Here’s the good word, and I DO want more of that!

I’ve been thinking about the word grace — grace as a noun but not in the rote blessing-at-dinner you may have been taught.  Grace is something I’d like to cultivate more in my life.  You can think of it as a simple, lovely quality – a beautifully smooth way of moving.  Nature is filled with this beauty, whether it takes the form of a bird in flight or an antelope’s gait or a bee hovering to pollenate a flower.  This kind of grace is evident when watching professional dancers.  There’s a fluidity of movement that can raise the hairs on your arms when observing; it’s so wonderful to witness.  I suppose most professions and professionals possess their own grace, when you see people in their element, but dance is perhaps more visible, more obvious.

Another aspect of grace some people have is the variety that’s kind, polite and fair to people.  We should all be so lucky to encounter someone with true grace – someone with a disposition towards kindness, someone predisposed towards compassion.  Those who possess this create easy friendships with people, so effortless and genuine are they to all whom they meet.  When you think about it, this type of grace is necessary for even polite, surface relationships.  Watching someone with social grace is like watching a smooth, elegant dance, we just don’t think of it in the same way.

In life’s broad context, the world would be a better place if we could all incorporate more grace.  How can we do that?  We must strive to practice it at every turn, in every situation.  Slow down. Breathe. Think kindness.  You and those around you will reap the benefits.

GRACE.  I don’t know about you, but I want more of that.


4 thoughts on “Here’s the good word, and I DO want more of that!

    1. From what I’ve read so far…you and grace are on intimate terms! You have a gracious on-line demeanor and write oh-so-gracefully. I’ve added your lovely blog to my “share” list. Thank you, Kate. Debra

  1. Beth

    One of the most gracious persons I ever met was (Sister) Corita Kent– nun, artist, professor, instructor, cancer survivor, and truly humble. As I entered her studio in North Hollywood for a showing- she was posted at a tall chair, making time for each person. She was giving from her heart- talking with interest, and receiving complements in such a way that the energy fell back on to the person. She already knew that day what many of us learned later- that the cancer was back. And yet – like you said- she was like a beautiful dancer in her conversations that day. Graceful. Kindness became more clear to me.

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