So I may not have a personal encounter with Yo-Yo Ma, but somebody else did–well sort of…

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I just had to quickly pop in with a brief addendum to yesterday’s post in which I made the case that I would really like an introduction to cellist Yo-Yo Ma. I’ve enjoyed several conversations today with friends in agreement with me about Ma’s talents, concurring he would be a great coffee or luncheon date, and I also enjoyed hearing who you would enjoy meeting. But one comment had me laughing out loud and I just had to share.

Nothing boosts my mood more than a whole-hearted endorphin-raising laugh-out-loud moment! And that’s what occurred when author Andra Watkins, The Accidental Cootchie Mama, replied to my post and included a link to a story she published on her blog a year ago.  Now many of you already know Andra and her talent. She has a unique perspective on many subjects and I look forward to each and every post.

It’s always more fun for me to share a laugh than keep it all to myself, so please be sure to read Yo-Yo Ma Is a Crumby Cellist « The Accidental Cootchie Mama and you’ll hear how Andra had her own encounter with Yo-Yo Ma—as only she would! Enjoy!

And thank you, Andra!

14 thoughts on “So I may not have a personal encounter with Yo-Yo Ma, but somebody else did–well sort of…

  1. Debra, I loved the story written by the Cootchie Mama. Outloud laughing did occur on my side too. HA! I see why you enjoy her writing. I’m now a fan Andra’s and Yo Yo Ma…maybe she can promote her blog to him and get that missed photo-op! ~E

  2. Dear Debra,
    So sorry to be away so long from your blog. I’m on the mend and so slowly I’ll catch up with all the blogs–like yours–that stimulate my dendrites, make me laugh out loud to the point of peeing, and help me stay part of the larger world beyond my home.

    I enjoyed your two blogs on Yo Yo Ma. The posting by Andra was a hoot and I signed up to follow her site after reading about the bread crumbs.

    As to the person I’d most like to meet–that has to be one of the following: J. K. Rowling, President Obama, Patricia Rutledge, Mary O’Hara, and Tony Bennett.

  3. Jackie Paulson

    I did add you to my blog roll and I made sure my PAGE for Project 365 participants are updated. I will come back later when I awake from a nap, I had two hours of sleep due to getting a new job. This will be so fun.

  4. I’m glad you’re laughing… It occurred to me that you can connect with him on Twitter and he will see you tweet and effort to connect… just saying 😉

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