Style doesn’t matter. Jump in and just enjoy!

I like to think about the meaning of words. I’ve frequently made short apologies to more adventurous friends by reminding them that the only think spontaneous about me is my hair.  But don’t confuse spontaneity with impulsivity.  I can be very impulsive.

Take for instance this weekend’s trip to Home Depot.  I went for a bag of potting soil, but returned with a dozen of the most spectacularly green and leafy purchases.  This isn’t the time of year I typically do much new planting. It’s really enough to keep up with harvesting the vegetables and assessing the irrigation systems. We also still have a planned vacation. I acknowledge it really isn’t the best time to purchase and plant even the most generous of values and admit that I succumbed to the temptation of the lowered price. Home Depot saw me coming.

I couldn’t seem to help myself.  Summer is already winding down and I already missed some opportunities. For instance, I really wanted to plant Thumbelina pumpkins for the girls to enjoy this fall, but the opportunity passed. That good idea was derailed with a solid month of termite preoccupation. I didn’t plan ahead.

A recent trip to the mall provided a tidy object lesson on planning. I learned you can’t buy a decent swimsuit in July—heavy wool coat, yes, but nothing to match the current season’s climate. When it comes to some aspects of gardening I think I need to take pointers from my fashion forward friends. They plan for the seasons and aren’t caught short. Lesson noted.

Procrastination, even in welcome and anticipated situations, can become a tricky and often detrimental counter weight to impulsivity. Finding balance with planning still an open process is the real deal. I think this time I’ll  celebrate my unplanned garden center purchases as a welcome deposit towards a more colorful fall.  I even marked out the necessary space for autumn seed deposits that promise a profusion of sweet pea spring color. When it comes to working with a garden, it’s always about hard work today for a future  and pleasant reward.  For me, visualization and anticipation most certainly extends the pleasure over a longer period of time.

During a busy work week it isn’t always possible to do more than move through the paces of our hefty schedules and multiple responsibilities, but I encourage limitless imaginative planning nonetheless. Garden landscapes may not be part of your chosen visualization , but I think I can guarantee your well-being will be heightened if you put some creative thought into anticipatory planning–perhaps a trip or future vacation, playful arrangements with friends for a shared outing when cooler climates sweep in, or making a personal blueprint for a home improvement project–all for future benefit.   Whatever sounds good to you, go for it! Just jump in and take a few steps forward.  With a little imagining  you’ll get excited, and I promise it won’t feel impulsive–and if it does, change the term to spontaneous, and you’re off on an adventure!

I always enjoy hearing from you!

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