Successful Santa sighting…drama limited to one driveway mishap!

I want to take a moment to wish a simple Merry Christmas, sending my gratitude to those of you who stop by to share and comment on our posts. I am simply amazed at this process and can’t tell you how much I enjoy hearing from each one of you! I have chuckled on more than one occasion at how little I knew about the blogging community when I put up that first post, and as I slowly began to connect to readers I was also completely surprised at how much I looked forward to reading your blogposts and hearing what each of you have to say. I learn so much! So I send warm wishes for a peace-filled Christmas and I look forward to hearing stories of your families, fun-filled events, and thoughts you gather over the next few days.

And to conclude my Santa story from the other day—we had a very successful evening! We were once again routed away from our dinner, but this year my mother volunteered to stand guard–a four-generation event. Sophia took a nasty spill on the driveway, a definite two band-aid scrape right through the new pants, but fortunately before Santa actually came down the street she had stopped screaming, “But there’s blood!” at an ear-splitting decibel.

Santa’s arrival, heralded by a speeding motorcycle officer zooming up and down our street, provided ample forewarning to gather with our neighbors and we enthusiastically waved at officers in two patrol cars, firefighters in two engines and one emergency vehicle, and, of course, Santa and his contingency in a modified engine bejeweled in lights. It was really quite spectacular.

Merry Christmas, Debra

28 thoughts on “Successful Santa sighting…drama limited to one driveway mishap!

  1. Thank you for sharing these stories, brings so many memories of when my girls were young and looked so forward to the fire truck and Santa on Highland. When we missed him we had to jump in the car and “beat” him to the next street. It was so important. I look forward to the days I may share it with my own grandchildren. So glad that you and your family have generations sharing it all!

  2. I’m glad the Santa sleigh was heralded properly and all the generations can continue the legacy you so enjoy. It is delightful to have this event to carry forward. I’m envious, but in a good way. Best to you and yours. Ellen

    1. Thinking of you and your family, too, Ellen. Next year we are going to move the fire pit out on the front lawn and sit while waiting for Santa. I’ll invite you over…I think we have this down to a more proper occasion. No running in circles! I wouldn’t want to expose you to any of that. I have my reputation to preserve, you know. LOL! Merry Christmas, my friend. Debra

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie. I just told Aimee this morning what we’re having for dinner! I told her all about you and how much I love your recipes! I hope you, the “washer-up” and Rufus have a fabulous celebration of your own! Debra

  3. We didn’t have that tradition but it sounds wonderful, mishaps and all! Those girls will grow up with some great memories, to be sure. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

    1. And of course I wish the same for you, Martha. I am certain you know how much these times with family mean to me. I’m thinking of you, too, and hoping this year is a time for those you love to be close. Lots of changes this year, and lots of shifting! I’ll look forward to talking to you after the “hoop-la” dies down. 🙂 D

  4. Three cheers for grandmother for standing sentry and gladness that Sophia’s was only a two-alarm scrape. Ouch! I’m so happy to hear that this year’s Santa sighting was such a success for you and your family, Debra, and I’m equally as happy to have come too know you a bit through your blog. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to stop by on such a very day! I hope you and your little granddaughter have some delightful time together. I’ll look forward to hearing more about your Christmas. Blessings, Debra

    1. I was so delighted when my little Sophia came along that I wrote a poem about her name…and she is a wise little creature. And all is well now, yes. Today is Mommy’s birthday so we are holding Santa in temporary abeyance:-) Merry Christmas to you, Sharyn. Debra

  5. Kathy Tiss

    Hi Deb. Just want to tell you again how much I enjoy your posts. We are enjoying the boys and the girls. Everyone is taking their turn at kitchen duty since I am mostly in the rest mode. Looking forward to a new type of treatment to get this Crohns undsr cards this year but we send our wishes to everyone as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Love ya, Kathy

    1. Kathy, We continue to send our prayers for renewed health this coming year, and I’m so glad the guys and those darling girls are with you. I know they are enjoying activity and keeping you in “rest mode.” I also share with you our celebration of Jesus’ birth. Love you, Kathy. More good times ahead this year, I just know! oxo Deb

    1. Sophia and Karina had a very fully and happy day! Thank you. I have also very much enjoyed being a part of your wonderful and inspiring site. Isn’t it wonderful to share our thoughts. I find it such a delight! Debra

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