Saturday Paws after the fact: More good reasons to love and be loved

Thank you for being concerned for our safety.  We are fine.  Inconvenienced, but safe and well.  I’ll soon share some lessons learned in the aftermath of our three-day power outage, but today I’m posting on behalf of dear Beth and the girls.  She was able to send an email post from the library, and since my own Internet was restored last night, here it is! I’m eager to read what others have been posting.  It’s been very quiet! Debra

The last few days have really been something!  Since I live just a few streets down from The Angeles National Forest we are used to having high winds, the Santa Anas, at least once or twice a year. Winds up to 85 mph are not uncommon. They come and go, then we sweep our yards and spend another day or two returning wayward outdoor items to neighbors.

However, this time the winds reached up to and past 150 mph! With electrical lines in the street along with giant trees strewn everywhere it was difficult to move around and friends suggested I stay at a hotel, or maybe at friend’s home—out of the affected area. But all I could think was “Drive safe and get home to Ruffles and Mae-be.”

My drive was long and treacherous but the warm reception from the Girls was well worth it! Plus, my fish bowls were totally covered with leaves and debris– the fish would have a tough time surviving.

And the dogs’ water bowls looked as bad as the fish bowls. As I gave them fresh water the winds were trying to push Mae-be and me around. Mae-be and Ruffles stayed right with me, especially Mae-be. She is the big strong Boxer, but the transformers were blowing up on neighboring streets and to her that was like lightening! Mae-be hates lightening and thunderstorms.

The dogs were ever-so-happy to be my electric heater and blanket—no power meant cold! Since the old house creaked and groaned all night it took Mae-be a long time to calm down, but Ruffles loves to play peek-a-boo with blankets in the candlelight!

So now there is major cleaning up as five cities are in a state of emergency and cleanup involves removing large trees from the roadways and restoring power lines that snapped like tooth picks.

But life still moves on! I was kind of hoping the power might be out at my dentist’s office! I called, but they said “No, we are ready for you today”.   So as I made my way across town on littered highways I tried to be brave. I repeated over and over, “No pain.” Breathe in and slowly out–with mantras and Mindfulness ready to be put to the test!

Soon, with gentle care (great dentist!) and a couple of short resting periods—out came the tooth! And thankfully I made my way home  again to spend time with my gentle girls.

They were thrilled to see me– as soon as I let Ruffles sniff my jaw line they both snuggled in gently–they put their paws on my resting hands and offered gentle sniffs to my neck and face.

Such good nursing care and without many words since my mouth was stuffed with gauze and was still very numb! Even more reasons to love my girls, wouldn’t you say?

We hope you are safe and sound and comforted by your furry critters!

Blessings, Beth & the Girls

14 thoughts on “Saturday Paws after the fact: More good reasons to love and be loved

  1. Dogs are amazing creatures. I have never forgotten how gentle our welsh corgi/german shephard mix pup was with my mother when she was battling terminal cancer. For a dog with so much energy she would sit quietly on my mothers feet with her head in her lap for the longest time!! They do know!!

    1. Yes they do, Pam! What a sweet image and you must have been comforted also that your dog would do that! Today is better- tooth-wise, wind-wise, and we do have power! For now-YAY!! There were problems everywhere- but no lives were lost. A true miracle in such chaos! So, the girls are watching me gather the leaves! “Patio Supervisors”!! Blessings to you! Beth

  2. Dear Beth,
    The pictures shown on the national news about the devastation there in California astounded me. I simply never knew much about the Santa Ana winds. But from what the newscasters said and from your posting and Debra’s,I’m gathering that 150mph winds are not typical!

    I love the drawing and the story of your dogs comforting you. Dulcy, the cat with whom I lived for seventeen-and-a-half years, would comfort me by sitting upright on my lap and patting my cheeks with her soft paw.


    1. Oh Dee! What kind nurses these critters are! Dulcy sounds like a cat of many talents with those creative paws. To say we were totally surprised by the hurricane force does not even come close– I hope I never drive in such winds again! Every moment was a test- and so hard to see through the leaves, limbs, dust and flying materials-yikes! Today they are saying we might have the ‘normal’ Santa Ana’s of 70-80 mph- much better-ha! Thank you for your good thoughts- Beth & the Girls

    1. Dogs do seem to have a lot of wisdom: Play hard, eat with gusto, grab the treats and run! The two of them are something everyday! Ruffles thinks it is grand that I have not been able to pick up all the fallen leaves– more places to hide the rawhide bone!! 🙂 Thank you for your good wishes! Beth & the Girls

    1. This is so very exciting Andrea!! And Mae-be is very proud to earn us extra points! This has been a year for growing! It is such an encouraging group with such creative bloggers! Thank you again! Looking forward to your new Holiday Card! 🙂 Beth & Girls

  3. Good lord, you’ve been through a lot… Hope the mouth is healing and that the girls are being real troopers. Love that drawing too. Feel better! TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a changed schedule in my life … Glad to comment again. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the good thoughts! And for my simple drawing which did not require any electric power!! ha 🙂 Better- and yet back to the dentist tomorrow– he wants to check on his handiwork!! Beth and the Girls

  4. Why is it that no matter what calamity has occurred, one can always count on one’s dentist to be open for business? If Noah, on Day 35 of the Great Flood, had a dental appointment, I’m certain that the dentist would have been ready and waiting for him — and would have charged him the full fee for an office visit had Noah been unable to get the Ark turned around in time to make the appointment.

    I hope you’re feeling better and glad to read that The Winds didn’t affect you too badly.

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