Forget March Madness…it’s all about ME!

It’s March 1st, and I have an announcement. I’m going to enjoy the last several days of my current age, but on the 20th I will be entering a new decade. What decade might that be? I’ll just say that Queen Elizabeth II and I have something in common…that’s enough of a clue for now, but as the month moves forward I will definitely be reflecting upon our Diamond Jubilee!

You may have noticed I don’t have a lot of trouble celebrating! But birthdays are tricky! I think my current state of mind is best described as measured solemnity! There’s a huge gap between dread and ebullience and  I’m at neither end. But I am giving myself one whole month to make all necessary emotional adjustments, celebrating in every possible way to ward off any negativity (people say the strangest things!) and then I will gratefully embrace my robust age and live life with calm acceptance and appreciation!

Part of my month-long celebration will include sharing “all about me” in as many ways as I think you can reasonably bear! Don’t get too excited–I’m not all that interesting. But as you’ve previously learned, I am very good at elevating minutiae to noteworthy.

So let me kick off the celebrating by acknowledging acceptance of three more awards! Three! How celebratory is THAT! Because I have determined to devote one entire month to ME, I will measure out the attendant details over the next several posts, and today, I will recognize the first of three very generous bloggers who so supportively bestowed the awards…almost like birthday gifts, don’t you think?

I am very honored to accept the Hug Award, given to Breathelighter by Otto, the dedicated writer of Münchow’s Creative Photo Blog. The details associated with this award are truly beautiful, and Beth and I are very honored to accept. The guidelines state the award is for people who nurture hope and respect, with dignity for all people without compromising their own religious, spiritual or political beliefs. Isn’t this a lovely award? What a tremendous challenge to maintain that level of integrity as I kick-off my birthday celebrations! (I will, of course, be more humble in April).

There are many guidelines and interesting things to note about this award. I hope you’ll take the time to look here: Hope Unites Globally – HUG Award Guidelines.

Guidelines state that I need to pass on the award to at least one other person. There are many people who move and inspire me with their blogs, but remember…we have two more awards to accept. And, I read many already well-celebrated and “award-heavy” blogs!

Corri, at Virtuous_Gracious is very serious about natural medicine and pursuing health and nutrition.  She speaks openly of her personal faith and how it guides her in making choices for a healthy lifestyle, and I think she is the embodiment of the intent behind the  Hug Award.

And I certainly want to give a “hug back” to Otto. I can’t say enough about his inspiring creativity. I don’t even recall how we first became “acquainted,” but I can tell you that each of you would feel inspired from reading his posts. A blog devoted to creativity through amazing photographic and writing talents, Otto is an amazing world traveler/photographer with a sensitive devotion to the welfare of others. Please introduce yourself to Otto, and if you consider yourself a lifelong learner, you will be so glad you did!

So this kicks off my very special birthday month! I hope you’ll stay tuned as I share about myself while also accepting two more awards–sharing with my partner Beth, of course! I fully intend to make the most of my personal Diamond Jubilee! I’m so pleased to invite you to my party, and no R.S.V.P. required! Just stop by any time!

Cheerio! Debra

35 thoughts on “Forget March Madness…it’s all about ME!

  1. Congratulations, Debra, on being honored with such an aptly named award — and so deserved, too. As for your upcoming birthday, I support and applaud your decision to claim March for yourself. I just wonder why you didn’t do the same with February? I know it’s a little late now but next time, ten years hence, go ahead and take ’em both. Just don’t tell my Sister. She may not be too thrilled that I gave away rights to her birthday month. Shhh!

    1. Thank you, John. And you’re right! I felt a little indulgent taking the fully month, but next decade…two months for sure! I hope this next ten years doesn’t fly quite as quickly as the last! Whew! I’ll keep the secret from your sister, promise! 🙂 Debra

  2. Good for you for celebrating a birthday month, Debra. The older I get, the more I like to extend my birthday, making me wonder why I didn’t think of it years ago. You and the Queen, quite the celebration! Here, here!

    Congratulations on all of your honors, particularly your Hug Award! I look forward to visiting the blogs you mention today, and hearing about your other honors. Wow! What a birthday month you are already having.

    1. Thank you, Penny! I started making a big deal out of my birthday just a few years ago. It started out almost like a joke, but I’ve taken it and run with it! The awards are very sweet…and it is fun to pass them on. I have been thinking of you and others today with the storms! I hope you and yours are safe…the evening news showed such destruction! D

  3. Congratulations on the well deserved award. My husband always make sure we celebrate a birthday week for me each and every year. You will be one up on me with an entire month. So, Happy Birthday for each day of the month and enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Karen. I think a week would probably be just fine if I could take the week off from work, but since I spend so much time alone in an office, I need the whole month to get as much attention as I obviously require! Ha! I’ll try not to completely overdo it! 🙂 Debra

  4. You, my new friend, are amazing! Thank you for thinking of me. 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing more about you. Especially celebrating what seems to be a monumental birthday. Many hugs to you sweet lady!

    1. Monumental! That’s a good word for it, Corri! At least once a year I can plan on making sure that I get all the attention I can possibly handle! I’m so glad you accepted the HUG award…you got right on it 🙂 Debra

    1. Thank you so much, dear Kate. I am always so delighted when you stop by! I have a few things about myself that I am anxious to share with you in the next few posts. There are some bits of my life that do connect me with Great Britain. 🙂 Debra

  5. I think it’s a great idea to give some attention to yourself up towards your next anniversary, which I am sure will be nothing than I mere beginning of much more to come. I certainly like your queen-like attitude. Goes to tell something about your devoted self. And then I almost blushed when I read the last part. Your are all too kind, but thank you so much for the wonderful words.

    1. Thank you for the kind celebratory words, Otto, and although much of the “all about me” is certainly tongue-in-cheek, even being a little silly about it has the effect of bringing in some fun as my personal focus…not a date on a calendar page! And I’m sorry I didn’t first let you know I had finally posted about the HUG award. I hope that because I linked, perhaps you did know, but now that you’ve read what I posted, I do want to say that I meant every word. No flattery! Your site and all that you share is really so well done, and is so inspiring in your detail encouraging creativity! Thank you, again! Debra

  6. Many congratulations, Debra, both on the Big Birthday and on your very well-deserved blog awards. From my loftier age I can tell you there’s plenty of life after the Diamond Jubilee; 🙂 I’m doing things now, including my blog, that I couldn’t even have imagined when I was your age. Onwards and upwards……..!

    1. Onward and upwards–I like that, Perpetua! I think I am very fortunate to have my mother, and actually until ten years ago my grandmother–all wonderful examples of how age is just a number! And I agree with you about having so many new interests that I never could have pursued until this time in my life. I thank you for the congratulations, and isn’t it fun to share with one another 🙂 Debra

  7. Congratulations on your awards and in celebrating you! You have given me the idea to also claim my birthday month of November when my time comes to enter another decade. 🙂

    1. I’m kind of laughing at myself, Marie, after being so bold as to declare one full month of celebrating. Hmmmm. Now I have figure out exactly what I want to do! I think there is probably more celebrating going on in my head than will be outwardly observed…but I LOVE the concept! 🙂 Debra

      1. Debra, I am three years before I celebrate another decade and like Oprah (hint she and I will be sharing the same decade) but your idea is great. I am going to do it. I probably will nurture my self with home spa treatments, fresh air, treats, etc. LOL.

        By the way, I mentioned your blog in my latest blog entry. 🙂

        1. Thank you, Marie. I’m a bit behind in my reading tonight…I’ve had a little internet trouble 🙂 I’ll be sure to take notice and I am so pleased. And Oprah does provide a very good hint! I like your ideas! Debra

  8. Dear Debra,
    Congratulations on the awards! The Hugo one is indeed a great honor.
    And Happy Birthday! Early!
    And . . . I’m just sitting here smiling at the idea that you are going to be sharing with us some of your memories of becoming the gracious person you are. I so look forward to reading your posts.


    1. Thank you so much, Dee. You are always so encouraging and make me feel so appreciated. I am going to continue to have fun telling a few little stories of my childhood. I think you have rubbed off on me! 🙂 Debra

  9. Congratulations on the award Debra – that’s how I found you.
    Love the idea of celebrating all month – “zero” birthdays need something special.

    I don’t know you very well having just “met” you but looking at the photo of Queen E at the top, I don’t think you wear blue hats and matching coats…? I give up.

    1. Ha! Are you unsure about my tie to the Queen? You’re right…she has a few years on me. But her Diamond Jubilee (60 years as Queen) is correlating with my 60th birthday. I have purchased a tiara…if I’m brave enough to post a picture of me wearing it, I’m sure you’ll see the resemblance! I can be very Royal! 🙂 Debra

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