A New “Do” for a New You–Ruffles!

So many people do plan new changes for the New Year and I heard that by January 9th (yes the 9th!) many people have stopped the new diet plan, the new exercises, and most new “SELF” changes! Did you promise yourself anything new?

Well, my plans included wanting to get Ruffles– the wild, dirty-looking, and overgrown one– a new ‘do’.

In need of a new "do"

Of course I asked my friends with pets where they go and who they trust and generally what to expect–prices, techniques, and all the extras, and there really are so many options! It is quite a big list, especially for a person who has mostly had Boxers and a Lab for the last ten years. And decisions do slow me down!

It’s not like I could just take Ruffles on an impulse. I had to choose a day when I would have time to transport and supervise, as this would be her first time for a new doggy-wash and groomer. The summer wading pool and a good shampoo was no longer an option and she had stopped cooperating, deciding that I could only brush her for five minutes at a time no matter how many treats I offered.

Now you know Mae-be Baby (the afore-mentioned slick, short-haired Boxer who LOVES a bath!) was not the least bit pleased to see me putting the special collar and leash on Ruffles, nor did she like the fact that she was obviously going to stay home while the two of us were leaving for a possible adventure. Mae-be was sure that it meant Ruffles was the favorite!

Ha! i don't need a hair cut!

When you look at the photo of Ruffles at the Pet Laundry (that’s a great name, isn’t it?) you know Ruffles would gladly have let Mae-be take her place!

I want to go home--NOW!

Although we did have an appointment, other customers kept coming in with their special requests: “Just the nails”, ” A lion mane cut for the Pomeranian”, “A speed bath for the Chocolate Lab”, and “Do something cute, make it different for the Yorkie–Oh yes! Do put the muzzle on first!”  I was amazed at how expertly the two groomers/bathers were keeping up with all the detailed instruction, and that was amidst yaps, yelps, excited, bored, growling, get-me-out-of-here dog-speak!

The large bathing tub with a ramp and special door was available and sometimes a very heavy or senior dog would be gently lifted in. Then with the door put back in place the tub was filled, reminding me of the ads in the AARP magazine for walk-in tub baths!

I am NOT liking this!

Just so you know, Ruffs cares not one whit for this modern convenience–nor the air blower, nor the tables that can lift her up to grooming level—none of it! She would not accept any treats but she did whine her discontent–but she tried!

I felt so sorry to see that Ruffles looked really scared, but I kept my eyes on her! She stared longingly out the glass window by the grooming table and I could almost hear her thinking, “If only I was in my own yard right now! I could be rolling in the special dirt and leaves combo that I call a bath–and drinking water!” I was wishing I could give her some comfort but it had to be passed through eye-contact and support from a distance. After all, we do have a special bond!

Oh, I just want to go home!

With all the interruptions and sharing time with other dogs, Ruffles new “do” took 3 (THREE!) hours. But, Oh my goodness! What a cleaner, un-matted, trimmer looking dog!! Plus, her nails and ears–also cut and cleaned, plus grooming to another part of her body that I don’t need to mention here. Those of you who have furry, terrier, poodle-type dogs will know all about that, and the rest of you should be spared!

Let me just say here that Groomers do not get paid well-enough, so we tipped well!

The LION look, Oh No!

Ruffles was NOT happy for two days! She hid whenever and where-ever she could–even in 80 degree heat with full sunshine. And she would only eat treats, sticking her nose up at regular food. She sulked. Honestly! But they didn’t cut her all the way to pink skin, so no worries about chills or sunburn.  I think she just missed her own hair! It did look like they were shearing a lamb–almost!

Ruffles sulking under the bench

So if you have been thinking of a new “do” for the new year, Ruffles has some advice! She says, “What the Woof? And Hold out for ALL the treats you can get!”

Blessings, Beth and the girls

23 thoughts on “A New “Do” for a New You–Ruffles!

  1. I, too, had a dog whose coat I had shorn every Spring. When it was all over, much like your Ruffles, poor Derby acted embarrassed for days afterward. He did adjust, though, and Summer was much easier for him, as I’m sure it will be for your Ruffles. A few extra treats wouldn’t hurt, either. 🙂

    1. Thank you, John, for letting me know about your Derby– and that adjustment periods are to be expected. Isn’t her before photo of a Wild Girl? I have gone through the Duck Jerky and am now into the second bag- those are Ruffles favs! ❤ Beth and the Girls

  2. Dear Beth,
    I didn’t finish my previous comment because my hand accidentally hit a key and there was the comment–posted! What I wanted to share is that once a long-haired cat with whom I lived–Bartleby–got lost and tangled in brush. When we finally found him, his fur was so knotted that it pulled his skin and was painful. I took him to the vet, who shaved him to the skin. When I brought him home, he hid in the basement for two days, so ashamed was he of this nude look! I felt sorry for him and visited often to tell him about his inner beauty. Finally, on the third day he appeared. He seemed so confused when grooming himself. Both he and I were relieved when his fur grew out.


    1. Thank you Dee for Part Two! lol Yes our pets seem to have their own ideas of what is the right fur-coat for them! The hiding was something else–no one laughed or made unfriendly comments. I do miss her ‘beard’ and eyebrows– which on a Wheaten I’m learning can be quite long! Thank you for visitng with me and my Girls! Beth 🙂

    1. You mean Ruffles may be just acting out-of-sorts –for more treats!! I am shocked (ha ha)! That is the wonderful thing about hair–it usually will grow back! I was surprised to hear how many people do make them and then ‘poof’ they are gone! Resolutions, that is! All my best! Beth & two smooth dogs

    1. Will you be surprised to find out she already has a good dust coating? I could easily end up in the Poor House just trying to keep her clean!! Thank you for your compassion- she always likes it when I tell her the comments about her! Beth & the less furry Ruffles & the eversmooth Mae-be Baby

  3. I enjoyed this post, Beth, but it also made me grateful that when I had cats they could take care of their own coats. 🙂 Poor Ruffles looks so outraged at what has happened!

    1. Cats are very considerate, aren’t they? Although I am not a fan of the Hairball afterwards–icky! 😦 There were a few times that day that I felt “If looks could kill” She has been having more fun – and I am surprised at how quickly her fur coat is filling in! Blessings, Beth & the Girls

  4. Love this post! Made me smile. I just started getting my border collie shaved in the spring – he LOVES it…afterwards! During it, he is a mass of pitifulness…but afterward…he prances around like a puppy, not like the geriatric that he is, sucking up all the attention. Dogs are so much fun…And Ruffles looks lovely!

    1. Your dog sounds like a ‘pip’!! Ruffles NOW likes her furcoat- thank goodness! She was truly pouting! So many of the other dogs in there were just fine! Except that Yorkie! Blessings, Beth & the Girls

    1. Oh I do understand Tim!! That’s one of many reasons I have enjoyed my short-haired Boxers so much!! Believe it or not Ruffles always acts like she is an ‘outside country dog’!! And she loves her romps in the hedges and dirt paths! Thanks for writing, Beth & the girls

  5. That was a fun post. But three hours? That’s a long time, and maybe no wonder Ruffles weren’t happy. But she does look great! The picture of Mae-be Baby on the back is just fantastic.

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