Saturday Paws: In the Dog House–WOOFING IT!

Sometimes we all get a surprise. Some surprises are fun, and some catch us off guard!  The news channels said chances of rain, but the rain did not come. “20% chance of rain”- what does that mean really? Is it like a lottery ticket? Does it mean 20% of the 24 hours will be wet? Or 20% of the local areas will have rain?
What it means- sometimes, is that near my home, for more than 4.8 hours, we will be wet!! And my dogs, who are in a big back yard during my away from home time, will hopefully be in one of three dog houses under the balcony, covered  patio, or beach umbrella, finding the treats that I have hidden in those three houses, plus their kibble!
It only seems fair that there are extras chew-items and some hidden treats on a rainy day. Because really, they are not in the dog house for any of the usual reasons, but the downward glance of Ruffles hits me like that sad little look I feel in myself when I have let friends or others down.
In the Dog House on a rainy day1
Mae-be is just happy to be getting a chance at a new chew-bone or treat. She rarely shows signs  like a guilty glance, or the more ‘Woe is me’ look that this Wheaten Terrier is trying on.
One thing I know is this rainfall is really needed after the recently warm  last-of-summer days.
Keeping cool!
One hot day I was watering and trying to keep the plants green and moist– while the dogs enjoyed watching me from the shade of their favorite bush!  How fun it is to watch them enjoy the cool shadows when they decided to stop chasing each other around the dusty trail they were creating!
What a difference just a few days can make! Now if they try that -their paws are going to be very muddy! Thank goodness I can ask them to step into their wading pool and I have plenty of towels ready! Then we will all be happy to be ‘out of the dog house‘ of life and loving on each other again!! Nothing makes for happy quite like a dog on either side! Enjoy your weekend, and please pay attention to finding time to relax…you and your favorite animal friend(s)!
Blessings, Beth & the Girls

5 thoughts on “Saturday Paws: In the Dog House–WOOFING IT!

    1. Oh how right you are!! You are lucky to have two at this time– and do they do like Mae-be and have to have a paw on your leg or arm? It is amazing their need to touch us-isn’t it? Blessings to you and your furry family!

  1. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    Yes, sometimes they hook a paw over my arm or leg. Though Duke gets excited and also wants to climb up and hook both his paws around my NECK. We try to get him not to do this, but sometimes I just let him get a quick hug. 🙂 We’re probably confusing him re: training, but he just wants to be oh-so-close to us!

    1. I think it is almost like the relationship I have with my granddaughters. I tend to look the other way once in awhile when maybe I should step in and correct them. They are just too sweet and fun…and I melt! I’m sure we do give mixed messages to pets and children all the time, but maybe it’s good to err on the side of nurture, don’t you think? 🙂 Debra

    2. That desire to be ‘oh-so-close’ lead my girls to my next blog on tomorrow’s Saturday Paws!! Oh my! You will have to let me know what you have done when/if it happens with yours. Duke is already such a big guy one wouldn’t think he would need a “higher perspective”–ha ha ha! Like you I try to work on the down or off command and now and then an up command – which allows both Mae-be & Ruffles a chance to feel taller. Talk with you soon! Beth

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