Re-Capping the Mushrooms…

In January I was all excited about the box of grow-your-own mushrooms I received for Christmas, followed by my enthusiasm for the most amazing mushroom cutlet EVER–courtesy of Whole Foods. I am still enthusiastically pursuing a variety of mushroom dishes so I thought you might enjoy a little follow-up to see where I am now!

I am currently on my fourth “round” of mushrooms. They pop up overnight, and depending on how quickly I get to them, they are harvested as little buttons or large, earthy globes. I’ve turned a corner of a kitchen pantry into my mushroom garden, and I intend to purchase a new box when this one stops producing.

Melt-in-your-mouth goodness!

If you caught my previous mushroom post you may recall my rapturous “Ode to a Porcini Mushroom Cutlet.”  Since I last mentioned my interest in learning the nutritional value (make that calories) I have been on a quest for resolution. I wasn’t exactly able to “cut a deal,” but Whole Foods brokered a box directly from the Field Roast Grain Meat Company.  When I went to pick up the delicious Cutlets, YUM, the helpful Whole Foods crew had discarded the original packing box for one with a more suitable presentation…so, out went the nutritional information! I later learned that wholesale food products are not required to post them anyway, so, good for me…it’s a sign! I think I’ll let that one go, and just enjoy my GIANT box of Porcini Mushroom Cutlets!

As one quest is phased out, I’m moving on. My new obsession is still mushroom-related, but on a whole new level. An out-of-this-world taste…truffle oil! I’d go for the truffles themselves, but at also out-of-this-world prices, I don’t think I’m competent enough in the kitchen to take on that culinary adventure. I think for now I’ll stick to the truffle oil.

Santa brought me this beautiful bottle of Truffle Oil

The oil can also be a little pricey, but it is entirely worth the investment. A little goes a long way, and even a very small amount perks up almost any dish. I have recently been adding just a little bit to sautéed spinach or kale. I know there are many more exotic ways to use this fragrant and decadent oil, but I’m still learning. You’ll have to do your own homework here!

If you want some fantastic truffle taste without even cooking, look what I found at my favorite grocer…truffle honey, truffle vinegar, truffle salt…many points of entry!

As you know, I do love my vegetables and I have a good suggestion for you! If you’re interested in adding a few more vegetable dishes to your own diet, let me invite you to join me in an on-line VegBookclub. I joined in January, and it’s bringing together other cooking explorers! It’s very simple. Hosted by Britt Bravo,  we dive into a new vegetarian cookbook each month, and participants post successes, challenges, and when possible, photos. The only requirement is an interest in trying to add a few more plant-based foods into the diet. No pressure! And it is NOT just for vegetarians. If you’re interested, do check it out. I’ve been enjoying the challenge to try new combinations. And trying new things is good for your overall well-being!

Thanks for hanging in there with me on my mushroom odyssey–I probably won’t have a reason to revisit a conversation about my love-relationship with mushrooms anytime too soon, but I will submit one final plea…if you have firsthand experience with truffles and can tell me more about them…I’m all ears!


19 thoughts on “Re-Capping the Mushrooms…

  1. Well, for goodness sakes, I learn something new everyday! Mushroom kits? Mushroom oil? I am flummoxed and flabbergasted at this revelation! I have really got to get out more often… Thanks for educating this old goose!

    1. Ha! I’m glad I could cause you some general wing-flapping! I have heard that pigs root around for truffles, but I think geese would just eat them up! You just must try that truffle oil…you’ll wow your friends 🙂 Debra

  2. Congratulations on such a bountiful mushroom harvest! I’ve often wondered whether one would be worthwhile and it certainly does appear that it is. I’m with you about truffles and truffle oil. Unless the truffle market collapses and they become as cheap as, say, white button mushrooms, you won’t be finding a truffle in my kitchen anytime soon. Besides, I’ve visions of finally buying one and watching as Max snags it off of the counter and runs around the house with it in his mouth, dropping bits and pieces along the way.

    1. I am enjoying my harvest, John. I discovered there are many other box sizes, so it’s practical for almost any environment, I would think. And certainly no trouble! I have had a wonderful response from “virtuousgracious” in Oregon sharing many wonderful facts and contributing to the dialogue about the truffles, so I may still be brave to try. I also have cousins who are are just amazing cooks, in fact their approach to cooking reminds me a lot of yours, and I may just get them down to my kitchen from their home in the Bay Area and request a cooking lesson! I wonder if Max does get into your cooking adventures from time to time? That would be a picture! Debra

  3. Debra, thanks for this update. I pinned one of your grow-your-own-mushroom boxes from Pinterest. It will be a gifting resource for MTM. It looks like he could do this anytime, anywhere. 🙂

    Truffles do not agree with me, so the only experience I’ve had with them is eating truffles or truffle oil and having an upset stomach. 😦 I guess, in a way, that’s a good thing, because they cost a fortune. I love their scent.

    1. Yes, the scent is half of it, I think! That’s interesting about the stomach upset…I wonder what contributes to that, but then, all little food sensitivities are kind of peculiar! I hope you do get one of the boxes. It is so funny how much pleasure I have received just in watching their little heads pop up…and then quickly grow! I’ll look forward to hearing how that goes for you when the time comes!! Debra

  4. Truffles are amazing! After we harvest them we put them over rice in the fridge to keep, not only will they infuse the truffle into the rice but they also keep better. If you have fresh then make sure you open the jar every few days. The best things we have had truffles on are eggs, pasta, rice and bread. For whatever reason they seem to be amazing on carbs. 🙂 They are really as “seasoning” rather than a mushroom you cut and eat. I’d be happy to answer any questions. We get many more white Oregon truffles than black. The black have a sweeter taste and I think would be fabulous in a dessert! We also grate up the truffles into some fresh raw butter and freeze that to use at a later date. I just made a pasta with milk, garlic, onion and truffle butter. I added turkey because Hubby likes meat in his pasta but it would have tasted wonderful without it as well. I just wish we could get $29.99 each for the ones we find! LOL But we enjoy eating them. We have been truffle hunting here in Oregon for 3 years now, so I can help answer any questions you might have. I love to share my truffle knowledge.

    1. I can’t thank you enough, Virtuous! What good information! Now that I’m tuned into the value, I can imagine you’d be on a real treasure hunt when you go scouting. Thank you so much for the informative response, and for offering to be of further assistance. I will definitely take advantage of that offer. I’ll spend some time on your site, too…you have me curious about your life in Oregon. I love the name of your blog…that draws me in immediately. 🙂 Thanks again…Debra

      1. Glad to help Debra. Where are you located? I’m Corri, by the way 🙂 We tend to get quite the fill of truffles, we have spots we go and don’t ever leave empty handed. It’s fun and you get a workout to boot, plus what fun treats to take home. Maybe we can send you a few fresh to try. We have tried to train our dogs, our female will find blacks in the house but doesn’t care for the whites. We haven’t taken them out yet to try them in the woods. I personally think the whites are better. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve given them to people and they let them rot because they didn’t know what to do with them! 😦 We love finding new truffle/mushroom lovers so welcome to the family! 🙂

        1. Oh you’re so kind, Corri! Thank you for showing so much interest, and I’ll gladly join the family. It must indeed be really a horrifying bit of news to hear of any just going to waste. You’ll have to show your friends the sign I posted…that was from our local Whole Foods. I took the picture at holiday time! We are in Southern California, so if you consider how we now have friends all over the world, you and I are practically neighbors! 🙂 I’m so glad to met you! Debra

  5. Sounds a wonderful idea, Debra: an online veggie cooking community. I want to move towards more vegetarian cooking. Starting with a Cranks recipe book which has some very promising main courses….

    1. It is fun, Kate. I am not the most creative cook! I can make something out of nothing, and I am great with leftovers, so there’s a bit of creativity in that, but we are NOT talking cuisine 🙂 It’s such a privilege to have so many options! I’m not familiar with Cranks, but I’m going to look it up 🙂 D

  6. Dear Debra,
    Postings like this one make me hungry. I’d like to be sitting at your table eating the new recipes you are trying with truffle oil. I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly thirty-two years, so I’m glad to read this posting and discover the site you sent us to. You are quite an adventurer when it comes to food! That’s a wonderful way to be.


  7. I have always wanted to get a mushroom box to grow. Looks like it’s really worth it. I was introduced to truffle oil when I got addicted (yes, addicted) to infused balsamic vinegars. We have a vinegar taproom where you go and taste before you buy. They also have olive oils and specialty salts. Had to buy the truffle oil. I use it with grilled meat dishes. It gives it a deep earthy flavor that no one guesses. Not sure how to do with veggies but I am inspired to try harder. I do love mushrooms.

  8. Awesome…I’ll have to be looking for a local supermarket that may carry the “Grow Your Own Porcinis” I looked into growing some Shiitakes once, but it was on a “Commercial” level, and too time, labor, and space involved for me to venture into.
    Bless You
    Great Reading here…so, I’m awarding you the Reader Appreciation Award. If you would like to pick up the Badge, and the suggested info…You can do so here:
    Your Link will be added onto the page by then…

    1. Thank you so much, Paul. Very kind of you. I will look into the description and respond soon. I just recently delayed on accepting a previous award, and it may once again take me just a little time to gracious accept, but I will! And yes, do look into the mushroom growing. We found this one through mail order…and I’m getting ready to order once again. I saw smaller boxes at our local Whole Foods so I may give that a try! 🙂 Thank you for your comments and generosity! Debra

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