Hurricane hits my home…posting from Starbucks

Local power lines down...good excuse to stay home and read!

And I had such a lovely post forming in my head.  I was going to celebrate the first day of December with a few thoughts on Christmas music.  Another time. Pasadena is being hailed as the epicenter of gale-force wind that literally ripped through the San Gabriel Valley. A cold Santa Ana wind quite literally blew through wreaking havoc and creating dangerous road conditions, as well as putting the area on fire alert. Fierce Santa Ana Winds Hit Southern California – ABC News.  Our home sits adjacent Pasadena and we lost our power about 1:30 a.m.–forget that we don’t have heat or refrigerator-freezer power–I’ve lost the internet!

I am inconvenienced, but that is all.  I’m sure that many of the estimated 200,000 households currently without power are home to elderly and small children.  I could personally set up shop and live at Starbucks, so Jay and I will be fine.  I have been complaining that I don’t have enough reading time.

Unfortunately many of Pasadena’s historic trees (many of the best tree-lined movie shots are filmed in Pasadena) have been completely uprooted, landing on roofs and commercial buildings.  Many, 75 feet tall and more, are now nothing more than obstacles and will be mourned.  How long did it take to get that grand and beautiful?

And then there were the flying pots!

SoI will be unplugged for a couple of days. The winds are supposed to whip up again this afternoon, and we’re not yet sure about power restoration.  I’ll be back to reading wonderful blog posts soon.  I can read on my phone, but boy does that battery take a dive!

And I know that the Occupiers were pretty down on Starbucks–but I sure like the free Wi-Fi.  And I was feeling a little desperate for a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte!  Stay tuned…

Until then…Debra

13 thoughts on “Hurricane hits my home…posting from Starbucks

  1. Dear Debra,
    I’d never heard of winds like that from the Santa Ana. I guess i live with my ears attuned just to what’s happening around here. I looked at the ABC site you gave us and was amazed. I hope that tonight on NBC news Brian Williams will show more pictures. Losing those trees–they must be at least 100 years old if not more–is truly a misfortune. I’m so glad that none landed on your house.

    Your attitude seems like such a healthy one to me, but like you, I feel trepidation for older people and children whenever something like this happens.

    Take care. Read a lot. Enjoy that latte.


  2. Pattie Weber

    YIKES! I remember those winds… though maybe I have not seen the likes of the ones you are experiencing today! Love you tons and I send blessings of safety your way. Drink the eggnog anyway, it’s Christmastime. Whoo too!

  3. Oh my goodness, Debra. It never occurred to me that you were experiencing the wrath of the Santa Ana’s. I’m glad to know you are safe and hope you are getting some reading in amongst the gales. Our area lost so many old trees to the gusts this summer. How sad one feels one that happens. Take care and we’ll hear from you soon. Penny

  4. Debra, my gosh I had no idea you were caught up in the high-intensity winds! I hope you’re doing ok. For some reason, I am not receiving your posts (and I’m a subscriber!)….hmm. I hope things are slowly getting back to some form of normal and you’re not still stuck at Starbuck’s. -deepali

    1. Deepali, thank you so much for your concern. We are definitely fine now! And I’m really sorry to hear that you haven’t been receiving updates. My cousin was having quite a time for awhile, too, and I never did figure out how that could be. I hope the problem just resolves itself. You are so kind to follow and to be concerned. Debra

  5. Oh Debra! I hope all is well now. Wow! I ended up at Starbucks too when our storm knocked out our power for a few days… I grew to appreciate them from there on. 🙂

    1. I remember reading a post you’d sent from Starbucks. At the time I was new to blogging and probably thought that was going above and beyond the call…but when our power went out, I couldn’t wait to find the free Wi-Fi! Since you’ve mentioned you are familiar with Pasadena, you know the beautiful trees. The Arboretum is still closed, the Huntington Library sustained a lot of tree damage, and we had dinner in Pasadena last night and couldn’t believe how much debris is still everywhere. It was really something, and I think they’re up against huge deadlines as storms are still coming in and there’s the Rose Parade to prepare for! Ah, Mother Nature, huh? Debra

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