

  9. A lovely post with gorgeous photos, Debra. I am SO easily distracted nowadays that it’s a good thing that none of what I have to do is of earth-shattering importance. 🙂

    • I think we must need our distractions, or they wouldn’t pull us away from other things. Maybe they aren’t distractions at all, but just what we are supposed to be doing…I think I should stick with that version of the truth, don’t you? 🙂 Debra

  10. Debra, these are just stunning photographs: me, I’d sit back and take the photos and leave the chores till later, especially when the results are so spectacular…thank you for a really beautiful post.

  11. Oh Debra, I’m in definite need of distraction in a major way. I just loved all of your pictures in this post! (And adorable granddaughters by the way!!!) Squirrels are so much fun to watch aren’t they? We have quite a few in our backyard too. No hummingbirds though and I just love them! Thank you for reminding me the importance of a good distraction!

    • Thanks, Kristy! I have been very distracted lately…I think it’s called “spring!” We did manage to get our taxes done…so maybe that is enough paperwork for awhiel. And I guess in part I do believe that we all handle the things that are most important, and just need times to refresh…life is hard work enough 🙂 Debra

    • Thank you, Meg. I have a new camera, and these photos surprised me! There is a setting that does a quick “stop frame” and although I know very little about photography, I guess I have a camera that is going to do a lot of the work for me! I really love the hummingbirds, and I’m rarely home at the time of day they like to visit! Debra

  12. Great post. I’m glad you shared a photo of those two darling girls.
    I’m fascinated to see your beautiful photos of the hummingbirds. It’s unbelievably difficult to photograph them because they move so fast and you got them perfectly!
    Is that waterfall in your backyard? Is the water running so fast because of the recent rains?

    • Yes, Rosie, the waterfall is in our backyard. It’s part of an outdoor railroad my husband has in the backyard…it needs some clean-up after the winter and it’s looking a little neglected. When we get it back in order I will probably share a post about it. It’s kind of a fun hobby…the grandchildren like it 🙂 The hummingbird photo surprised ME! I got very lucky with that one! Debra

  13. These are great photo. You daughters are gorgeous… I love watching squirrels in my yard too and they are such delightful, every busy creatures. 😉

  14. This was a delight to read! Loved the photos of the squirrels, hummingbirds and the cute little girls!
    I feed our birds and squirrels here, so that I can enjoy them. I love chick mucks here too…watching nature is so calming. I really enjoyed your post and don’t worry we all want to be organized but spending time with nature and animals and kids are waaaaay more important Debra! Love and blessings, Jackie

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the photos of the animals in my backyard, Jackie–and my granddaughters 🙂 I can easily spend my time just enjoying the activity of birds and small animals…I used to be home a lot more and could balance a bit better. I’m thankful for the things that can bring me such simple pleasure, however. Debra

  15. What beautiful images. I love the squirrel and the hummingbirds – we don’t have these in Australia so it’s a joy to see them. And your two girls are gorgeous of course. And I always have a kitchen bench piled high with mail I need to deal with. I just wish everyone would stop sending it to me! xx

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the hummingbirds, Charlie. I don’t think I know that much about their natural territory. That might be interesting for me to look up! And of all my household discouragements, mail and paper are the worst! You’re right…they DO just keep sending it. I avoid going through it as long as I can! Debra

    • I know that I always enjoy seeing photos of plants, birds and animals from other regions, so it did occur to me that perhaps others would enjoy my “backyard wildlife.” I’m glad you did. I have had several people say that hummingbirds do not live in their part of the country (world) and I don’t think I know that much about their habitats. I have thought I’d like to do a little study! 🙂 Debra

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  17. That’s great; blame it all on a squirrel… and a hummingbird… and two lovely girls! Who wants a clean and perfect life anyway? Besides you got some lovely photographs. I am really amazed that you were able to capture the hummingbird, that is an almost impossible task. Well done!

    • Thank you, Otto. I have a new camera with really good automatic settings…I think I was really very lucky with the photo of the hummingbird. I have yet to really get to “know” the camera outside of a few basic settings, but I can tell that I’m going to really enjoy it. A few lucky shots really encourages me to learn more so that I can rely on success. Thank you for noticing. Your positive remarks really mean a lot! I’m trying to learn 🙂 Debra

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