Of Polyester, Disco Boots and Donna Summer…Really!

When is the last time you did the Hustle?  The Electric Slide?  Danced to the Disco charts of the ‘70s?  Well, I’m still smiling.  Two weeks ago we spent a short weekend in the San Jacinto Mountains enjoying our “fine retreat home”—a modest travel trailer permanently parked in a private R.V. resort, Silent Valley Club.  Following a day jaunt into 110 degree Palm Springs, we landed back up the mountain prepared to contentedly sit nestled in somewhere between the parents with their eager, foot-loose children and the retired seniors in their lavish permanent homes on wheels.

Despite my love of all-things-musical I wasn’t at all curious about the evening’s Village Center entertainment. But before collapsing into inertia and DVDs, one last evening walk around the park.  But then the distant strains of “Love Theme”—you remember, The Love Boat? pulled me in. And as we neared the center of action, peace signs and brightly colored flower-power clouds encircled The Disco Freaks— a 70’s Disco Tribute Band, and let the dancing begin!

Parents with their children boogied to We Are Family, and oldsters sang along and danced to Hot Stuff and I Will Survive. Disco is just plain fun! And there is nothing more entertaining, (almost miraculous) than watching the same seniors who all day relied upon motorized scooters to get around somehow manage to get out on that dance floor and in classic John Travolta hand to shoulder, index finger-pointing signature moves groove to the memory of the Bee Gees and KC and the Sunshine Band.

Maybe it’s simply that those of us who lived it the first time just can’t FEEL old listening and dancing to the rhythm and music that evokes youth.  Last Labor Day I was at the Hollywood Bowl with my friend Pam and 17,000 other Earth, Wind & Fire fans.  We giggled at the Disco “fro” wigs and funky bell bottoms sported by extroverts.

Two hours of pre-concert party energy was flowing freely, but settling into our seats we chuckled at the mood-contrast in the couple and their teenage son sitting directly in front of us. There they sat, stiff-backed, quietly studying the program. That is until the Bowl shell lit up in psychedelic color, Philip Bailey’s falsetto signature sound set the rhythm in motion and the crowd erupted with dance fever. To our shock, this three-some let their 70’s alter-egos come out to play—and apparently to boogie! Once again, the transformative power of the music!

So here it is, another Labor Day weekend. Before you say goodbye to summer, I encourage you to take advantage of one of the many musical concerts, sing-a-longs, or dancing under the stars parties easily found in every major, and some not-so-major cities.  Restaurants, libraries, churches, hotels and local city and county parks are all offering easy access to live music.  It’s a guaranteed boost to your well-being, so soak in as much summer as you can in this last three-day weekend… I hear it’s already Christmas at Costco!


Just for fun! Disco Freaks 70s Disco Tribute.

8 thoughts on “Of Polyester, Disco Boots and Donna Summer…Really!

  1. Love this! Enjoy Labor Day all. And as Debra suggests, “labor” in the disco groove and stay cool this hot weekend. I might not clad myself in polyester…that is really too hot (not in a good way)!

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