My stab at connecting It’s a Wonderful Life to the Liebster Blog Award?

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Not all aspects of last week’s storm-related power outage were unwelcome.  The quiet was kind of nice! But by the third night, when the power finally returned, so did television! And what popped up?

Tis the season! There was Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey, on the verge of mental collapse, contemplating suicide right up until the moment his guardian angel Clarence takes him on a Dickensian replay of the terrible “what might haven beens” for those he loves had he never lived.

One reason this movie is held in such sentimental high regard is the take-away message highlighting the importance of each person, the significance of the smallest acts of kindness, and in an almost reverse recognition of the butterfly effect, the profound contemplation of what the community would be like had George (or any one of us) not lived. The story is about connecting–connecting to others and celebrating “community” as a verb!

So as analogies go this may be quite a stretch, but when the power went out, so did the Internet…and I missed the blogosphere. I missed the connecting!  I am not sure who is more surprised at this, me, or everyone who knows me–but I did! To my very big surprise I think the pleasure is less about maintaining a writing presence and  MORE about connecting to the stories others tell, and relating through response and sharing. Who knew?

Yet many of you are faithful to read and support our blogging efforts and so I’m very pleased to share with you that Breathelighter has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Liebster, “dearest” in German—so, Dearest Blog Award—is intended as a means of exposing “young” typically lesser known blogs, deemed worthy of recognition by their nominator!

So who is our nominator? Andrea Thomson Viner at Iowa Dog Blog had some very kind things to say on her site about what she enjoys about our blog presence.  She is gracious to commend all our work, but I know she has a very particular soft spot for Beth and the girls! Andrea’s blog is charmingly written and rich with wonderful photos of her two gorgeous dogs, Gertie and Duke.  She shares from her life in Iowa, highlighting events and activities in support of sound canine care and ethical animal treatment, with rich additions of the joys of being mom to two beautiful, and often very amusing dogs.  I enjoy Andrea’s humor and easy manner, and read each post–and you would certainly enjoy reading along and participating in her delightful on-line community of dog-lovers.  Find Andrea, Gertie and Duke at: Iowa Dog Blog | For dog lovers with Midwestern sensibilities.

The  Liebster Award comes with a few rules:

  • Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you
  • Reveal your top five picks (blogs with less than 200 readers) and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  • Copy and past the award on your blog
  • And hope that people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite bloggers—the idea is to keep it going!

And who are MY nominations?

Penny, at Life on the Cutoff, writes from her home on two acres of land in the Chicago area. She often shares photographs that draw me into beautiful natural settings that frame her always interesting topics and lovely writing style. Whether nature or art, the love of reading and great book suggestions, stories of her darling granddaughter and family love, or simple shared insights—her stories unfold like treasure.  This is a wonderful blog and I always look forward to the time I can sit and just soak in her lovely writing. You can meet Penny at: Lifeonthecutoff’s Blog.

Lori, at Slow Happy Runner, describes herself as, “a mid-life PhD, a middle-aged widow, a middle-of-the-pack runner.” Lori writes about her grieving process with maturity and a no-nonsense focus on rediscovering herself in an uninvited season–discovering a “new” normal.  She is a very well-educated woman with many interests, and I feel that I learn a lot about life and resiliency reading these thought-provoking posts.  I know you’d enjoy her too, at: Slow Happy Runner.

Dee, at Coming Home to Myself, writes about her very interesting life.  A published author, she writes beautifully of her former life as a Catholic nun and life in the convent, as well as thoughtful interpretations of her journey and interests upon leaving that life.  She is contemplative in her approach to spiritual writing, spanning broad topics including her thoughts on the writing life, issues of health and wellness, family, and a commitment to social justice as well as her published and well-received book, A Cat’s Life, Dulcy’s Story.  Dee is a delight, and you’d enjoy getting to know her at: coming home to myself.

Natalie, at Mother Goose Smiles, is hilarious! Her wry and witty humor infuses every story. She states that she writes little stories about people she knows—and the posts are frequently peppered with very clever nursery rhyme references and characters.  I look forward to each post, and it is not unusual to hear me laugh out loud when reading.  You will smile, too, if you read: Mother Goose Smiles.

James, at Good Morning Gratitude is a disciplined daily contributor. He generously shares a philosophy of gratitude and appreciation for each day while also paying attention to the challenges and necessary life-lessons that lurk in the quiet recesses ready to trip up the unaware! The topics come with a soul-searching solemnity and healthy resolve to take each day as a gift while still maintaining an upbeat and optimistic tenor despite the tough stuff of life.  I enjoy reading how James personally focuses on strengthening his emotional self.  You would enjoy reading this blog at: Good Morning Gratitude.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out my nominations!  When you stop by be sure to leave an encouraging comment.  Thinking back to my stab at analogy with It’s a Wonderful Life, we all like to feel we connect and make a difference to each other, even if it’s just in sharing our story.

And thanks again to our fabulous nominator, Andrea.  We appreciate you!

Warmly, Debra and of course, Beth and the girls are thanking you, too!

17 thoughts on “My stab at connecting It’s a Wonderful Life to the Liebster Blog Award?

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. This has been fun, and I’ve loved the opportunity to alert others to these other blogs. Some haven’t been writing for too long, and yet I think they deserve a good audience! Enjoy! Debra

  1. I’ve followed you back from my “home.” No, I’m not stalking you … well, maybe but in a good way. And I arrive to find you’ve received an award! So, congratulations! Now I’m off on a voyage of discovery through your blog and those of your friends.

    1. You are so kind, so thank you! As I have been expressing everywhere I can, the fun is indeed in discovering interesting and often very creative people through this new-to-me medium! I learn from everyone! Thank you for being a wonderful source of encouragement. Debra

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for nominating Life on the Cutoff for the Liebster Blog Award! I will post about it soon, Debra, and am eager to highlight some of my favorites blogs, as well as send readers back to you here.

    I can’t think of a better movie to come on along with the power. It is my all-time favorite. Last year we went to a special charity screening of It’s a Wonderful Life at a restored movie house. What fun it was and how surprised I was to be moved to tears at the end of a movie I’ve seen dozens of times already. Next week, Tom is taking me to a radio production of this. It was a birthday present and I’m anxiously waiting to see how it goes.

    Thanks again. Penny

    1. Oh how fun to be part of a radio production of this great story! I get teary every time I see the movie, so I’m sure a live production would be very special. This is where I fear I lapse into some of the language I hoped I’d never say, “The don’t make them like they used to!” I have been very nostalgic of late! And Penny, you deserve the nomination. I hope all my friends will begin reading your posts. I know how many of them would enjoy getting to know you, as have I! You are so welcome, Debra

  3. Congratulations, Debra, on your award!!! I’m so happy for you and I love reading your blog. I am so appreciative of the blog sites you’ve shared as I continue to expand in this new world which I find both encouraging and enlightening. You are certainly a gifted writer. Ellen

  4. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    Oh, thank you so much for your kind words, Debra! You have a way with description–you always find those just-right words–and I’m especially grateful to have your descriptive talents applied to my work!

    I think I originally found your blog because I was searching for dog blogs, and one of Beth’s Saturday Paws posts came up. However, I feel like I have connected with lots of Breathe Lighter posts. I enjoy your focus on the positive and your love of brussel sprouts. And I’m always looking for well written blogs, so I’m excited to check out your nominees.

    And now I have a confession to make: I have never seen It’s a Wonderful Life. I know, it’s a travesty!! I actually confessed to a friend last night, so she is excited to provide my first showing and, more importantly, address this glaring omission in my film experience. 🙂

    1. How funny! I hope you’ll enjoy It’s a Wonderful Life…it’s a classic, so you can at least say you’ve seen it once! The sharing of blogs and posts and thoughts and interest is obviously something I’m enjoying very much. It was my pleasure to share your blog with my readers–so many are true dog enthusiasts! It will be fun to see who comes on over! Debra

  5. Dear Debra,
    Thank you so much–truly–for the award. And congratulations to you also for receiving it. I’m so behind in reading blogs and responding to comments, but I do want to thank you for your kind words in your description of my blog and for the way you summarizing so perceptively what I’m trying to write about.


    1. Dee, This is a particularly busy time of year, so please don’t feel any pressure to move too quickly on making new nominations. Just enjoy knowing how much I enjoy what you share, and I am sure some of my friends are going to find the same pleasure! Blessings to you. Debra

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