Why I had to get married!

I love nature. I pay attention; enough so that despite living in a suburban landscape with plenty of distraction I am the one to see the rare out-of-place bird, notice the hawk in the neighbor’s tree and I’ve told you before about my run-ins with raccoons and skunks. I respect living creatures and completely understand that in most cases it’s we who have disturbed their habitats.

But I am not comfortable when wildlife invades my bathroom.

OK...I know he's just a little guy, but...

So wildlife might seem to be overstating it a bit, but I don’t like anything that crawls or slithers indoors! Sorry for the blurry picture, but my iPhone didn’t quite do the job, or it might have something to do with the sudden flurry of frantic activity–I began to fly around the room.

Do I throw a towel over him? He’s small–it might hurt him–don’t want to take the chance.

Oh, the blog! I’ve got to take a picture, but better hurry. What if he scurries under something. I won’t be able to sleep if I think he’s in the house!

I paced and considered, from a distance, until I came up with my emergency response measure.

Lizard in plastic dome

I quickly grabbed a microwave food cover (we use it to hold paper plates) and tip-toed behind the little guy, gently placing it over him, vent opened enough to give him some air. Jay had worked the night before and was still snoozing…and the lizard relocation plan was going to wait until my dear husband could rescue me…I mean rescue him!

Husband to the rescue
Safely and securely folded in a gentle paper envelope!
Set free...and out of my bathroom!

And once again, all is right with the world. I’m spoiled by having a patient husband who just accepts that there are some things I suppose I could do, I just don’t want to!

Hoping each of you has a wonderful new week. Be sure to watch your step! Debra

41 thoughts on “Why I had to get married!

  1. OH, Debra, I’m smiling. I have one of those wonderful rescuing husbands, too. I’m pretty good with most creatures, but, heaven help me if I see a mouse! I’m totally, helplessly, irrationally freaked out by Mickey’s relatives. EEEEEK! I do understand why you “had to get married”.

    1. I’m with you on mice, Penny! They send me shrieking. I haven’t encountered any in our home, although I am sure they’ve visited, but we sometimes find them in our trailer up in the mountains, and unfortunately just knowing they can be there mars my ability to relax. I really can’t handle them. And we are a little spoiled having husbands willing to do the dirty work. I sometimes feel a little silly…but it obviously doesn’t change my behavior! Debra

  2. Jackie Paulson

    Debra, what a great day…your hubby saved the animal. I do agree that I don’t like slithering things coming in from outdoors. Right now I live in a basement and If I do not spray we get centipedes…yes, how gross…those I DO KILL. I am sorry if that offends you are anyone. I can handle most spiders but not these with a million legs. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love your sensitivity to the creepy-crawlies. I try very hard to not deliberately kill anything, including insects, but that’s when I’m consciously considering the act! I’m sure I swipe at things and harm them all the time! And there are insects that get in and take over…I’m not that kind! Lizards are a little too high up the animal chain for me to consider harming! He was cute…outdoors!! Debra

  3. Debra, a lizard lives in my bathroom floor. It sends mr screaming to and from the toilet, but nobody can catch it. Through a crack in the floor he goes, leaving me stumbling in there at 3am knowing I will squish it and end up in the emergency room. 🙂

    1. I do remember your lizard, Andra! I thought of you! Ha! It’s funny how something that tiny can paralyze us, isn’t it? That was my concern, too…what about in the night? Ha! Aren’t we brave! Debra

  4. Critters outside, humans inside that’s the way it’s meant to be. A couple of days ago my sister and her daughter had a possum in their bathroom for the second time in a month. The man of the house, my 12 year old great nephew, was more frightened than his mum and nan. They had to pay ‘Peter the possum man’ $100 to come get it.

    1. That is so funny, Tricia. I honestly don’t know what I would do if a possum appeared anywhere in my house! Our cat once killed one and left it at my door…I had to call my father to come and take care of it. I couldn’t handle it even dead! It is funny how I can admire out-of-doors, but once inside, that’s a whole new ballgame! 🙂 So glad you shared, Tricia! Debra

    1. I think it was just a common lizard, Elizabeth. They’re all over the place outdoors, and that’s ok by me…even interesting! But my concern was he’d appear somewhere else, like in my bed or something! Forget the fact that I don’t think they can climb! Ha! I just have a vivid imagination…or have seen too many movies! Debra

    1. Thanks for stopping by Natalie…and I’m glad you enjoyed the little story. The whole time I was dancing around this little guy making much too much out of it I was laughing out loud at how ludicrous the entire situation was. I pretend I’m sooo competent and independent, and then a lizard makes me call out the cavalry. :-0 Debra

  5. They are so not a part of the environment here, although I wish they were. I was in Fiji once and there were 2 small lizards “in residence” in my cottage. I can remember thinking that they wouldn’t stick around if there was nothing to eat. Given my arachnophobia, I decided a lizard or two were infinitely more preferable to whatever it was that they were eating.

    1. You make a good point, John. And now I’ll wonder about that! What were they after 🙂 I recall your arachnophobia, and I’m not too concerned with spiders and insects. My office mates know they can call on me to pick up a bug or two and usher the offender safely outdoors. Our brains and the way we construct phobias are certainly particular to each one of us, aren’t they? I’d love to understand that better! And by the way, wouldn’t almost anything in Fiji be just fine!! Debra

  6. No experience of lizards over here, Debra, but I use the same technique with a drinking glass to capture spiders when DH isn’t around to rescue me. I slip a piece of paper under it, turn the glass over and deposit the spider safely outside. It’s taken a lot of practice to get to that point…. 🙂

    1. I’m sure it gets too cold in Wales for lizards and salamanders, Perpetua. One of the most interesting things I have observed in my brief and not very wide travels is the difference in spiders. I’ve seen some in the southern United States that are so huge and colorful they look like something I’d expect in the Amazon. I guess every region has it’s insects and critters, and we do our best to be both observant and considerate. I try to get spiders out of doors, too. I think I can handle that! 🙂 Debra

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Smidge! I’m afraid I have a “signature” dance when my brain begins to give me too many messages. I am so decisive in most situations, but when something appears “out of place” my mind is flooded with options and I’m not very effective. I don’t think I’m good in emergencies either…I’m good in the aftermath when it’s time to reorganize! Ha! Debra

  7. Dear Debra,
    I’ve never been married, but growing up and then being in the convent and then having a roommate in Dayton for three years, I do know about the advantage of having another person handy to take care of those jobs that I simply can’t imagine as mine!

    Fixing the leaky toilet, picking up the evil-looking spider and depositing it outside, changing the storm door and putting on the screen, and finally, changing the oil in the car. Oh, then to have someone here with patience and expertise would be joy in the morning!

    So, it’s clear to me why one chooses to be married!!!!!!


    1. Friends are important in providing that same sense of support, I do believe. I can’t imagine what possessed me to once call a good friend to ask her to come help when our cat, Licorice, left a dead rat (not mouse!) at my doorstep. Jay wasn’t available and I couldn’t deal with it alone! She actually drove over to help me out! So I’m “no good” in those situations, but I have good friends who love me anyway…as I’m sure you do, too! Companionship is the key element! Thank you, Dee! Debra

  8. Now I would feel that way if it were a snake or a huge spider or something else, but I used to have chameleons or anoles when I was a kid. My folks even brought me back a dozen wild ones from Florida once when I was a kid. So, I would have just picked him up. If they try to bite you it’s just like a pinch because they don’t have any teeth to speak of–just a raggedy edged mouth. Not sure if those are supposed to be tiny teeth or not, but they don’t really hurt and could never draw blood despite trying hard to do so–LOL! They can become so tame that I carried them around on my shoulder or shirt. Sweet little things!!
    But–unless it was a garter snake (familiar with those and they’re not poisonous and rarely ever bite)–I’d rather somebody else deal with a snake for me. Luckily we don’t have too many unwelcome house guests up here. Too cold for them. Kills them off. LOL! 😉

    1. I’m sure you’re right, Rita. I think I wondered if critters were drawn to the warmth of the indoors, but you remind me that with freezing temperatures, they don’t get that far, do they! I am fine with lizards and chameleons if I’m looking in a terrarium, but I was afraid that if I grabbed this little guy he’d just lose a tail and move on. I don’t even know if that’s true, but it’s what I’ve been told 🙂 You can hear my inexperience! I love your comment “sweet little things!!”–so I know you’ll be glad to hear we took very good care of him! He was released into a very safe part of the yard with plenty of hiding places. So nice to hear from you, Rita. Debra

      1. Yes, if you grabbed ahold of the end of their tail they can break it off to get away. That’s why you go for the whole tiny body when picking them up. 😉 I did see how carefully your husband was with him. Yes, I was very pleased, as I’m sure the anole was, to see him out in the yard again. And you picked the perfect trap, BTW. Even had an air vent! 🙂

  9. This is so funny! I am like that with spiders! Get my Don! but I guess I kind of really like these little guys I probably would try to pick it up except I don’t like it if their tail falls off. Hope no more come your way but so glad you have John!
    Love Deb

    1. Hi Deb! We could live together…I don’t mind spiders, and you are okay with the little lizard. Good to know, huh? Right now it’s too cold where you live to have any lizards–or spiders, I would think! D

  10. Oh my goodness, Debra! That’s just how I am with flying bugs. Although I’m usually not brave enough to catch them under cups to fetch my husband. I usually run up to him, point at the bug, and stammer. But I looooove lizards, and they creep out my husband. So it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s great to have patient husbands. And it’s awesome that y’all don’t squish them (lots of people do), but just let them go outside. 🙂

    1. Oh dear! I couldn’t harm the little things! My husband is creeped out by snakes! I was the one to take the kids through the zoo reptile house when they were young! We all do have something, I think, that levels us off a bit. And I’m not too bad with the bugs either, but in Ohio I think they grow a little bigger…I might have trouble with big ones. Ha! Debra

      1. The bugs ARE bigger here than the ones in north Texas, but the Louisiana critters take the cake. I’ve seen spiders bigger than my hands and beetles the size of a toddler’s fist there.

  11. This is so sweet! I’d love to see a little critter like that around where I live, I think he looks rather adorable! We seem to have had a sudden increase in Ladybirds recently however, and my boyfriend is far too scared around them to do anything about it! It’s ME that has to sort them out, he gets the giant spiders. 😀

    1. The secret is in the cooperation, isn’t it! I find our different “likes and dislikes” to fascinating. I am fine with insects, as a rule, and at work I’m the “go to” person for spiders! Thanks for sharing with us, Eve. Debra

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