Saturday Paws: Get out and play this weekend, but take your dog with you!

There are homes where the pets are the protectors of the household and happy to stay put waiting until their busy family returns at the end of each day, and then there are people who take their dogs with them on exciting family adventures.  So what do you and your pets have planned this weekend?

Dogs and surfing—now that’s a fun combination, isn’t it?  Huntington Beach, the official Surf City, held the 5th annual Surf Dog competition last Sunday with nearly two dozen canine surfer-competitors. This great family event raised over $100,000 for pet adoption and the programs at the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

A 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Buddy took home the first place “Best in Surf” trophy for the fifth year in a row. During the event, Buddy became the first inductee into the Surf Dog Hall of Fame.  For a fun peek at the action, check out this YouTube video.  I guarantee a smile!  2011 Surf Dog Surf a Thon Dog Surfing Video – YouTube.

I think you’d also enjoy reading  Iowa Dog Blog | For dog lovers with Midwestern sensibilities,  a delightfully pictorial doggie adventure with writer Andrea Thomson Viner and her wonderful dogs Gertie and Duke! Andrea shares stories and pictures of her every day Cedar Rapids happenings with her delightful canine friends.  Be sure to check it out!

Maybe you have some stories you’d like to share?  If you’re out and about with your special furry friend(s) this weekend, be sure to take your camera.  And share the pictures with me! You can send pictures to and I will post them on a future post.  Looking forward to seeing who accompanies you on your weekend adventures!

And I’ll say hello to Beth, Mae-be and Ruffles, for you!


7 thoughts on “Saturday Paws: Get out and play this weekend, but take your dog with you!

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  2. iowadogblog

    Thanks for the kind words Debra! We had a fun doggie weekend in Galena, Illinois at the Oktoberfest Wiener Dog Races! I have posted lots of pictures.

  3. iowadogblog

    I forgot to tell you, Debra, that in researching different dog events, I have come across several dachsund races attached to Oktoberfest celebrations across the country. So maybe there will be a Wiener Dog Race near you still this month!

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