Saturday Paws–Down to the Bone

The Girls have been showing me some better ways to handle Life’s Stressful Moments— plus I have been looking at a fun book–that’s always a stress-reducer for me! The book is titled “Spilling the Beans On the Cat’s Pajamas.” Don’t you just smile at that title?  The book offers a cultural look at some of the clichés, slogans, and gathering of words used for many years–perhaps so much so that we are not even sure of the original meanings.

And let me tell you, the car crash left me with “Brain Fog.” This fog state is also experienced by pregnant women, and during Cancer treatment people refer to Chemo Fog. There are all sorts of fog states related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), too.  I often mix my slogans up, but I will save some of those stories for sharing another time!

Well, the Girls are still dealing with the repair work going on next door— oh my!! It seems like anytime one removes stucco and tar paper here in California they find termite infestation and hidden rain damage. UGH! I really feel for the one man trying to work on this project– it may not be done for a long time yet!

Fortunately he has made progress with Mae-be and Ruffles! He no longer uses the block wall to brace his work materials, so now Mae-be only barks when he first arrives. I have had to talk–more than a few times–with this friendly and well-meaning man, explaining that my Girls do not need  half of a donut or hash brown sticks from his breakfast (to be honest I am not sure he does either-but I will leave that alone). You know the saying, ‘When the cat’s away, the mice will play.’ Well,Meeeeooooww!

This week, to keep everyone happy, I thought I’d go back to the ‘all-day sucker’ type of dog chew– a really BIG rawhide chew in the shape of a Christmas Cane.  Yup! After-Christmas clearance sales are my stock-up time. I also brought out a ‘meaty in the middle bone-style’ chew.

As I was approaching the overly excited Girls I felt pretty certain that Mae-be would go for the cane and Ruffles for the meaty.  Was I wrong! This probably also explains why I haven’t won the Lotto either!  Ruffles and Mae-be sniffed both and Ruffles grabbed her choice–you were paying attention right? Yup–she snatched the BIG rawhide cane and ran for the outdoor rug!

Just my size! Yum!

“Mine! ALL MINE!!” Please note how Ruffles is using her paws to hold the bone in a good position to chew on the end ! She’s very smart!

Mae-be looked so dainty, with the much smaller meaty bone. She even stood gently on her hind legs to take it politely from me.

Of course, they will exchange their treats many times over the next few days. That is unless one of them gets truly possessive and buries the rawhide or sits with it protectively under their chest. These items make great distractions for the Girls!

OK! Where'd you hide it?

But the truth is that I am in need of some distractions from my own daily stressors. I use this blog as one of those places in my life where I too, can ‘gnaw’ things over- and thank you, good readers, as well as Debra, for what you contribute in support.

You know, “A good chew is like….” –Do you have something to fill-in or suggest? Instead of letting life chew away at my good spirit I want to take that bone, just like Ruffles, with gusto and great delight and just see how much damage I can do to it!!

Or, are you more like my 80-pound Boxer—surprisingly nibbling gently on the meaty center! HA! You do know Boxers have a jaw tensile strength of 40 pounds, right? Maybe when remembering how strong one really is there is also a choice. Wow! Canine Philosophy 101.

We all have “stuff,” don’t we? I do hope whatever has been gnawing away at you— you’ll find a way to get a good chew out of it. Maybe you can take a good look at it, and it won’t go to waste! Have a wonderful weekend–an we hope you enjoy St. Paddy’s Day!

Blessings, Beth & Girls

16 thoughts on “Saturday Paws–Down to the Bone

  1. Oh I know about that fog! And blanks, I am into blank moments. So when i am in a fog or a blank i clean, cleaning takes NO BRAIN! plus it helps me clean this tremendous mess of a tiny house. I just hate to be inside!! have a fab weekend and by the way i love your comments on my site, you are always so up beat and supportive, thank you for that! c

    1. That is a great suggestion! Cleaning up a place is very much like ‘a good chew’!! It’s hard being inside when we are ready to ‘run about’ outside isn’t it? Exchanging blog comments is like a good hello from a friend- which we are! Happy St. Pat’s Day & 🙂 from Beth &
      the Girls

  2. Ruth Younger

    Loved your post, your writings are always an inspiration to me. You have made an amazing journey since the accident. You have kept your spirits high and shared with others how to take life as it comes. Excuse me now, I am off to have a good chew!

  3. Jackie Paulson

    Happy St. Pat’s day ♥ Jackie
    The puppies are so adorable, you bring a huge smile to me today. I am tired from working 12 hours a day…sleeping much on Saturdays..even as the weather here in Chicago IL is 70 degrees…bummer I cannot enjoy it,…

  4. Oh that makes all three of us very happy Jackie– smiles across the country!! 🙂 And I wish I could ‘loan’ you Ruffles or Mae-be for a good nap on a warmer-than-usual Chicago day!! They play hard, eat with enjoyment, and take naps often!! Ahhh such is their life!! I suggest a good cuddle with a pillow if no fur-babies are near-by! ❤ Hope the Chicago River did not turn green again-ha! Beth & the Girls

  5. I can completely relate to needing to take a step back every now and then and am very familiar with brain fog. I find doing something completely for myself usually helps. 🙂

  6. I was chuckling at some of your remarks as your dog and the repairman not needing the snacks and also the lotto comment. This was a fun post to read. Still smiling. 🙂

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