Easing the stress of calendar fatigue one sip at a time

Perhaps you haven’t thought about the term calendar fatigue, but I’ll bet many of you are familiar with this particular kind of stress.  I’m describing the sinking feeling that overwhelms when every little square on the calendar has an appointment, responsibility, obligation or social engagement– written in ink and overlaying family and employment schedules.  Maybe you have a personal secretary you can blame for this time burden, but I have to admit I’m responsible for my own commitment mania. But I’m thinking it through!

The other day I was admiring my granddaughter’s responsibility chart. Small magnetic buttons dot the weekly calendar noting “good job” for making her bed, brushing teeth, sharing, picking up toys and other actions appropriate for a three-year old.  I may need to create a similar chart, but with a different emphasis. My “good job” might be earned when I close the day just a little bit earlier, put down some of the non-essential responsibilities in order to read a good book or play the piano, as well as one very necessary step, completely crossing off some of the items from the ever-expanding “to do” list.

I admit that in this very busy season my well-being is a little wobbly, but I also know that it is my responsibility (wow! I can’t lose that word) to compensate and do what I can to boost my physical resilience and ward off strain! Rest of any kind is always my first remedy, but for additional assistance, I also turn to an old, but often forgotten friend—green tea!

Asian cultures have prized green tea for centuries and have introduced many of the more interesting varieties to our Southern California restaurants and groceries.  Classified as one of the super foods, green tea leaves contain polyphenols, antioxidants that combat oxidative stress linked with neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. I do feel better when I am consistent with drinking green tea and I often experience a significant suppression in appetite when I drink several cups a day. That should be incentive enough.

Despite its health properties and the reported benefits green teas offer, it is often overlooked because in its purest form it is so mild it can be dismissed as unimpressive.  So many of us are more accustomed to the stronger taste impact of coffee. Also, trends today offer coffees so adulterated with sugar they are more like dessert. The contrast in reaching for a cup of hot green tea may not seem all that exciting.

But if you, too, are under stress, consider this. A recent study from the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine included 42,093 Japanese concluding, after making adjustments for variables in age, diet, smoking, alcohol and disease, that those who drank five cups of green tea per day showed considerably less psychological distress than those who drank less. That sounds good to me, but I already knew that I liked my own “study” results when I was consistent with my green tea habit.

So in the interest of combining pleasure, relaxation and renewal with good company, I have prioritized time with two good friends who are coming into town for a couple of days.  I will suggest that we spend a little afternoon time lazing at the exquisite, (and very peaceful) Huntington Library’s Chinese Pavilion.  It’s a highly recommended feast for the eyes, and guess what they serve?  Yep!  Green tea!


2 thoughts on “Easing the stress of calendar fatigue one sip at a time

  1. I finally found a green tea that didn’t have that slightly bitter taste to it which deterred me for years. Triple Leaf Tea is the brand and I really enjoy it (although I don’t find it an adequate substitute for my morning java). I have been adding green tea into my day though and when given the choice at my hair salon today I opted to try “barley green tea” (genmaicha) instead of more coffee. The barley flavor was surprisingly delish and the mixture didn’t require sugar…now if I could only find more things that don’t require sugar…

    1. These are great recommendations, mmeoui :-). Thank you for posting and sharing your experience and preferences. You’ve inspired me to branch out a bit and try some green teas I haven’t previously enjoyed. I’ll let you know if I find something special, too!

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