This One’s For You!

There I was, all alone, settling in to a mini-funk. No one at the ready. No charge to my phone or BlackBerry. Just me with time on my hands and my thoughts to over-process. It’s a bad combination. I can dig in pretty deep and have been known to take wallowing to new heights. What to do? How can I stop this mental dive and reframe my situation? This isn’t a crisis, mind you, just an occasional occurrence, yet one that required special effort. Does this ever happen to you? Hopefully you have many supportive persons in your life – familial relationships, trusted colleagues, close friends or a fabulous therapist. But what if it’s too late to call/text/or IM or you simply can’t? What if you need a dramatic shift in perspective, and you need it quick?! What if you have no one to rely on except, well, yourself? Consider this option:  music.

I’m not talking about just any music. I’m talking about your own personal theme song. Stay with me here. If you are blessed to be old enough to remember the movie Rocky, I’d be willing to bet you remember the music he trained to. Running and air-punching his way up those steps, working out in the cold and the rain, day in and day out? The music had us feeling we could do it too! The first chords swell and then explode, like a punch. It’s bold and confident. It’s stand-tall and take-no-prisoners. Close your eyes and hear it in your head. How does it make you feel? Strong. Empowered. Self-assured. Ready to take on the world. Do you notice any physical effects on your body? Did your posture improve and you breathed in more deeply? Is your chin up? That’s what we’re looking for!

Your song can be silly, serious, iconic, fun or funny – the type doesn’t matter as long as it moves you. Are you a Flashdance “What a Feeling” kind of a person? How about something from Queen: “Don’t Stop Me Now”, “Ogre Battle”(Google it!), or the tried and true “Bohemian Rhapsody”? Possibly Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing?” Or is something a bit more current speaking to you? You can tell us if you have Bieber Fever!

Maybe having a song for your life is a little over the top [until they write the movie version of your life], but give some thought to your one-song soundtrack. It’s got to be one that lifts you, one that puts you in a good mood and most importantly, puts everything back into perspective. Think of this as pure musical vitamin B. The effect can be pretty powerful. Find your own song that evokes those feelings necessary to face whatever you’re facing. Take a deep breath, listen to your heart and find the gift of your song.


One thought on “This One’s For You!

  1. Ellen

    First, I love the art work in the right corner — delightful! Certainly your dilemma has happenend to me going to the wallow well and jumping in head first (a.k.a., over-thinking) when it is too late in the evening to reach out for another human being or even when I simply cannot let myself intrude my junk on another.
    I like your personal sound-track idea to get up out of the well (do I really have to stand up?). I must admit that I’d probably put on more melancholy selections which naturally feeds the mood–never a good remedy. I’ll find my own “fight” song to cheer me forward. I do like Kenny Logins’, “This is It;” perhaps a re-think of that one. Well, now another thing to re-think……. I’ll just start with your tunes first. Thnx!

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