It’s beginning to look a lot like…well not yet!

The twelve-day Christmas clock is in final countdown. Although THE twelve days of Christmas refers to the days following the 25th, my family festivities begin on the 23rd–so you’d think I’d be full speed ahead, wouldn’t you? For some reason I’ve been remarkably calm and quite uncommitted to the usual holiday essentials.  We have yet to bring home a tree, the outdoor lights may not make it up at all and I haven’t done any baking. I’m marginally organized in the gift- giving department.

Initially there was a week or so of denial.  Only four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas did seem a little unreasonable to me.  But after some essential self-talk I was reminded that it wasn’t a conspiratorial decision to trip me up and that everyone was feeling similarly squeezed. I settled down and made a few lists.  I must have needed a little more time to adjust, however, because I can’t find the lists.

No matter how many times Bing Crosby sings Frosty the Snowman or Tony Bennett Santa Clause is Coming to Town—my Pandora station likes both of these—I remain a little off-balance.  I did start out with a good plan. In early November I started scouting about searching local theater or church programs to usher in something Christmasy to jump-start the season! A few years ago a good friend and I went to the Music Center for the Messiah-Sing-a-Long.  Another year it was off to the famed Pantages Theater to see a musical based on the classic 1954 film, White Christmas.  Even the Rockettes come to Los Angeles from time to time.

But this year I came up empty-handed. Either the dates and location (or price) were a misfit, or, as I discovered, even churches I’ve previously supported made considerable cut backs leaving available very few stand-out performance options.  Just because I couldn’t find a suitable Christmas production I wasn’t going to completely give up! Part of my holiday well-being is balancing the to-do lists (the ones in my head…I really did lose the paper ones), with fun and musical traditions–just enjoying the season.

Not Christmas lights, but bright and cheerful!

With no Christmas options, my die-hard Lucille Ball fan friend and I made our way into the heart of Los Angeles last week (no small traffic feat on a week night) and enjoyed a wonderful small theater performance of “I Love Lucy– Live on Stage.”  It was a delightful show, replicating the taping of two original Lucy television episodes. The nostalgia-inducing charm was worth the effort to get there even if it didn’t do much to infuse Christmas spirit.

It did occur to me today that with sixteen people in my house Christmas morning expecting it to look a lot like Christmas, I’d better get moving.  I lost a little momentum with “the big windstorm of 2011” but it’s a little disingenuous to keep referring to a minor power outage as the excuse for inertia.

Not a Christmas tree, but they're all over the place!

For my overall well-being, though, it feels really good not to be too concerned about how it will all come together. It will. Santa Clause (and his fire engine) will come down our street the evening of the 23rd, making the same rounds he has made since I was seven years old. Sophia and Karina will once again be with us and sharing this brief Santa encounter with them will no doubt be the point in time when the little kid in me will show up and I know by then I’ll be feeling a lot like Christmas.  No “Bah, humbugs” here.


19 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…well not yet!

  1. Debra, I never knew about the fire-engine Santa sleigh down the street. Now that does sound like a delightful tradition. I may have a peak at that event! I’ll be the Elf on the Shelf. (I’ve just learned about this magical or scary figurine–as described by a few colleagues.) Take care and keep breathing deeper. Warmly, Ellen

    1. I will post about our local Santa later, because I actually have some very funny stories to tell of this grand event. And I’m glad you called attention to the Elf on the Shelf…I completely agree that it is BOTH magical and a little scary…I took this little fellow with me and left him yesterday with Sophia and Karina. I hope it is fun and I didn’t give them nightmare material! D

  2. As much as I appreciate this post, for I, too, am not quite in the Spirit yet, I just have to say, “OMG! LUCY ON STAGE!!!!!” Oh, how I hope it spawns road companies! This tidbit of knowledge is the best Christmas gift EVAH!

    Ya know what? It is beginning to feel a lot like CHristmas, after all.

    1. You know, John, I think Lucy is going to “go on the road”–I can’t imagine it would only be at one stop! It was really fun, and as much as the storyline was familiar and very nostalgic, the production interspersed “live” commercials throughout, contributing to a delightful trip down memory lane! I hope you do get to see it! Debra

    1. You are so right! Yoga helps with the stress, and I keep the music coming all day and into the evening. I actually think I’ve overdone the mellow! Maybe that’s why I can’t get moving on the other things. Ha! Debra

  3. Oh, Debra, at first I thought you were describing me! There are a few wreaths up and some decorative towels. The table has a Christmas cloth on it, but, only because book discussion was here last Thursday and the tablecloth was on top of the fresh pile of wash from Monday’s luncheon. I’m really in the spirit, but, not into the decorating yet. I think being in the spirit is better, don’t you agree? Lucy! With a friend! What fun!

    1. I do agree, Penny. I’ve been thinking that maybe I can scale back and still not disappoint anyone else! Maybe if I just work on what is eye-level for the girls that will be more than enough for me! I am glad to know, though, that I am not alone! 🙂 Debra

  4. You will make it, Debra. I have faith. 🙂

    The Lucy show sounds awesome. My guide son’s mom used to work in the building in Newburgh NY where they first started that show before they took it to LA and got it on TV. It was eerie to stand with the ghosts on that stage.

    1. The ghosts indeed! The actors in this production were really very good, but they had an impossible task. I don’t think I could name a more iconic cast of characters! And to think this show is 60 years old, yet still plays around the world. As for the holiday lists, I’m sure they are NOT important. I play a particular Christmas role in the family, but I suppose I could take on a new character! Debra

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  6. No need to get all stressed about Christmas, as you say, things will get Christmas-like anyway in the end. I for instance usually don’t start buying Christmas presents before the 24th, which – I have to admit – sometimes does feel a little late. Interesting that Santa comes by in a fire engine at your place. He must have changed vehicle since coming by here.

    1. You’re right about the stress, Otto. I am not doing too much of that…yet! I have some of the funniest memories of our “firetruck, not sleigh-bound” Santa. I’m hoping to share one particular memory soon. It was so funny to experience, but I’m not sure I have the ability to convey the humor. I’ll have to see. I do have friends who manage to shop on the 24th…I don’t think I could quite pull that off, but I am a bit of an admirer of those who do 🙂 Debra

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