Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue…and the weekend!

I love patriotic music.  I learned all the words to many verses and stanzas to most of the well-known and some of the lesser “greats” while in grammar school—that tells you how old I am.  In those days we gathered every Wednesday and sang unselfconsciously, over time memorizing each one.   This year on Flag Day I spontaneously began singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” thinking this was a perfect opportunity to introduce a new song to the girls, but Sophia told me she didn’t like it and asked me to stop singing.  Undeterred,  I would really enjoy a patriotic sing-a-long.

I checked the Hollywood Bowl. Hall and Oates for the 4th?  I have previously seen them perform at the Bowl and  thoroughly enjoyed singing along to “Maneater” and “You Make My Dreams Come True,” but even the spectacular fireworks and Bowl orchestra can’t lure me back for an encore this particular weekend.  I’m afraid I don’t quite have the right amount of “oomph” to go with my enthusiasm. My dear friend from the east shared that one thing she would do is attend the Boston Pops rehearsal as they prepare for the 38th annual Fireworks Spectacular on the 4th.  Now that would satisfy my musical craving!

Sadly, for me anyway, we also live in one of those “no fireworks allowed” cities.  It kind of takes the sparkle off the day.  So I am accepting that I don’t quite have the energy to put my party hat on, but I will not let the weekend go by without finding some way to honor and give due attention to our Revolutionary history.

We’ll hang Old Glory on the front porch, and I think I’ll finally, eleven years later, get around to watching “The Patriot.” To infuse just a little music into the occasion I located a copy of the 40-year old musical “1776.”  I googled movie suggestions for the 4th, but didn’t agree that “Rocky” and “Armageddon” were overtly patriotic.  All in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Although I don’t really care about BBQ,  I’d love some corn on the cob and plenty of watermelon, and I haven’t tasted really good ice cream in a long time so  Fosselman’s here we come!  I can make a party out of just this much.  Something more obviously festive may have to wait for next year.

Party, festivities, celebrations, with or without, I carry a deep sense of gratitude for my country, flaws duly noted, and think our early beginnings nothing short of remarkable. I’m quite sure you do, too, so I hope you’ll find a way to give this particular holiday some measure of special focus. It’s doing what you want to do to make it an enjoyable time, and be sure to infuse a little gratitude into the occasion. It’s all how you think of it! Let’s here it for the Red, White, and Blue! Oh, and the weekend, of course.  Enjoy whatever you do!


One thought on “Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue…and the weekend!

  1. Ellen

    Well said, Debra. I was reminded some weeks back when we (collectively as the USA) were planning for our bi-centennial celebration. Shocked, was I, when I mentally recounted how long ago that happened.

    I sat last evening and re-watched the movie “Apollo 13″. To me, an American story fitting for the July 4th weekend as it contains adventure, humanness, and ingenuity to create the best outcome…”failure is not an option”. I remember it in real time as it unfolded watching the television reporting, the scientists explanations, the requests by heads of state to pray for the astronauts and their safety.

    Why am I so pulled into that story (and my family too)? We are fully aware of the outcome as successful, even though the flight crew never made it to the moon. But somehow, I am enriched by the twists of circumstances in the lives depicted to bring them to that place at that time. It seemed to be the destiny of those gathered to do what their knowledge, experience and compassion would dictate.

    Happy July 4th weekend — stay cool in our So. Cal heat — and wave a flag remembering those who have given and continue to give to this day of celebration.

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