Summer’s best in new fall packaging…

The last haul of the season!

Ah, my summer agrarian adventure is just about over—time to plow up the veggie plants!  I picked my last prize haul triggering a feeding frenzy of the most delicious fresh tomato pasta, grilled tomato and cheese sandwiches and slice after slice of juicy deliciousness drizzled with high quality balsamic vinegar. Sadly, no more Insalata Caprese for awhile. But there’s still some good news!  In cans, jars or cartons, cooked tomatoes are bursting

A recipe in well-being!

with antioxidant rich lycopene, particularly beneficial to men’s health needs, but alsio good for everyone. So fast and easy, plus healthy?  Get ready for a fall happy meal!

I’ll offer another fall superfood for you soon!


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12 thoughts on “Summer’s best in new fall packaging…

  1. I just took out my tomatoe plants yesterday. There were a few green ones left, yet it was time to prepare for wonderful fall and winter vegetables. I’ve found special rewards in the bounty we can grow in Southern California in the fall and winter months. Thank you for sharing about lycopene. I just may have to look in to that some more…Martha

    1. I’d enjoy hearing more about your fall vegetable garden. I had good intentions!! Does that count? Not at the table…I hope to at least grow a few greens! And you are absolutely on about how fortunate we are to have the Southern California climate as a good assist!! Thank you, Martha. Debra

  2. No space to garden, I eat goodies grown by my friends… the red, green and yellow tomatoes we devoured today were out of this world! And I think the last of our favorite farmstand’s corn for the year.

    1. I understand about the lack of space, Michael, and I know that it’s a great personal pleasure sharing with my friends. I’m very popular this time of year! I have to get the seasonal fresh corn at our local farmer’s market–I don’t have space to grow that! Thanks for stopping by!! Debra

  3. Very visual write up. Our family has a “future” garden area…basically a 20 sq foot lot of land begging for some TLC to be made productive. I can tell after reading of few of your write ups that my thumb will have a strong itch to turn green. Brian

  4. Love the bounty of tomatoes from our CSA and appreciate the nutritional tidbit on how good they are for us beyond the lovely taste of them. Husband won’t eat them “unless they suffer” as in sun-dried or stewed to a pulp. So he misses out on the fresh ones, and I don’t even try to grow them here anymore since the deer ate my plants down to the ground years ago (yep, leaves & stalks and all).

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Heather. I had great tomatoes, but just pitiful zucchini this year. I have no idea why! Climate is one thing, but deer? That would indeed put an end to the effort. We are definitely fortunate to have so many sources for good, fresh produce, though, aren’t we?

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