Word of the Month

I love words.  I remember getting one of those word-for-the-day calendars for Christmas and being fairly disciplined about committing some new words to my vocabulary.  It was suitably challenging for me – a few words I knew but wasn’t using correctly; other perfectly good words that for some reason simply hadn’t made it into my lexicon.  And then there were those $25 dollar words, you know, the ones that let everyone know you went to college.  Those were the ones I made special commitment to.  I’d tear them off the calendar, and tape them to the bathroom mirror so I’d be sure to see them morning and night. If I was lucky enough to have a calendar that used the word in a sentence following the definition, I’d practice the sentence.  If it wasn’t a sentence I could see myself using, I’d re-write the sentence to something more “me,” thinking about what was coming up in the week.  It proved to be a great method for learning new words as well as retaining and incorporating them into my vocabulary.

I’d like to bring you a new word once a month, so I’m hoping you love words, too.  And in keeping to our theme of wellness and well-being, the words will relate in some manner to this subject.

Our first word is an adjective, sapid, pronounced just like it reads, “sap” and “id”.  You might find it vaguely familiar because it sounds like a combination of vapid and insipid, though its meaning couldn’t be further from those.  Sapid means full of flavor, savory, having a pleasing taste.  Another interpretation is pleasing to the mind, engaging, interesting.  Aren’t both interpretations great?  It’s also one of those words that can fool people — depending on how the word is used, friends may wonder if it’s a compliment or an insult:  “Will Trevor be there? I always find his conversation so…sapid.”  [Just don’t use your new found word powers for evil!]  Wishing you a rich vocabulary and more of all-things-sapid.

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