Saturday Post–Signs of Spring with Ruffles and Mae-be

Spring has arrived!! Now you might think, “Yes Beth, March 20th came and went! Duh!”  Or “My Daffodils and other bulbs have pushed through.  I’ve also noticed there are the new leaves on the trees filling in nicely.” And you would be right!

But if your life, like mine, is shared with dear furry sentient beings–especially dogs and cats–there are other distinct indicators.

Mae-be gave me a clue about the signs of spring.  Do you see it?  New long blades of grass have literally popped up within ten days after light rain and sunshine. And around the cement patio areas I’ve noticed there are chewed up little clumps of these grasses.  A dog’s version of a spring tonic!

What's rough with rrroughage?

When I shared this photo with Debra her comment came back as “Ahhhh, she looks sad.” I think so, too. And since Ruffles is a sentient being she is conveying something of her feelings.

Professor John Webster of the University of Bristol, UK said “A sentient animal is one for whom feelings matter.”  His work in this matter is opening up many important discussions in Compassionate Farming and the use of other species by humans.  And looking into Ruffles’ eyes I am left to wonder, What do I do for Ruffles right now?

Should I give her a tummy mint? A rub or massage? What about hot water? Will Mother Nature just take care of this?  Believe it or not Ruffles did not want her favorite treats during this time! Now that concerned me greatly!

My family roots come from a part of the country that historically depended on Spring Tonics and Mother Nature. My parents used to talk about their grandparents,  great aunts and uncles–all coming around with a dark glass bottle of something at this time of the year with a big spoon– zeroing  in on the children! Sometimes they were told to throw back their heads, open wide, and hold the nose!

Other times it would be a bitter-tasting cup of tea to be ingested as quickly as possible. Or another tactic would be  a walk in the meadows to select the newly sprung forth greens of nettles, dandelion leaves, borage greens—whatever was available. Then they were cooked down to create another form of that “much needed” roughage to get the winter blahs out of the body. Mother Nature has ways to get you up-and-running!

And so it goes for Ruffles! She, much more so than Mae-be, needs this Spring Tonic and she knows how to select it herself! And I am happy to say she is much perkier today than she was a few days ago.  Mae-be did try to tell me it would all work out!

What's up? Don't worry mom!

So, if you have dogs and cats, please be on the look-out for those certain signs that announce spring is here! We can learn a lot by paying attention to what they are trying to tell us!

Blessings, Beth & the Girls