Saturday Paws: It’s all about the treats!

Have you ever been so distracted that your mind was stuck on just one thing? That was me this week! At this time of the year when friends and office mates coordinate pot lucks and talk about great Thanksgiving meals (America’s Favorite Holiday)—oh boy! My mind starts churning. Yum! Mashed potatoes, home-made pies, dressings and stuffing of all varieties and other tasty treats and holiday goodies! Hard to focus and commit to work when in my mind I’m imagining the treats-to-come and just thinking about all those wonderful dishes!

This week I believe the girls were going through something like this! They seemed very distracted and their minds were not very interested in the morning kibble. Usually when this happens I try the Tricks for a Treat game. So I pulled out something new to them, a Chicken and Garlic crispy treat.  I encouraged their ‘sit-downs’ and passed the new treat under their noses, and well, it was a No-Go! It’s fascinating to watch them non-verbally communicate that this treat was not up to their level of expectation! I broke it apart and tried again–Nope! I tried acting like I was going to eat it— not even an eyebrow raised in interest. Oh goodness!


Finally I gave up and headed to our favorite pet store. Oh for goodness sakes! Here there are just so many things to choose from! Some I really think are not the choice for me although Ruffles and Mae-be might not read the labels as closely. I wanted something made in America—Yes, that’s me–I am supportive of American Made products, especially after the many pet food and treat recalls for products made outside of the USA. I also wanted to purchase something with a minimum number ingredients, and hopefully ingredients that I actually recognize and can pronounce! And I actually just feel better when I can give them food and treats with natural ingredients. I do think they seem to notice the quality, too, and they reward my effort with displays of excitement and appreciation.

I know that some dogs go WILD for pigs’ ears or noses (okay snouts), but I must admit that I have trouble handling them and don’t enjoy watching them chewed on by my dogs. Funny, I know.

Suddenly I remembered the jerky-type treats I’d previously brought home from a big box store and they had been a huge hit! Off I went and SCORE! I found the big container of natural lamb and rice strips, easy to tear into smaller pieces with the added bonus of being a good bargain!

Wow! The girls were thrilled as I approached them and I wondered if they really did smell the treats through the sturdy container. Suddenly they began acting like the circus dogs I remember as a child! Stand up, Sit Pretty, Pounce on Mae-be’s Back— Oh wait! I didn’t teach Ruffles that!! Then Snatch the treat out of Mom’s hand as she is trying to get Mae-be to lie down too!!—Followed by the always sure-to-please, I’m showing you my belly—so where’s the treat?

You get the picture!  They were not going to let me go until they were satisfied.  It may have been a little out of hand—actually quite chaotic! Could I have picked up Doggy Dope and not even known it?  Hmmm. I can see that Ruffles and Mae-be, just like me, have their tastes set for special treats!

May your Thanksgiving be filled with family and friends, as well as YOUR favorite treats! Blessings to you and your critters, too!

Beth and the Girls

11 thoughts on “Saturday Paws: It’s all about the treats!

  1. This posting made me chuckle because the animals who let us share our lives with them can be so demanding. And yet . . . And yet there is that unconditional love that they lavish on us no matter what our mood or our day.

    The three cats with whom I live seem happy with almost any dry food I give them. But the canned food must be exactly what they like or they ignore it.

    Thanks for your comments on buying “made in America” products and products without additives–both for the cats and for myself. I hope they and I will spend many more years together: healthy and hopeful.


    1. Oh yes ,Dee- our furry family can be so picky!! And then totally freak us out with the water bowl they prefer to drink out of!! LOL That love is so worth the extra efforts! Thank you for sharing your three cats- what are their names? To good health! Blessings, Beth & the Girls

  2. Dear Debra,
    I live with Ellie (she’s a brindle cat), Maggie (a long-haired calico), and Matthew (a tiger who is above all a rambunctious scamp!).

    Thank you for commenting on my recent posting. A psychic I spoke with several years ago told me that I was born to teach. I know that I love teaching and that I taught in the classroom for many years. So many wonderful students and so much joy and heartache.


    1. You have quite a menagerie, don’t you? There’s no doubt that these little creatures bring joy and companionship. I’m fascinated that somone else, the psychic, quite specifically pronounced you were born to teach. You have an amazing empathy for what people need, and you transmit peace and strength…something others naturally gravitate towards, I’m sure. Peace to you, too, Dee. Debra

    2. Hi Dee– and Ellie, Matthew, and Maggie!! Do they love to sit with you or on you? It seems they want to keep us warm especially now with the cold weather so here! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your students! Blessings, Beth & the Girls

    1. And to you Kate! We do have so much to be grateful about don’t we? I love hearing that my simple pics cheer you up!! I love those faces! I wish I could catch Mae-be doing what I call the Pogo Stick (she calls it the Heli-copter- I think!) straight up and down!

  3. I had a good laugh when I read you post, and, yes, the pictures of your girls are saying more than a great many words. I definitely know what you talk about from our own cats, but also from my kids. I should not give them anything but what is expected at Christmas for instance. Since my kids are Norwegian, they have no clue about Thanksgiving – and Christmas is probably the closest event for them.

    1. Whichever species they sure know how to “speak-up” for themselves- don’t they? I can only image what goes on in the cats’ minds- as you try to figure out the right special treat! Thank you for visiting and for allowing me to spill a little Thanksgiving gravy on you! Ha! Beth & the Girls

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