Multitasking just isn’t what it used to be–at least not for me!

Did you hear the thud?  I’m okay now, but that was me hitting the wall!  I had every intention of posting yesterday, but by the time I landed I didn’t have enough focus or attention to even turn on the computer. Whoa!  Stress came in, much like the fog in my favorite Sandburg poem, on little cat feet. It similarly sat on silent haunches but was loathe to move on!

I can remember once boasting I had figured out how to be in two places at once, it was just the third location that tripped me up. I no longer WANT to be in two places at once. I am seriously tired of uber-multitasking and simply want to enjoy being wherever I am. But here’s my dilemma.  It seems to me that in order to enjoy the simplicity that slowing down offers, the list of things that screams “NOW” has to be considerably shorter.

It’s as we’re trying to coordinate travel to another family wedding (this time I really do wish I could channel Samantha Stevens and nose-twitch myself out of an all-day road-trip) that several other items of concern have taken more time than expected and I’ve felt rushed and harried. Sometimes there are those little irritations that seem to sneak up on me (with little kitty feet) and just trip me up!

Yesterday little sister Karina was home with mommy and Sophia and I ran to Target to get a few things for the trip.  We had already been in and out of the car at several stops and in her desire to do everything independently, the car seat maneuverings were unusually slow—each movement interrupted by rich and lengthy conversation.  At one point I reminded her that we really did need to get home and maybe she could “step it up” a bit.  Anyone who knows Sophia knows how sincere this almost four-year-old can be when she is ready to share great insight. “But Nan, today I’m using snail feet!”

Checking out the snails on the wall outside Starbucks!

Oh my goodness! Later I spent the hour freeway drive home thinking about what a good day it had been, and the little cat feet disappeared behind a preschooler with a love for mollusks!

"I'll put him back!"

And here’s a good reminder:  Got Stress?  BREATHE

Counting your breaths is a very calming anti-stress breathing technique.

Take a deep, slow breath in to the count of four. Then hold your breath one – two- three – four finally exhaling slowly for the count of eight. This pattern can be adjusted to whatever breath control is most comfortable for you, but the concentration quickly calms and quiets the mind, bringing you to a more relaxed mental and physical state.

You can do this anywhere, and at any time!  Pay attention to your breath and slow it down, and you have a practical way to respond well in any challenging situation—relax and unwind—a little dark chocolate doesn’t hurt either!

Do you have a favorite way to work with BREATH?  I’d like to hear!


4 thoughts on “Multitasking just isn’t what it used to be–at least not for me!

  1. Debra, sending you a quick message from Zanzibar! I loved your post. I know how important “breath” is during stressful situations. I try really hard to center myself through yoga. I know during that time I am forced to be present and focus all my energy on my breath. It definitely helps me to be mindful of that breathing on and off the mat! – Deepali

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I am really interested in your site and learning from your experience! I learn so much from my modest yoga practice. It has definitely been one of the best practices I could invest in. Thank you for stopping by!! Debra

  2. Although I am not a mom I can really relate to your description of creeper stress and I think its great that you were able to get into that 4 year old’s mindset in the middle of such a busy day.

    When I used to work in the corporate world and things got over crazy I would go into the bathroom to be alone, turn the light off to reduce input and do a similar breathing exercise to get grounded before a meeting or dealing with a staffer. It didn’t always work completely but I know I was more focused and aware afterwards than I would have been if I hadn’t taken those 5 minutes.

    1. Oh Heather! I just love the visual of you sneaking into a private, dark bathroom space! I think that finding a place to center, be quiet and slow down that monkey mind of ours is so key, but for me at least, so difficult! Thanks for sharing your input. It’s valuable! Debra

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