Belated Saturday Paws–I’ve been busy with some new connections!

You may have been wondering what Ruffles and Mae-be Baby have been up to.

Just chillin'
Tug the flip flop!

I am sorry to have been off-the-blog (my own term) while attempting to “go wireless” in my mountain area home. Not so easy I’ve discovered! Several years ago I decided to give up my home TV set-up with exceptions only to include selected Videos and DVDs. I have my radio for news and music, plus a collection of CDs and even LPs that would impress many. I simply found the commercials and cable prices offensive! So, I cancelled all the hard-wire potential– often in Altadena the cable TV access was still fuzzy and limited anyway! I also gave up the home computer for a while. My jobs kept me more than busy, and I had Internet at work which was more than enough.

But then two years ago, after my devastating car accident, I came to understand what a help home access to a computer could be.  While recovering at my friend’s home I appreciated using her computer and I realized the benefit of connecting to my work sites and clients, used e-mail communication with my insurance company and attorney, and discovered the time savings of on-line searching for a replacement for my crunched-up car–what the Jaws-of-life do to a vehicle is not pretty! 

On top of my physical injuries, I also lost my older rescued Boxer, Buster Brown. The computer provided a safe grieving spot.  As I looked at the new to me furry faces, I cried because my recovery had taken me away when Buster passed. Dear friends and neighbors took care of his remains for me and then respectfully kept the news from me so I could have my birthday without that knowledge, but I felt something was amiss when I called to ask how my boy Buster and Mae-be were doing. I guess even a Doggy Mommy knows in her heart.

It is amazing to me how many animal rescue sites are available on the web! And various Humane Societies have some really nice E-zines with very helpful information. This was especially good for me since my legs were immobilized, my car no longer drivable, and I had days of pain and shock to just get through. But, once again, the computer helped me to search for a new furry family member.

Surfing the web also meant surfing through some of the worst pain, panic, and fear in the isolation of those first days and nights during my recovery period. Add to the situation that the rain that winter was really something!  But I could still escape while enjoying computer images of sunny “more hopeful” places and warm environments everywhere. And most of all, I could anticipate a possible new rescue!

So, two years later it’s birthday time again, and here I am going “WIFI”—Yup!  I’m trying a wireless connection for my laptop. It’s still been a challenge synching everything and getting it all to run smoothly, but I am writing to you right now on it and what a wonder this is! Maybe one CAN heal from sad passings, broken bones and bruised brains, and start new beginnings with a new-to-us furry family member!

Mae-be and CoCo Puff! Two BIG dogs! Ha!

(We’ve been a doggy day-care recently, with CoCo Puff visiting.  You can’t tell him he isn’t a big dog!!)

If you know someone who is going through some tough times and might be feeling disconnected and isolated, perhaps you can help them with the steps to go WIFI, too. Remember that often someone recovering from illness or injury may not have the capacity to do this for themselves and could use a little helpful assistance! Remaining connected to others and to the outside world aids healing and often provides an important  distraction from pain—And the Internet is accessible at any hour of day or night!  I now think it is very much worth the investment!

Goodbye for now!

Blessings, Beth & the Girls