Saturday Paws: Hiding the holiday stash!

The piles of leaves are getting smaller and the fallen tree limbs are finally disappearing–the stuff from the Big Wind Storm! Almost everyone has power again and cable, gas pilots, and telephones are being re-connected. Roof and gate repairs provide some businesses pre-holiday revenue and more people are out walking their dogs. To us that is always a good sign! Considering it all I think we are doing well!

Mae-be has discovered the fallen leaves and debris and you can see the impression of her body indented in the piles. And Ruffles acts like fallen leaves and branches are the best hiding places EVER!  I’ve found well-chewed alongside brand new rawhide bones in the stacks on the concrete. It makes me wonder what I will find farther out by the back fence!

It reminds me that at this time of the year lots of folks are looking for hiding places. Not for chewed upon bones perhaps–sorry Girls! But more for those small people searching for evidence of holiday and Christmas wishes fulfilled!  Who hasn’t tried disguising packages by hiding them in the hall closet, under the bed, or wrapped in a different box. Or even wrapped and under the tree in plain sight!

My older sibling was so good at guessing what was in the presents that it started taking all the fun out of trying to surprise him Christmas morning. My parents and I tried different tricks hoping to surprise him.  See if you have ever tried one of our strategies.

Have you tried wrapping in a different box? Since some people try to sneak a peek by lifting a piece of tape or making a small tear in the paper so they can read the box labeling, the art of package disguise comes into play. We started saving boxes throughout the year (usually in the garage) along with the paper, ribbons, and other decorations. But, just having a new box did not deter him from using his senses to sleuth-out package contents. So more strategies were added.

We started finding rocks or broken bricks to put in the boxes. Bags of beans were also used. Loose items were included to create uneven weight, and we put bells inside to disguise the sounds that some gifts make! I even tried putting a different name on the outside to fool him.

With the girls it is even harder, of course, because of their great sense of smell–plus, half the fun for one dog is taking items from the other! Oh what glee when having snatched the treat the thief charges away. The treats that last the longest have been stolen back and forth several times– sometimes even buried (I promise I never tried that one on my Sherlock Sib).

So, as your holidays get closer and your furry family members get even more curious do know that if the gift has a smell or a sound, it may be found!  And found again!

A new toy? Or an old toy unearthed!

And believe me the Girls aren’t talking!!

But I do watch where they run to!!

Blessings to you and yours! Beth & the Girls

10 thoughts on “Saturday Paws: Hiding the holiday stash!

  1. My Max is not a burier but a destroyer. He’s managed to tear apart every single toy that I’ve given him. Luckily, he never eats anything he destroys, be it a toy, tree branch, my foot. (OK. He hasn’t chewed on my foot since he was a pupster.) He’s content to just chew on something until it’s in little pieces and then he moves onto something else.

  2. Dear Beth,
    While I enjoy dogs and have just finished a three-day stint of feeding a friend’s dogs twice a day, I’m at heart a cat lover. I live with three of them now: Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew. They, too, like to discover what is in any box brought into the house. Much scratching and pawing and sniffing. A delight to watch. The dogs and you are surely a blessing in one another’s lives.


    1. Dear Dee– With all the outages and storm confusion forgive me if I am replying twice! But seeing your words here today is such a reminder of the blessings in my life! And the humor my animals bring to us (me!) every day! They do love to explore! How nice that your friends’ pets have a good person to ‘sit’ them! I ,too, will be helping my friends’ critters while the family goes back East for Christmas and New Year’s. It makes such a difference to our pets to have someone familiar to feed them and reassure them that their family will be back! Cats and dogs seem to love the new boxes, sacks and even paper bags that come in during Winter and Holiday Time. A very Merry Christmas, Holiday, New Year to you and yours! Beth & the Girls

  3. Hi John– I just went to you blog again- this time to see Max! He is quite the handsome one! Those jaws do look like he could do some serious shredding!! How lucky for you he treats everything like a compost pile and doesn’t swallow! Thank you for visiting! (PS I love your pasta recipes!) Beth & the Girls

  4. I always knew where my mom hide presents in her closet but never looked. I love the anticipation of the holidays. Birthdays I don’t remember being so anticipatory, perhaps because there aren’t the constant reminders and shared excitement of everyone. I never peeked but once presents were wrapped, I like to look at them under the tree and try to guess. Sometime I picked them up and did slight shaking, but no lifting the tape!

    1. So nice to hear from you, Katherine. It takes real discipline to hold out when you know where to look! But I agree that it spoils the fun if the surprise is over. I’m sure I at least did some strategic peeking and shaking as a child, but now I feel a little let down if I even begin to think someone is hinting at what the gift is going to be. Lifting tape and rewrapping makes me think of an I Love Lucy episode! It can only lead to trouble! 🙂 Debra

    2. Hi Kat! What great fun it is to be ‘in wonder’– and I do enjoy the surprise so very much! You are right about the difference between birthdays and the Christmas Celebration! The Girls also do really enjoy a bit of the surprise element– so I find different treats to change it up and switch out toys/balls/tugs! I love the way they look excited and Surprised! Thanks for visiting! Beth & the Girls

  5. Blessings to you and yours too. I was thinking that some hide because they can’t afford to give anything and so on… It is a sensitive time of the year for many. May all find joy regardless of the gifts. 🙂
    TY for your patience; I have been adjusting to a new schedule … Glad to be back commenting again. 😉 Happy Holidays! 😉

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