California Steaming…pumpkin treats on hold!

Future Jack-o-lanterns

So last week it was raining.  Not just a little California drizzle, but freeway-flooding buckets of the stuff.  All the talk was about how unseasonable it was.  And yet I fell for it! I actually thought it was fall. I’d been reading the most wonderful cooking blogs and finding pumpkin recipes that intrigued me enough to think I might actually bake with fresh pumpkin.  The three for $5.00 was the final sell and they nearly jumped into my cart.  That was last week.

A few short days in Sonoma with sunshine and cool, soft breezes and clear nights and we return home to my pumpkins…and record-breaking heat! 104 degrees is not exactly what I envisioned when I bought those gorgeous globes.  And wouldn’t you know? We are in the process of updating our ancient air-conditioning system so out with the old, and wait for the new? My enthusiasm for fall baking is being put on hold until winter.  Sophia and Karina can decorate two of them and I’ll keep one, just in case the rain comes back!

Just as I was thinking that fall didn’t really exist as a distinct season I took another look. At 9:30 in the morning it was already pushing towards triple digits, but the view of the Azusa-Glendora foothills and broad San Gabriel Mountain view mirrored, well, almost –let’s say it reminded me of the breathtaking views we’d enjoyed in Sonoma.  Perhaps I had to isolate my focus just a little bit and extract the parking lot and other concrete structures, but the mountains with the sun so clearly baking the hills was indeed beautiful. Throw in a few multicolored Sycamores dropping their leaves and you could almost call it fall foliage! It’s all good!

It’s all perspective, isn’t it?  Every region has it’s own particulars and the irony is that although last week’s rain was indeed a surprise, October heat is not.  I can’t believe I fell for the false promise of fresh-baked pumpkin delights.  This month they are just not going to happen.  I did purchase a delightfully simple can holding just enough potential for something delicious if inspiration comes back.  It might!

If you are caught up in Autumn wonder somewhere just a little cooler than I am, you might want to try the sites that first inspired my moment of madness!  If you make something wonderful, let me know.  I might try it in January!

I’m off today for a granddaughter play date and the pumpkins are already in the car. I’m hoping we might go down to the beach for just a little while and cool off!


Give one of these a try, or why not share a pumpkin treat you enjoy making!

Pumpkin Bread with Streusel Topping – Bakingdom

A Veggie Venture.

Indian Spiced Smashed Pumpkin « Cook Eat Live Vegetarian.

10 thoughts on “California Steaming…pumpkin treats on hold!

  1. I love being in the loop of your blogs. I enjoy your writing (your honesty) because it always
    makes me smile!!! Thanks Deb, and have a fabulous Friday!!
    Love, Kathy

  2. Your weather description is exactly what happened here in the Bay Area: one day rain, next day murderous sun. I make pretty standard pumpkin bread and muffins with walnuts, but I substitute plain yogurt for the cup of oil you usually see — works fine. But the walnut crop is late this year due to weird weather.

    • What a good idea making a yogurt substition. A great reminder to give that a try. I didn’t realize that walnuts were affected this year. It’s funny because this is the year I seem to have really seriously started adding walnuts to salads and even enjoyed them as snacks. I have a new interest and moved away from almonds. Rates change! So glad you stopped by, Sharyn

  3. Pumpkins are not native here: but we have our fair share. We had the heat too: strange to be back in t-shirts and to bid adieu to the mists and mellow fruitfulness. It’s back now then: time to look at some of your ideas, thanks Debra….

    • I did wonder if pumpkins traveled! They are rather ordinary and heavy so it does kind of surprise me that you do see them. And I guess we should just enjoy those last bits of summer. it will get cold soon enough! Thanks Kate!

  4. I love your pic’s…makes me homesick!! I have been enjoying several pumpkin treats this week thanks to some enthusiastic baker’s at work. It has stayed warm for us as well and I wish we had a cooler “Fall” to enjoy…bringing on the prayers for quick coolness!!

  5. I enjoy pumpkins in spite of the gorgeous weather we have here, I just can’t help myself!! Thanks so much for the link and just to let you know that Rufus (the dog) had his first overnight stay at the kennels a few nights ago. He ripped up his bed and barked solidly for 2 hours but then he calmed down, yay, we are making progress!! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! As you can tell, I love your site. I’ve been inspired to try so many dishes I wouldn’t ordinarily even consider. So glad to hear that Rufus is doing better. Poor guy! He really struggles, doesn’t he? Keep inspiring me to be a better vegetarian cook! Debra

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