Gifts fur them, too– (I know, go ahead and groan here!)

Is it here yet?

My dear furry family members are really wondering why their world has been so different lately. First the storms–wind and rain! Then, another Santa Ana windstorm came through Altadena! Now, brrrrr! Very cold mornings and nights. And to top it all off they had to wonder last week why Mom was going out so often. Yes my dogs do wonder–and out-loud!  It is so hard to explain to them why we church concert singers had to practice more and more to be ready  for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  Then, friends wanted Mom to go on a ride to see the holiday lights up and about and all over town—it’s awfully hard to believe, I know, but some friends do not want to take “the girls” with us on these outings, so I had to bribe a little with another chew-bone and ask them to be good here at home.

“Mae-be please be nice to Ruffles! And Ruffles? Please only chew your treats!  I will be home soon!”  The whines and low woofs sound like, “Oh sure! You said that the last time! No, I didn’t beat-up Ruffles! I just made sure she wouldn’t come out of her area!” “What -meeeee?”  The odd placements of their sleeping blankets and rugs tell me a different story! And if Ruffles is just a little too happy to see me or if Mae-be drinks water like she has never had such a delight it tells me things did not go as smoothly as I would prefer.

Oh, well. Soon we are all caught up with drinks of water, kisses and licks, and they do love to sniff me over and over! Ruffles likes my cheery Christmas Bell necklace and has figured out how to push it for a ring-aling! She WAS hoping to be in the Christmas Story as a lamb at the stable.

Ruffles as a Christmas lamb

And you know I had special Christmas gifts for each of them! They both received a new collar, although they would tell you those are more for me–ha! And Santa also brought each of them a new toy and some extra goodies–their individual favorites. We also gave some special new toys to their friends Maddie and Katie.

But the Girls and I still have some simple gifts to share with you, too, just perfect for the New Year!  May you take these gifts and pass them on:

To your enemy—forgiveness (or ask to be ready to forgive)

To a stranger–your smile

To your child (of any age)–a good example and sense of humor

To your friends–your compassionate heart and listening ears

To your parents (even those no longer living)–your good conduct and honest memories

To other living creatures–charity and basic needs (food, water, safety)

And to yourself—respect and kindness while on your journey

The Girls and I also ask that you look at the value of life and laughter, and we thank you for your encouragement as we share with you! I also want to end this year with the opportunity to thank the firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, Earth Angels and my A.C.C. Church family who came to my literal rescue two years ago Christmas Eve when my car was crashed into so severely that I was carried out on a body board and in splints and braces.

If you have time and know of someone in a hospital or working in a hospital or fire station, please consider visiting.  And while you’re at it, say a little prayer for the staff, workers, and patients. That year for me was a very different Christmas and one I hope I never re-visit as a patient. Truly I am so grateful to all of them and the people who have been with me since then on my journey of recovery! And of course, I am always grateful to my furry family!

And to you, blessings for a happy and healthy New Year, Beth

16 thoughts on “Gifts fur them, too– (I know, go ahead and groan here!)

  1. I really love your list of gifts–it’s so true that people need things like time, forgiveness, and compassion more than anything else. They are so easy to give, and yet we feel compelled to do anything but that.

    I hope your girls are doing better now.

    1. Oh thank you, Mommysaurus! We will need to encourage each other from time-to-time in this New Year! Being present in the moment might mean being a present? To each other! Hmmmm? Thank you for your kind interest in ‘the girls’– they do wonder about my comings and goings. I do hope to take them both for a car ride–it will lift their spirits! I am not sure they are ready to see the campers on Colorado Blvd- watching for the floats and marching bands. All my best! Beth

  2. Dear Andra– Thank you for passing on the ‘gifts of the spirit’. We all are needing compassion and kindness. How do you plan for your new year? I do hope it will be your best year-YET!! Beth & the Girls

  3. I have two little girls too and they are such important members of the family. And yes, in the lead up to Christmas they were a little sad, depressed even, as I had so much to do and so many parties to go to etc, etc and so they had to spend a bit of time at home. But I did leave the tree lights on for them and the iPod mix of the best of Christmas music!

    1. So your ‘girls’ knew you were thinking of them!! A co-worker friend tried the Canine Radio Station (and there are CDs and DVDs also– although my cat(s) have always preferred good ol’ football games! My friend was not quite sure it made any difference to her dogs (5!) but it drove her a little crazy. Now I am wondering which songs made the X-mas Best of list? Happy New Year’s Beth & the Girls!

    1. And all our best to you and yours!! The Girls and I are staying close as the midnight hour around the Pasadena, CA area gets very noisy soon!! Hopefully the Girls will see that we are fine and safe, together as we face that 2012 with giggles, wiggles, and wags!! Thank you for your visit! Blessings, Beth & the Girls

    1. Thank you, John!! And we encourage you and your new musical recordings!! You are such a kind spirit to all your doggy friends! Ohh I saw a coyote tonight!! Careful of things, people, etc not being what they first appear to be!! Blessings, Beth & the Girls

  4. Such a lovely gift list, one that we should all try to fulfill. I was lucky to find a friend who babysat for my Max while I attended a couple functions. Rather than spend 6 hours in a crate, Max was showered with attention while I dined with family. A win-win situation, to be sure.

    1. Now that is the way! And I bet your friend was treated well by Max! He is such a handsome and intelligent dog! (One can tell just by looking at him!) Did you leave your friend any pasta? Happy New Year’s my friend! Thank you from Beth & the Girls

    1. And 2012 has already started for you hasn’t it? Many good wishes from us across the pond! Tonight we hope that not too many bangs and booms go off! The girls seem to be okay with horns and pans that go clang! I can’t wait for you to see Ruffles ‘new do’ for the New Year! She is still in a bit of shock– but she would not let me comb out her fine hair and so she was hiding quite a few mats!! I really am not sure what a Wheaten Terrier is supposed to look like- do you have this with Macaulay (sorry if I spelled that wrong)? Please advise when you can. All our best-Beth & the Girls

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