Your mid-week nudge: Bottoms Up!

Well, the “big tent” I talked about last week is smothering those pernicious termites! We tackled the subterranean treatment without too much discomfort, but getting ready for the main event, bagging up items, relocating animals AND  humans, has been more of a chore. I long ago anthropomorphized my abode, so I’ve been soothing her, telling her we are doing this for her protection, her own good.  I cry when the granddaughters get their immunizations, too.

I claimed this house in some mysterious way when I was sixteen.  As a neighbor, I built a warm and friendly relationship with the elderly widow who was the sole caretaker of the home her husband had presented as a wedding gift in the early 1930s. I look back on the audacity of my declaration that I would like to live there “one day”…what implications that must have signaled to a woman of her years and maturity, but my recollection is that she not only humored me, but was intrigued with my strong connection.  Six years later circumstances delivered on my intention, and we’ve lived there long enough to experience two fumigation adventures.  That’s a lot of living under one roof!

So now we wait for all those nasty toxins to do their best effort, and my attention shifts to keeping the green things alive! We removed plants rooted too close to the foundation, concerned with the fumes and extra trampling—what a time of year to uproot the little darlings, the collateral damage of the “big event.”  I’ve apologized to them, too, and turned my attention to water!  If the plants can still get their routine drinks, they’ll be a little shook up, but will live!

And the same goes for all of us!  Water!  What an underappreciated beverage, huh?  Until we don’t have it, then it’s truly a crisis.  I’ve had a few hospital visits with kidney stones, all in warm months when I was not drinking much water, and I learned the hard way to pay particular attention to extra hydration when I am busy or stressed.  So like keeping my plants healthy and thriving despite their uprooting, I’m doing the same.

While sitting at a Starbuck’s the other day, I guess NOT drinking water, I overheard a very zealous woman citing horrifying statistics about all the pesticides, high particle rates of antibiotic and every reason why our “polluted” water was doing us in.  I was a little amused and a lot irritated.  Out of curiosity I did come home and do some on-line research. Discussions of water treatments and EPA standards, some promoting filtered and bottled (translate-expensive) over tap varied from study to study and most cancelled one another out.  I suggest finding what works for you, and sticking to it!

You already know, like I do and often ignore, that our bodies are 70% water and that we need it to replenish our blood, take stress off of our vital organs, and just to survive well. So, to perhaps do more than just survive, but thrive, here are a few random thoughts to hopefully stimulate thirst!

  • 1/3 of us have such a weak thirst sensation that we mistake thirst for hunger.  Drink a glass of water when you feel mid-afternoon hunger.  See what happens.
  • Even mild dehydration slows down metabolism as much as 3%
  • Drink water to be a good example to the little people in your life.  Research shows that 70%  of preschool children drink NO water at all during the day.

So next time I see you, I’ll look for your snazzy water bottle. And here’s to your well-being.  Bottoms up!!


Gotta love the title of this guy’s site!  If you need suggestions for drinking more water:

Want to be popular at parties?  Spout some new statistics!  Read:

Good recipe for a satisfying water cooler:

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