Saturday Paws: Thank Goodness for the Wags!

Such joy and delight is shown in those wags!! Some of you know I was away from the girls -Mae-be Baby and Ruffles- for a few days for a special Mindfulness and Skills training to help the children and families I work with. I call that my “Day Job”–and I am delighted to have a good job and one that I believe does make a contribution to the greater community.

How is it that leaving my sweet dogs can make me feel so bad? I made sure to brush them before I left, had plenty of their regular foods and treats, even got peanut-butter flavored dental chews! I gave the pool new water, and also filled the water dishes.

And yet Ruffles is following after me – all the way to the gate. She is watching me closely,

Are you leaving?

perhaps to see if a dental chew yummy will fall out of my pocket, but this time her tail is not waggling. She is holding it up– usually that means “I’m interested, but what are you up to?”  Oh but then, her tail drops just a little and to her left, and I think I perceive the look of “Where are you going?”  Then I feel my heart energy drop a little–is it to MY left? And I feel some sadness.

We daily go through some form of a good-bye ritual–as I leave for work, church, interest groups, watering the front yard where they cannot see me as well, and most of the time it is just fine. I do admit that sometimes I save an extra treat to bring out right before I depart. I know both Mae-be and Ruffles will take their individual goody and run to a favorite lie-down spot for a satisfying chew.  That’s my version of distract and run!

But I suppose the balance to this sad parting is the amazing welcome I get upon my

Donut --or croissant?

return!! Such joy in every jump, sniffs all around, friendly and loving licks to my hands and legs–nose and ears if allowed. And the tails! Oh my! How do they do that? Wag those short stubby tails so fast!! It is almost a blur with Ruffles! Mae-be does side curls and jumps in the air! We sometimes call them donuts (at least a croissant!) and the vocals—such soft cooing—“Arooo Aroooh Arooahah”–that’s the best I can do! Not a bark, but a sweet soft sound that speaks of their love and joy.

I'm smiling now!

Wolves especially greet in this way, with their own whines and soft yips. And some people have tried to explain to me, “Oh of course they would try to lick your face! Pups get food from their mother’s mouths.” Perhaps, but the cooing and soft small trills sound more like Welcome Home! And I love it!



P.S. While I was away my dogs were very well fed and given good  care from my dear friend Ann.  And she also heard the cooing sound!! (It really is different from their other sounds!)

7 thoughts on “Saturday Paws: Thank Goodness for the Wags!

  1. I hate leaving Macaulay, too. He always lets us know his displeasure on our return: we get The Back: he turns away and won’t engage. They are such rays on sunlight, these little creatures. We miss them and they miss us.

  2. Ruth Younger

    I have never been a dog lover, but after seeing Ruffles picture I could just put her in my pocket and take her home. She seems to have such a cute personality and cuddly to the 10’s. What fun it must be to have your dogs greet you and be so friendly and frisky. I enjoy reading your blogs, you always put something in them that I can learn from, for example about the wolves and the comparison to dogs. I look forward to many more interesting blogs. Ruth

  3. My dog Rufus has separation anxiety! He’s a rescue dog and we don’t know what happened to him before, but he was abandoned. As soon as I start putting my make up on he starts to shake uncontrollably and then when I pick up my handbag all hell breaks loose, jumping up and down, barking, yelping it’s terrible I feel so bad! I have made an appointment with a dog behaviourist next Tuesday to try and sort him out, wish me luck!!

    1. Oh my goodness! Poor Rufus! Of course Beth speaks about her commitment to rescue dogs and the trust issues, but I’ve also really seen it in my brother’s dogs–all three rescued and with some possible abuse in their past. One of them, after almost two years, still shakes when my husband comes near. It is really heartbreaking. Good for you for taking Rufus to a behaviorist! Might you post about that? We’d love to hear! You have a great site…and thank you for stopping by and visiting ours! Debra

    2. Oh thank you for talking about Rufus! I will hold good energies for both of you as you visit the Behavioralist-they can be a great help! Have you ever tried Rescue Remedy? It is a Bach Flower Remedy at Heath Food Stores even some drug stores. It is something that you both take in your own separate water bowls–ha ha- really it does work wonders to even out both of you. I had one Boxer rescue who just had a terrible time- and he was like a Post Traumatic Stress Victim. Let me know how the appt. goes ok? Blessings, Beth & the Girls

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