Jumping in puddles…and keeping perspective!

I have dual purpose in making this midday post. I so frequently share pictures from sunny Southern California, and occasionally I almost want to censor! Some of my closest friends, previous California residents, now live across the country in winter wonderlands and I feel a little insensitive in my admission that I don’t even have a winter wardrobe.

But after posting photos of our lovely beach retreat weekend, I jumped on the opportunity for full disclosure. It’s raining, and it’s raining hard. It’s even cold, and I’m the silly one for leaving home this morning with inappropriate footwear. 

I could gripe a little (to myself, I don’t like to do that out loud) and go on in my head with concerns about how the freeway going home is going to be a little sketchy–SoCal drivers make freeway driving in the rain a sporting event–and I had to think and think again about leaving the office at noon and possibly losing my parking spot next to the office…

And then I got the most delicious message from my daughter.

I LOVE the rain!
All Karina wanted from Santa was an umbrella, raincoat and boots…to be like her sister! And then we had to wait for rain.
I’m so glad it rained today! My perspective is OFTEN changed by the delights of these two precious girls. I will still drive home VERY cautiously, however.
“What we see depends mainly on what we look for…” John Lubbock

32 thoughts on “Jumping in puddles…and keeping perspective!

    • You would enjoy dressing Karina, Linda. She is a real girly-girl…loves flounces and makes sure that with each wardrobe change we give her plenty of approval. She may grow up to have more of your style than mine–we might hope for that! LOL! Debra

  1. Oh, she is just too adorable for words in that raincoat and umbrella, as is her big sister. I would want to go slishing and sloshing in my galoshes with them when I (safely) returned home. Do you remember the childhood rhyme? Susie’s galoshes go slishes and sloshes as Susie goes splashing along in the slush? (or something like that).

    • That’s so funny, Penny, I haven’t heard that little rhyme in a long time! So appropriate. I’ll have to relay that one to the girls. Karina wanted the rain gear so badly…don’t you wonder what it is that gets into their minds! Receiving that text picture this morning did change my entire outlook on the day! D

    • Sunday I was speaking to my cousin who lives not far from you, Sharyn, and I could hear the rain coming down! Then we had the football game to give a visual, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. And you’re right, we don’t need a drought! I’m glad the little pictures of the girls gave you a gentle nudge in the right direction. I need those little reminders ALL the time 🙂 I sure do! D

  2. Thank you, Debra. I am having problems with my attitude lately. But I rarely complain about the rain unless I get absolutely soaked. It has been such a dry year that I am relieved to see gray skies and four days of rain.

  3. What adorable little girls! I had to drive toward your direction from Palm Springs this morning and was totally surprised by the rain. I could have used some pink rainwear, but I did all right in my Teva sandals. Thanks for sharing the smiles. 🙂

  4. Debra, I love LOVE jumping in puddles in the rain. I converted one of my best friends into doing it with her little girl. (Of course, I shamed her into it when she said adults weren’t supposed to jump in puddles. WHY NOT?) It’s one of the best ways to turn a rainy day into the happiest day of the week.

  5. Pretty in pink! I defy anyone to look at those beaming faces, dressed in the latest of rain gear fashion, and not smile as a result. It’s just not possible. And, by the way, I agree that baseball is the 4th season. 🙂

    • Oh so funny! It took me a minute to recall what you were saying! My son-in-law is a die-hard Angels’ fan! Their lives revolve around baseball every spring! Thanks for enjoying my little ones with me. I did smile all day! Debra

  6. You brought back memories of me when I was a kid…umbrella’s and rain…puddle jumping…and just being free to be ME. Your photo’s really made my day…remembering the “good ol’ days.”

  7. Oh, aren’t they sweet, Debra? 🙂 I only wish I could send them some of our rain if they want a chance to use their pretty rainwear more often. Here in Mid-Wales It’s done very little other than be grey and wet this winter so far. Sigh….

    • My brother-in-law is Welsh, Perpetua, and transplanted to Nevada about five years ago! We laughed that he left beautiful green Wales for one of the hottest places in the U.S. but he now calls this home! I suppose we must take delight wherever we are! Debra

  8. Dear Debra,
    The photographs of your two daughters warmed my heart on this chilly day here in the Midwest. And Penny’s poem, which I’d never heard, made me giggle. I hope you did drive carefully. Weather that’s unusual anyplace always makes drivers somewhat reckless. We can be so careful; it’s the driving of others we have to watch. Is that called being a “defensive” driver? I’m not a football fan and so I’m never sure of the difference between offense and defense. Whatever it is, I hope you were careful. And I wonder if you did swish and slosh and squiggle with the girls when you got home? And do you don pink also?


    • These little pink darlings are my grandchildren, Dee, so I do manage to be with them at least once a week and can handle the energy of being playful at least that often! I think they will definitely help me keep young at heart! 🙂 So glad you shared them with me! Debra

      • Dear Debra,
        Of course I should have realized that they were your grandchildren. After all you recently published a “Magellan and Drake” posting about your and your husband and being together forty years. As the SNL comics would say, “Duh!” I’m glad you can handle their playful energy at least once a week. That will keep you young at heart and in spirit.


        • That’s no problem, Dee. But I have to make sure I keep their mommy happy with me…I take credit for them all the time. LOL! And by the way…I have had some trouble leaving comments on your site lately. I have no idea why but it’s hit and miss! I just want you to know how much I do enjoy your stories! I’m not always right on time but I never miss 🙂 Debra

  9. The smiles tell the whole story. What we take as an inconvenience or problem, little ones see as fun and adventure. Somewhere in time as we grow older, we lose the wonder of life. Great post.

  10. I was so disappointed that the rain stopped Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. I retrieved my Red Wings and a quick polish job ready for splashing. My delight is to call a fellow worker over close to me and jump in the puddle for a five foot splash. S and K delight my soul with this “PRETTY IN PINK” and recall them saying “silly Papa”. Oh well another great screen saver, and thanks again. The Double Jay

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